Friday, 21 July 2017

[Mini Album] KARD - Hola Hola

As said I was so excited for their official debut and album. Here it is - Hola Hola.
Besides from the 3 singles we got the title track Hola Hola plus 2 more tracks.
I think this is a very good debut album and as said I love this group is co-ed! I miss co-ed groups, when I was young I followed groups such as S-Club 7, Steps, Hear'say etc.
My fave song on this album is already released Don't recall. Second is..hmm... which one should I choose? Hola Hola I think..hehe
Did you grab your copy already?

★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Track List:
01. Oh NaNa (Hidden. 허영지)
02. Don`t Recall
04. Hola Hola
05. 난 멈추지 않는다
06. Living Good (Special thanks to.)

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