Sunday, 23 July 2017

Our wedding menu

We served a 3 course menu on our wedding, plus wedding cake.
Yes, a lot of food but it was a long day so people needed food. ^^
A few months before the wedding we were presented with a menu of 4 of each - starters, mains and desserts. They had put them in a full menu but we were told we could mix how we wanted.
In the end we chose to try 2 of each, and non of them came from the same menu.

Once we got to the venue, they had also prepared drinks to go along..aka wines.
It was very nice to be able to try the food, and it was delicious. We knew as we decided, this is going to be great!
Also the size of the portions were large, great as we were scared..what if they are hungry etc.

Before dinner started all guests were offered a small cheese pies as appetizer outside in the garden along with champagne :)

Note: I also loaded up with Chips and Candy upstairs just in case people would be hungry.
In the end we had a lot left over..haha

The presentation looks so nice and it was so delicious, they also accommodated all guests with various food restrictions - vegetarian, allergies etc.
I'm so grateful to the chefs and hosts of the wedding venue! They did a fantastic job!!!!

Our starter.
Lobster and crayfish salad, sesame mayonnaise, pickled radish, fennel, sea coral,
toasted panko and shiso.

Our Main
Deer with juniper berry jus, Pommes Anna, celeriac cream and fried kale.

Our Dessert
Chocolate parfait (Bolivia 68%), variation of sea buckthorn, chocolate crumb, salted caramel sauce.

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