Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Black bean noodles and sweet sour pork

I'm ticking off my cravings one by one.
As you might know, I was on a strict wedding diet and shredded lots of kilos on the way.
Yes it felt good!! Although I do not want to be as strict as prior the wedding, I decided to follow it during the weekdays, and have my cheat days on weekends!

I have wanted this for quite some time and since we are not going to Korea any day soon I asked to make this at home!
This week's cheat food was the Korean Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) and Tangsuyuk  (탕수육).
To get the BEST of the BEST. I googled a lot and took inspiration from here and there.
My hubby helped too and in the end we decided on how to proceed.

For the noodles our biggest inspiration was from Korean chef Baek Jong-won.
He put a lot of green onions in the base and no added potatoes. We added pork loin, onions and the blackbean sauce. and let it all cook together 
Wow it turned out nice.

As for the sweet and sour pork, it seems the key ingredient to get the crunch is to let potato or corn starch sit in water, 1,5-2 h before pouring out the water. Add an egg and mix, that batter wow!!
double frying is the best, the taste and crunch is to die for.
The sauce however, I trusted my usual Youtube inspirations but I was not pleased with the outcome, in the end I had to do my own show to get the perfect taste. I followed what they said but to be it tasted like water and water only. Anyhow it turned out great!!!

If you wonder about the noodles, we picked up noodles from the asian grocery market, specially made for cooking jjajangmyeon. You can use Udon or "kalguksu" noodles.
Kal = knife, "guksu" = noodles. 
I like both but the udon is a bit more chewy  and that's why we chose those noodles this time around.

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