Monday, 10 July 2017

Wedding Photography

Another thing I want to talk about is Wedding Photos!
To hire a photographer or not.
1. What's your budget?
2. Do you care about your Day being captured on film?
3. Do you care about the quality of the photos?

And...Do it prior the wedding in a studio or have the moments captured on the day?!

Answer on these three and you know.
We got a photographer and I have to say it was not easy.
The reasons were:
1. We got married on a popular date
2. It's expensive
3. Does the photographer care about YOU or is it just another job?

By now you all probably know, add the word Wedding to anything and the price is sky high.
Anyway, we had some help from our wedding planner, the venue we chose had a lot of partners and they invited us to an open event.
As we are not living in the area where we had our wedding it was very convenient. We got our bakery (wedding cake), hairdresser (for my hair), florist and photographer!
And no I was not lazy, of course we could have "Googled" ourselves and we did, but in the end as they have partnerships I trusted them.
And they all worked out very well.

We chose a photographer with passion but she also cared about us.
She wanted our day to be captured like how we would like to see and be reminded of it.
She knew the area well and could chose good spots to take photos. And looking at the photos today we really chose the perfect person to capture our day!!

We also had friends taking photos which we are very thankful of, but as most are using smartphones only these days, the quality isn't as good as using a profession camera. Also most friends captured same parts. However the photographer took portraits of only us as a couple and our bridal party (bridesmaids and bestman).
I'm still very thankful to all friends who captured our day but at the same time I'm also very happy we chose to have professional photos. it's not a day we can rewind nor make again.

So my tips for you are... Do your research and be quick! It's not always easy to find someone. And you should find someone who cares about you, someone who has passion for his/her job, is a kind and open minded person, and who thinks about the details!!

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