Thursday, 28 February 2013


Today after a long day in school i felt i just needed something quick, so guess what i had for dinner ^^
Korean instant noodles and kimchi ^^
Now I'm so full it feels like my stomach is about to burst ^^

Perfect Accident

Today I got a surprise in my mailbox, my Jesse Labelle cd.
The reason why I was surprised was because it arrived a lot earlier than I expected, the estimated arrival time was March 5.
Anyway, as said many times before, Jesse is one of many new artists I have discovered. I can thank Canada and Canadian ads for that!
I didn't even know that he had released two albums until I came back to Sweden, because in every cd store I visited they only had one album by him.

I really like this debut album, it's cute (^^;;)


01 Perfect Accident
02 Easier
03 Lost
04 Don't Leave Now
05 November
06 I Wanna Run
07 So For Now
08 No Astronaut
09 Australia
10 Fledgling
11 Belong
12 Perfect Accident (King Luck Remix)

Somebody please

I know i shouldn't be surprised, but sometimes i wonder how ignorant people can be!
There are TWO Koreas, North and South! And they are very different...

However there are still many people who doesn't seem to get it.
I can understand that the people in my grandmas age have a problem, back in their younger days there was only ONE Korea.
But since the 1950's there have been two!!

So i found this in today's Metro newspaper - Dennis Rodman tweeted that he might run into "the Gangnam style" guy while he is in NORTH KOREA!
at least Americans should know what country the send soldiers and is their friend and not enemy!!!

Please, what's wrong with todays education? This should be common knowledge!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Latte art

I have to say, there are some things I admire... like Latte art.
Then I do not mean those who can make a leaf or heart in the cup! I'm talking about these people/barista's who can make awesome latte art like this

What do you think? Awesome eh?

Today's quote

"one happy thought is all it takes... smile today!" ;)

What about u...?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Food for thought

Happy day!

Today i finally got them - Arashi's Arafes concert and Shinhwa's 14th concert The Return tour live in Seoul! too bad i don't have time to watch them... They have to wait for a few weeks, which totally sucks but that's how it is!

Anyway i saw one song with Arashi, but that was because my dad wanted to see FACE DOWN ^^
I'm excited to watch the all parts of the dvds but as said, it will have to wait~


I don't get journalism sometimes... so many of them write so many stupid things, not to mention all the stupid questions they ask!!
I loved how Jennifer Lawrence handled them!!
Also makes me wonder what they teach in school?!


I finally booked a small weekend trip, Next month I will travel south and visit my younger cousins...
It's only Saturday-Sunday trip but it will be very nice! Besides I haven't seen my cousins since last summer!!

Both of them are getting older, the oldest will graduate high school this coming June, but to me she's still 5 years old... ^^ and the other one is even younger too me!!
It's weird how fast time passes by, it feels like yesterday they were born... And thinking of that makes me think of how old I am!!

So maybe we should stop talking about that ^^

Anyway I'm excited about this weekend, still four weeks left but :D

Today's quote

"A smile is free but is worth a lot" :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Shanghai calling

Right now there is a movie I really want to watch...
It's called Shanghai calling and it's said to be a really wonderful romance comedy.
I hope it will be out close to me very soon ^^

I have heard it has won a lot of awards, like...
***WINNER: BEST NEW ACTOR - DANIEL HENNEY - 2012 Shanghai International Film Festival***
***WINNER: BEST ACTOR - DANIEL HENNEY - 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival***
***WINNER: BEST NEW DIRECTOR - 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival***
***WINNER: BEST SCREENWRITER - DANIEL HSIA - 2012 Shanghai International Film Festival***

SHANGHAI CALLING is a romantic comedy about American "expats" living in the dynamic, eye-popping city of Shanghai, China. When ambitious New York attorney Sam (DANIEL HENNEY) is sent to Shanghai, he immediately stumbles into a legal mess that could end his career. With help from a beautiful relocation specialist (ELIZA COUPE), a well-connected old-timer (BILL PAXTON), a clever journalist (GENG LE), and a smart, sexy legal assistant (ZHU ZHU), Sam might save his job, find romance, and learn to appreciate the many wonders of Shanghai.

Ramen cake?

There are lots of weird stuff on the market, have you ever heard of Ramen Cake?

At Machi no Kumasan, a small bakery in Takasaki, Gunma prefecture you can find this specialty ramen cake for a price of 1000 yen! (a little bit more expensive than normal Ramen, but it's a dessert and a special cake so I guess it should be worth its price!?)

The cake flavours consist of
  • Noodles – Japanese chestnut and pumpkin cream
  • Broth – Early Grey jelly
  • Bamboo shoot – grilled apple
  • Egg – annin tofu (Almond jelly)
  • Chashu pork – raspberry jelly
  • Green onions – pistachios

This is said to be very popular and they are now also Tonkatsu aka pork cutlet, soba, and egg custard cakes.

Also, at a small bakery in Inawashiro in Fukushima prefecture has also started to service a Ramen cake of their own. It's said that their cake only costs 380 yen. However the size is alot smaller.

What do you think? Is this something you'd dare to try? or do you prefer normal ramen?


Today's quote

"Laugh a lot, Love unconditionally, Live life, and hope for the best. Make the best of every bad situation and take advantage of the good." ;)

Keep it safe

In Sweden and many other countries we have one problem with bringing bicycles to the station or other places where we have to park them outside!
Also finding them is like a maze!
Around subway line 9 in Seoul they have a perfect solution for you, park them in these booths!
Not only are they safe from thieves, they are also easy to find!

What a great invention?! (^^;;)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Today's quote

"Be nice. Else you'll spend the rest of your life fighting and competing and you'll never trust anyone and you will end up just not being very happy and stuff." :)

Study Sunday

Today I will finally catch up with my studies, I have no enthusiasm at all, I rather spend my day watching tv.. or something less time consuming.
But I guess, I still have to commit to my life as a student, it's only three and a half months left! A very short time period but still feels like forever!

I already try to look into an exciting future, but right now it doesn't seem to be found anywhere.
It's just to hold all the anger and confusion in and do what has to be done!!

Tomorrow is another week....

Life before and now...

My new love

I actually bought it back in LA last month... but I have been so busy I totally forgot to talk about my new love.
My new watch, I have wanted a larger sized watch for quite some time, but being Asian and having a small wrist is not helping.
So after being to many FOSSIL stores I found something beautiful.

It's a shame we don't have FOSSIL here in Sweden, I mean besides from watches they have bags, wallets, bracelets etc.

Anyway in all.. I got the perfect watch, looks like a mens one but it's more female styled ^^

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday afternoon

Today i met up with a friend i haven't seen for a very long time.
It was really nice, we went to a cafe and sat there for almost 4 hours.
We talked about this and that before we knew it, they were gonna close the cafe.
But that was okay, she had dinner plans with another friend, and she asked me to join which was nice.
We had dinner at a Southern American styled restaurant.
It was okay, but not so southern...
Anyway we talked a lot about this and that~
It has been some time since i have been out so i enjoyed it!

Tomorrow i need to study, unfortunately~
Guess you cannot have it all ^^;;

Today's quote

"What you choose, is what you'll have... and what you allow, is what will continue..." ;)

Hello Kitty chocolate

A friend of mine posted a photo on FB... she said she got Hello Kitty chocolate.
I have also gotten some from a friend in Japan before, and it's not like it's a big surprise that Sanrio has released Kitty chocolate.
However this chocolate is a little bit special! It's a S.Korean licence one and on the package it says CALORIE DOWN. And it's also written on each piece.
I mean, we all know chocolate is not the best for us, but I'm not sure that this will help :P

Anyway, the major question is... will this become a hit?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Today's quote

"Dance through the masquerade of life without wearing a mask... for being yourself, is a beautiful thing..." ;)

A new job!!

This afternoon I went on a job interview at J&J, and it felt really good, I had to use my Nordic language knowledge and all..
So I met with the manager and co-workers and I hoped I'd get it and all, and guess what, 2.5 hours later they called me and said they'd hire me!!
So I'm going to write the contract next week and soon begin my work.

This weekend couldn't start any better :)

Miss the big city

To be honest, after have been spending time in big cities, my city feels small, and my city is via largest one in my country! Ironic right ^^;;
Wonder what city i should visit next?

Sushi dinner

Yesterday evening my brother and his gf gave a surprise visit, and they also bought food with them, sushi!
So we had a very nice family sushi dinner!
Total awesome evening ^^

Hello kitty water!

Last year i talked about Hello Kitty soda, now it's time for Hello Kitty water!
Then again, maybe, i shouldn't be surprised by the Hello Kitty effect!

This water can be found in South Korean supermarket Home Plus!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Philadelphia Marabou (Cream cheese w Chocolate)!!

Last autumn while I was in Canada, a very weird product came out - cream cheese with milk chocolate.
In a way it reminds of Nutella I guess but without all the nuts?! :P
Anyway, I was skeptic but I felt I had to try it, I do like cream cheese and I like Marabou chocolate!
So for lunch I had some sandwiches with this creamy topping!
And I was happily surprised! It tasted good, it didn't taste like either cream cheese or pure milk chocolate, but it was good.
I don't think I'll substitute my normal cream cheese for this but I was happy to try it and will probably try it again some day in the future ^^
Also I think this would be awesome for cakes and other kinds of baking!

So for all of you in Sweden or somewhere u can find this treat, I definitively think you should taste it!

Today's quote

"No one is born a genius, Just keep on doing what you like and that itself is a talent"

CC cream

I hate used bb cream for a couple of years now, however now the new version is out, its called cc cream!
Compared to bb cream that was developed in Germany, cc cream has been developed in Korea!

So far i cannot seem to find it, so i guess i hate to wait until this summer!
I mean bb cream made wonders with my skin, wonder what cc cream will bring ^^


Today i saw our new schedule for the next coming 4 weeks!
I'm not pleased, at all!
It's FULL weeks, Monday-Friday!

I wanna cry and i want to throw something into a wall, but nothing will help, i just have to suck it in and do it...

Soon, life as a student will come to an end!

I miss Banff

My friend is currently in Banff, one of the most beautiful places in Canada!
Guess how much i envy her right now!
She said it's lots of snow there, so i imagine it looks something like the European Alps at the moment.
Anyway she sent me i some pictures, like these...
Funny right ^^

Food for thought

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today's quote

"It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether."

My popcorn phone

A few weeks ago I found a funny thing on ebay and I decided to buy it, I mean it was only $4, so no matter what the quality I thought it'd be a fun thing to have on my phone.
And so, the other day it arrived!! My new Arashi Popcorn phone skin ^^
I only use the back part for the battery cover.

I like it a lot.... a good buy ^^

beautiful / ちいさな足跡 ♪

It's finally here, a new single from singer-songwriter 絢香 (Ayaka)!!
It's a double A-side.『 beautiful / ちいさな足跡 』 ♪
She also releases an English version of last year's hit, はじまりのとき (Hajimari no toki)
Sometimes I misshear some words but I have to say her English is getting better ^^


01 beautiful
02 ちいさな足跡
03 はじまりのとき (English ver.)

Food for thought

The undecided

Until tomorrow i have to make up my mind, what to write about, the topic of my thesis.
It kinda sucks, as I'm not 100% sure what would be best in this situation.
I wonder what to do~

I have a few hours to think about it. Also i have to read the presentation for tomorrow, I'm kinda scared because there is nothing to follow, just do it, sell it off to the listeners...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Only dreaming

I donno, I mean this song is quite I get new music every month.
Anyway, I really like this V6 song. It's quite sad, but i really enjoy it. I guess it's both music and lyrics.


Back to J&J

Yesterday while walking home from the trainstation I got a phonecall regarding a job!
Maybe not the most exciting job in the world, but it's a job and that's what I need right now!!
Also the other good thing about the job is that it's at J&J. I really enjoyed working there, it was short but nice. So I wouldn't mind going back there!!! ^^

I got a job interview on Friday...I'm already excited ^^


Arashi is the best (^0^)
They won a lot of ranks (in recent "Only★Star" mag poll)

1. "The Strongest Team" - #1 Arashi ♥
2. "Ideal Leader" - #1 Ohno Satoshi,  #7 Sakurai Sho
3. "Ideal Mood Maker" - #1 Aiba Masaki,  #9 Ohno Satoshi
4. "Ideal Staff Officer" - #1 Sakurai Sho, #2 Ninomiya Kazunari, #3 Matsumoto Jun

It's based on 500 female readers who responded to their questionnaire.

creds @ arashi a fb

Monday, 18 February 2013

Dual citizenship!?

Lately, being adopted from Korea people ask me whether I'll get dual citizenship or not.
Okay, for some people it's cool to have a second passport, or they feel like they belong if they have it, and others don't want to be a tourist when they visit the country they were born in.

My reason for NOT getting it.... Why do I need it?
As for now, I have my F4 visa, which allows me to do most things anyway - study, work etc.
I already have an awesome Swedish citizenship. Also with or without it, it won't change me as a person.
I don't have an urge to get it, because it doesn't change anything to me.
I'm still young, and who knows what happen in the future... if I marry a man from another country than Sweden, then maybe I'll try to get a dual citizenship with that country?
... or something like that.

With that said, I do not say that getting it is bad, however for me... it's not needed.

I refer more info to this article...
More Korean Adoptees Apply for Dual Citizenship

As stated many times before... Adoptees all around the world are different. Not even two of us are alike, we are just gathered under the same category!


My new Danish tv-drama I follow is called DICTE and they air on Swedish TV on Mondays!
I donno how our neighbour in the South can make so many good movies and dramas..!
I started follow various Danish produced movies and drama series at the age of 12, well 12 (almost 13) years later, I'm still a fan of Danish movies and dramas!!

Title: Dicte
Broadcast network: TV2 Danmark
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: 7 January 2013 -

The newly divorced journalist Benedicte Svendsen, moving back to her hometown Aarhus with her daughter Rose. A city that she would otherwise have tried to leave behind, along with memories of a childhood as Jehovah's Witness and having to give up her son for adoption. Benedicte is employed as a crime reporter at the newspaper.

Iben Hjejle as Dicte Svendsen
Lars Brygmann asJohn Wagner
Lærke Winther Andersen asAnne Skov Larsen
Lene Maria Christensen asIda Marie
Ditte Ylva Olsen as Bendtsen
Emilie Kruse as Rose Svendsen
Dar Salim asBo Skytte
Lars Ranthe asTorsten
Peter Schrøder asKaiser

Title track


Another day, another song with Canadian Jesse Labelle.
This is "Easier"


아침에 일어나면서 생각 시작했다.
지금 2013년인데 삼년 지났다!
난 2009년에 한국의 서울로 이사했구요.
일년동안 재밌는 교환학생 생활했다~

이번6월 대학교 졸업하는데~ 드 디 어 ㅋㅋ

이 삼년동안 힘든 시간도 많고 재밌는 시간도 많이 보냈다!!

인생 시간은 정말 짧다!!

좋은 기억 만들어야지ㅋㅋㅋ

Food for thought

Interesting ;)

Sunday, 17 February 2013


As said, I'm really into Canadian Jesse Labelle!
So here is another song by him... it's called LOST!

I bought his first album yesterday, online of course.
To be honest I only knew about his first one so I was surprised when I found about his first one. Why didn't I find it in Canada while I was there?
Anyway.. I found it so I'm pleased!!

Food for thought

Today's quote

"Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have." ;)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fun is over..

Yesterday was the final show, of my fave Friday entertainment show.
It didn't turn out as I wanted but it was fun to watch.
Now I wonder what I should do on Fridays, besides from studying :P

Perfect Accident

I wonder why this song wasn't on Jesse's 2nd album as it's so difficult to get his first EP.
Anyway, I like this song too, so I want to share it on this gloomy Saturday!

Friday, 15 February 2013

The world is small afterall

Yesterday after class i headed down to the train station as usual, i sat on a bench inside the station waiting for my train and guess what, from nowhere my aunt appears!
I haven't seen her since last summer, besides she lives in another city! She said she was changing trains!
Kinda ironic that we met at the station!
We had a nice conversation before both of us had to catch our trains!

Guess the world is small afterall!!

Early morning!

Good morning from a dark Sweden!
The sun is still not up, that's why it feels sad, but luckily enough I'm not alone at the station!
Today I'm having a meeting, 30-40 min then head back home, it feels kinda worthless to be honest, but i chose this education... Why did i? XD

Anyway last night while mum was out with her colleagues, dad and i had soup night, i made him his fave veggie soup. He bought me a ready to eat one as I'm allergic to carrots.
however i donno how he did it but he bought a very weird soup made -_-?
I could finish it but I'd never want to eat it again...
In all we had a nice evening, not thinking of mum who was at fancy restaurant ^^

In 1.5 hours it's weekend! FINALLY ^^

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Amazing precision

A friend of mine uploaded this onto FB, what can I say...
It's not the first time I see it, but it made me amused and it made me laugh.
Also a japanese friend of mine said SHE had to do the same thing when she started High School.
The school took them to a small island and had them practise for TWO days, then compete among the classes!!
I have loved to see her do it ;)

I mean, normally girls do cheerleading or dance.
In a way this reminds me of some kind of army duty thing...

Anyway, take a look and be amazed!!

OST of this week

As I have been saying, I try to follow some Korean/Japanese and American drama series, and because of them I find some good OST music.

Today I'll share music from the Korean drama 야왕/Yawang.
The song is called: 얼음꽃/Ice flower and the singer is rising star 에일리/Ailee.

This is the official video, and they even subbed I don't need to :D

I feel good about myself...

I can feel my fingers itch, I sneeze... yes that's what happen when I touch things I'm allergic to.
However I'm trying to be a nice daughter by cooking a  veggie soup for my parents, but the backside is my allergies. I have washed my hands 3 times but still it itch and I cannot stop sneezing!!
Bet what'd happen if I actually ate the thing!!!

Anyway, off to wash myself again, then finish making the soup, then take a nap!
Today I woke up at 5.30!! I have to do the same tomorrow, I feel tired already :P

Happy Valentines day

Vote vote vote!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

ヒカリへ (lyrics)

I found the lyrics for miwa's ヒカリへ, and I wanted to share it...
All creds goes to the translator, I don't know who it is but....

Japanese Lyrics

(What do you want to do?)
(What is the meaning of life?)




溢れるおもい 愛は君を照らすヒカリになれる
たとえ描く未来 そこに私がいないとしても


遠慮配慮言葉の最後 感情記号化されても
心の奥まで伝わらない ホントの声を聞かせて

溢れる想い 愛は胸を焦がす痛みに変わる


溢れるおもい 愛は君を照らすヒカリになれる
切ないほどに (人は悲しみを知るために…)
たとえ描く未来 そこに私がいないとしても
今はそっと抱きしめてあげる (人は人は人は永遠永遠…)


English Translation

(What do you want to do?)
(What is the meaning of life?)

Even in just one click we could switch dream and reality
Or go the distance farther between two sides of the earth
With the speed of light
We cannot become Adam and Eve

If only I could tenderly heal
Your wound that following from birthplace of sorrow

Overflowing feelings and love
Shines on you and become the light
As you feel painful
Even if I won't be there
In the future you draw
I'm gonna hold you gently now

Draw the destiny towards you
I want you to keep shining
I want to believe that miracle can be happened
I want to believe it

Even your emotions are symbolized
By restraint or concern at the end of the words
Tell me the true voice in your heart
That unable to be conveyed

If everything has an end
Someday sufferings should be vanished

Overflowing feelings and love
Burn your heart and hurt it
As you feel beloved
Although around the world are
Condemning our crying voice
I will accept everything for you

There's nothing like
A human was born to feel the sadness
We want to understand more love
If there's such thing to feel warmth of loneliness
Happiness will always be there

Overflowing feelings and love
Shines on you and become the light
As you feel painful (To feel the sadness...)
Even if I won't be there
In the future you draw
I'm gonna hold you gently now (As person as person as person forever forever...)

Draw the destiny towards you
I want you to keep shining
I want to believe that miracle can be happened
I want to believe it


Lately I feel depressed, I miss Canada so much.
Or I miss campus and friends...
I thought I was doing well and felt adapted to my life back home but I don't feel like doing anything.

The only thing that cheered me up this week was that mid-terms started in Canada, I hated mid-terms :P

I miss FLC, UofR campus, Tim Hortons, my roomies....

It still feels weird to be back home, I know 4 weeks almost passed now but it feels like it almost didn't happen. As it was so short yet a whole semester.

Before I used to do things, now I find myself staring out the window hoping for something to turn up, yet I don't want anything to turn up.
It's so weird it doesn't make any sense right!?

POST CANADA DEPRESSION... please let go of me!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How long

Jesse Labelle released a new single today, I love it!!
It's a great uptempo song!! :)

Listen to this!! How long...

Impossible to know..

I'm doing a job hunt, I need cash.
But when they ask me about the future I cannot lie however it almost feels like they want me to.
I'm about to graduate but thinking if I should continue my studies, do a Master.
Even though I'm fed up with homework and studies. However it seems it's a must, as more people compete for same job...

So, when I tell them that my plan is to find my dream job, however I cannot be sure if I'll get it, so I have to think rationally too. And therefore apply for a master as well.

agh.... there is no simple answer!!!

I don't know what is going to happen, I believe something will come to me, but today it's impossible to know!

ヒカリヘ (eng)

This song was the theme song for Rich Man Poor Woman, and I got to say...
This is a perfect "Cheer up" song!!

It has been my ringtone for quite some time, but I thought I'd share it with others too!
To be honest, miwa is better in English than I thought... no offense...

Both Japanese and English versions are great, slightly different but ;)


My new fave drama, or one of them is Rich Man, Poor Woman.
I have no idea why I didn't finish it earlier, but I guess I got busy in Canada and all!! Also last summer I kept on thinking about the trip...
But anyway, I finally finished this awesome drama! I love both Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi, they are a perfect match!!! ^^
Also this story is fun to follow. To think about it, I miss it already!! This really goes on my TOP 10 list of Japanese drama series I have followed.

Title: リッチマン、プアウーマン (Rich Man, Poor Woman)
Episodes: 11
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-09 to 2012-Sep-17
Air time: Monday 21:00
Theme song: Hikari e by miwa
Insert song: Napa by miwa

Oguri Shun plays Hyuga Toru, an affluent man whose personality is on the contrary, speckled with flaws. A CEO of an IT firm who is published on Forbes as a billionaire, Toru attained his fortune through chance and pure luck. A woman who meets Toru and eventually becomes attracted to him is Sawaki Chihiro, played by Ishihara Satomi. Chihiro is a hardworking college student at Tokyo University who has prepared for her future as much as she possibly could through studies and obtaining licenses. Despite her efforts, she has yet to land a job. Upon meeting Toru, she begins to unravel a genuine pureness inside him and solitude resulting from such pureness, which eventually draws her closer to him. The two repeatedly conflict each other, but little by little learn about one another to grow and develop together.

Despite the worldwide recession and financial difficulties, there are people like Mark Zuckerberg who began work from merely an apartment room or a garage that end up growing to be companies generating over ten billion dollars revenues after merely 10 years or so, embracing their new found wealth by living the dream life. Whether it's a game or application software, Ecommerce, or other IT related firm, there are more than a few who rose in fame to such status in recent years. On the other hand, Japan's unemployment rate for new grads dropped to a record low and those who want to work are unable to, or their wishes to work at their company of choice is not granted.

A Cinderella story of the real world. Will the two be able to compromise their values and lifestyles to become a happy couple?

Oguri Shun as Hyuga Toru
Ishihara Satomi as Sawaki Chihiro/Natsui Makoto
Aibu Saki as Asahina Yoko
Asari Yosuke as Yasuoka Michiya
Nakahara Takeo as Fueki Tadamasa
Nakamura Yasuhi as Ogawa Satoshi
Furukawa Yuki as Kuga Tomoki
Nomura Masumi as Ono Haruka
Yagi Nozomi as Miyamae Tomoka
Maikawa Aiku as Tateishi Risa
Ueki Kiyohiko as Hosoki Riichi
Maruyama Tomomi as Nogi Yuta
Sano Shiro as Yamagami Toshiyuki
Iura Arata as Asahina Kosuke

Monday, 11 February 2013

Mixed feelings

These days I feel surrounded by questions regarding adoption.
And from Korea. I can read comments from other adoptees about their anger and frustration.
However I never seem to find happy comments. So I guess what you can see in media is mostly sad news.

Also, this video is quite old but it's also sad.
It was released back in 2005 in Korea. It's sad that some girls have given up their children without knowing it.
I'd say to a country like Korea, what they need is proper sex education!
Also they are not a "third world country" anymore, they should be able to help more people these days.
But I'm still happy that I was adopted instead of being left alone on the streets or something. Also I ended up with one of the best families you could ever imagine so :)

In my story my birth mother gave me up because she wanted me to have a life, as it's extremely difficult for single mothers. Also she was very young, probably without proper education.

Anyway... feel free to take a look. No need to judge, but Korea and many adoptees have a hole in their hearts. and I wish somebody could help them to fill it.

Breathless/Calling cover

The covers for Arashi's upcoming single has been released!!!
i like them a lot and I'm really looking forward to this single ^^

Happy New Year

Sunday, 10 February 2013


My dessert buns are ready!
They don't look exactly as i thought but close enough!
Will eat them later with my parents ^^

마이 웨이

Yesterday I finally watched the Korean/Japanese movie My Way.
It was very different from what I expected and it was awesome to see two great actors such as Jang Dong-Gun and Odagiri Joe in the same movie.
The movie however was good, it has a touching story, but not as wow as the review said, however it was good! I liked it. Then again I like war stories and this one had more than normal war movies.
I'm really glad I could watch it!!
Also I know after reading some more, it didn't make lots of money as it hoped. Well.. once again this story is about Japan-Korea relations and it's still quite tense. So I'd say many people look at this as a disgrace of history, and maybe therefore chose not to see it, saying it's different from the real truth.
But in my opinion, for outsiders whom are not aware of the old times, you can watch it and enjoy, while also get an understanding for what happened 65+ years ago in Asia.


The year is 1928 in Gyeong-seong (modern-day Seoul), Korea. Young Kim Jun-shik, his father and sister Eun-soo work on the farm of the Hasegawa family in Japanese-occupied Korea. Both Jun-shik and young Hasegawa Tatsuo are interested in running; by the time they are teenagers, they have become fierce competitors. Tatsuo's grandfather is killed in a bomb attack by a Korean freedom fighter and subsequently a Korean runner, Sohn Kee-chung, wins a marathon race against Japanese competitors, further inflaming Korean-Japanese tensions.
In May 1938, Jun-shik is working as a rickshaw runner. Koreans have been banned from taking part in sports events and Tatsuo, now a fierce Japanese nationalist, has sworn that a Korean will never again win a race. Though he has been accepted by a medical college in Berlin, Tatsuo decides to stay in Korea to run in the All Japan Trials for the marathon...

Jang Dong-gun - Kim Jun-shik
Joe Odagiri - Tatsuo Hasegawa
Fan Bingbing - Shirai
Kim In-kwon - Lee Jong-dae
Lee Yeon-hee - Kim Eun-soo
Kim Hee-won - Choon Bok

Studying and baking!

Today is a study relax day!!

I have studied in the morning, and will continue after lunch.
Then I have also started to make some Danish buns, not the traditional ones most of you may think of.
Anyway, I will probably post a photo of them when they are done!

Outside the snow is still heavy on the ground, you cannot believe how much I wish for it to vanish!!

Also, last night before sleeping I started to re-watch my fave episodes from Japanese Hana Kimi ^^
Ikuta Toma + Oguri Shun + Horikita Maki is too hilarious XD

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Such a long time ago...

Today, for the first time in a very long time, I ate pizza.
I know what many of you might think, are you crazy?
Well, I don't eat fast food very often. And I haven't eaten pizza for 6 months maybe.
And today I had one of the best ones, from my local pizza place.
I'd say that they make, maybe THE best pizza.

My fave one is with ham, bananas and curry! ^^
I couldn't finish it, I got a quarter left, that I can eat for breakfast tomorrow :)

Friday, 8 February 2013

For all women out there...

My friend posted this on FB and I died of laughter, it's this is the most hilarious ad I have seen that concern something very important. But I do think women will watch the whole clip, despite being corny.
"As fun as this ad is, please remember that people of all genders and sexuality may be affected by breast cancer. Regular examinations are important for everyone!"

Food for thought

Good memories

In a way it's weird how fast time passes by.
The other day I talked to some friends about it and I cannot believe I'm already back home.
5 months in Canada, now seems more like 5 weeks.

One of the best memories I have of the whole time is the trip to Banff.
12h driving, lots of nice scenery, fun with friends etc.
It was truly a great experience and an awesome trip.

One day I'd like to go back there...

Friday music...

TGIF is a common expression, and why.. well weekend is here!!
To celebrate another Friday in my life I want share this song with you.

It's by Jesse Labelle and it's called Straight Line.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Add another reason...

There are many reasons why I don't eat fast food, and not only because it's unhealthy.
It taste bad too, then again I like to cook my own food so I guess that's why I'm picky.
But when I saw this picture it also made me realize why I do not eat at McD or other fast food places!!!
And I probably won't do it again unless that's my ONLY choice!!

Can you guess what this is?
Hint, it's not milkshake!

I quote the text I found with the picture: Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It's what all fast-food chicken items are made of.
It's chicken nuggets, patties, and the meat in fajitas... In addition the processed frozen chicken in stores is made from this.. Basically the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve... bones, eyes, feet, guts and all. It comes out looking like this... There is more, because it's crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, and soaked in it.. Then because it taste terrible it is re flavored artificially. Finally, since it is weirdly colored like 'Pepto Bismol' pink, it is dyed with artificial color.. This is what people eat and feed to their children...

A piece of Heaven?

There is a place, or many actually but, I'd like to visit.
It's called Peggy's Cove and is located in Nova Scotia in South East Canada.
Look at these pictures and be amazed, it looks so cute!!! I soo understand why they filmed so many movies there. This city must be one of the best Summer cities in the world!!!
The only bad part is that it's located in NS, it's difficult to go there.
But some day I will, some day...

Snow chaos

Today, for the first time this week I went to school.
Guess how I was greated... with a snow storm!! I was in chock as we arrived.
It's one hour away from Stockholm, still so different!

I just want Spring to arrive.

The worst thing with Winter is when it starts to melt and the snow turns to water!!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Magic Words

Before going to bed I wanted to share this wonderful song by Canadian Jesse Labelle.
It's called MAGIC WORDS!

It's a Canadian thing...


I just got a big envelope, it was all of my grades and classes from Canada.
I got all my classes credited!!


It feels good, now I only have this final semester left!!!!
I just wanna be done!!!

Ibland kan man undra...

Ikväll vet jag vad jag ska göra iaf... Jag ska se på denna veckas uppdrag granskning.
Jag måste säga att detta klipp gör en inte bara upprörd, arg och förvånad, det gör en även ledsen och finner inga ord.
Några av mina tankar är: Hur kan människor gå runt med så mycket hat mot en offentlig person? Hur kan en/fler människor komma på att skriva sådana email till andra?

Jag blir rädd när jag tänker på att detta är vardagen för vissa kvinnor, skulle inte förvånad om även män får stå ut med detta. Det är hemskt, och en skam för Sverige och alla andra länder som det sker i.
Såhär borde världen inte se ut. Hur kan ens sådana människor finnas?

Det känns helt ofattbart, men jag är samtidigt glad att detta kommer fram i media, det är det enda sättet att nå ut till massan. Vi måste hjälpa varandra och se till att detta inte får ske.
Det är lätt att skriva jag vet, det handlar om att vi också ska reagera och göra något, vilket är den svåra biten.

I alla fall kommer jag se resten av denna granskning ikväll.... undrar hur mycket värre det kan bli.
Också att dessa kvinnor fortsätter och orkar fortsätta med sina jobb!!

Efter att ha sett programmet kan man undra vilket hat detta kommer att få.
Vissa saker håller jag med om andra inte. Precis som de flesta säger, de menade inte vad de skrev. Vilket är synd, varför skriva saker som man inte menar, det var rätt hårda och "inte bra" kommentarer.
Också...vad tror människor som skriver om sådant som de borde förstå att folk kommer att ta illa vid sig, speciellt på en sådan plats. Visst har vi yttrandefrihet. Men som vi alla bör ha lärt oss av livet, vissa saker bör vi inte säga öppet. I alla fall så länge det inte klassas som ett jobb - journalism.
Som ni kan se, det finns två sidor och slutet kan vi inte se.
Jag tror att lika många kvinnor gör vidriga saker som män, men i och med att många i detta inslag var feminister fick det en viss vinkling.
Undrar hur männen med samma jobb har det? vilka kommentarer de får från kvinnor... och hur taskiga kan inte kvinnor vara? Jag tror till och med att kvinnor kan vara värre...

I alla fall.. nu har jag sett reportaget och nu går jag vidare....

Today's quote

"Don't you miss those days when the only problems you had were tying your shoelaces? Have a great day everyone!"

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


There is a book I really want to read these days, it's called 陽だまりの彼女 or 양지의 그녀... translated Hidamari no Kanojo - The sunshine girlfriend?!

I have heard of it but not really thought much about it, then the news hit that Matsujun and Ueno Juri will be in the movie based on the book.
Therefore I really want to watch it.
However there is no English version, not that I can find, so I was thinking of finding a way to get it to Sweden... ^^

Also I'm really excited about the movie too...

On December 3rd, it was announced that Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun and actress Ueno Juri are going to star in the latest movie of director Miki Takahiro (‘Solanin’, ‘Boku ga Ita’), ‘Hidamari no Kanojo‘. It has been five years since Matsumoto and three years since Ueno has appeared in a movie.

‘Hidamari no Kanojo’ is based on a novel of the same name by author Koshigaya Osamu, which has sold more than 350,000 copies up until now. It’s said to be the number one love story girls want boys to read. The original story is set in Chiba, but the movie adaptation is going to move the setting to the region of Shonan along the coast of Sagami Bay. It’s not just about the mere feeling of love that is awakening between two people, but about the kind of feeling that you can only experience once in a life time. The story also features some mystery and fantasy elements.

Okuda Kosuke (Matsumoto) has been working for this advertising company for three years, when he met Watarai Mao (Inoue) at the reception of a new client. Mao is his childhood friend from junior high school whom he hasn’t seen for more than 10 years. Mao used to be the biggest fool at the school and was often bullied by the others, but now she has transformed into a beautiful and charming woman. Kosuke immediately falls in love with her and she is returning his feelings. It doesn’t take long and they already decide to get married. However, Mao is keeping one big unbelievable secret to herself…

Matsumoto read both the novel and the script and expressed, “I immediately wanted to get this role. It’s not just the romance between the two that’s interesting, but the whole world view and the story in itself.” He commented about Ueno and Miki, “Together with Ueno-san, I would like to send out this affectionate and warm fantasy. I already watched Director Miki’s works before I got casted for this role and I’m really happy that we get to work together this time.”

Ueno expressed, “I’m really happy, since it has been three years since my last movie. It’s a really heart-warming and soothing story and I’ll work my hardest to let the viewers feel the same way.” She said about Matsumoto, “Acting, singing, variety shows. He’s talented in so many ways and I really can’t wait to work together with him.”

Director Miki himself commented, “It’s about a certain kind of feeling that is too pure and too honest to just be called love. I was touched that the feeling of loving someone earnestly. I’d like to perfectly create the atmosphere of a sunny spot (hidamari) with those two lovely actors.”

‘Hidamari no Kanojo’ is slated to begin filming in January and to hit cinemas in October next year.