Friday, 18 August 2017

Going home

Sometimes the view from the sky is the best.
This was my view flying from Hamburg to Copenhagen last Friday.
Beautiful no?

On the ground it was rainy but above in the sky it was just great!!

A bit older

I turned 29 the other day. Not to bad and age is only a number right?
No matter what you will be one year old for each year.
To me it wasn't so bad.. I got beautiful flowers, delicious dinner and cake :)

And some presents. What more could I ask for?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Take out foods

Last week was a very hectic week for me.
One of the days I decided on take out from a restaurant close by the hotel. I had dinner there earlier this year and really liked the food.
I couldn't decide what to get so in the end I got two different ones.

One was with Crispy Hot Chicken (Crispy Chicken, Avocadocrème, Spicy Mayo) and the other Dark Angel (Tuna, Garnele, Gurke, Avocado, Trüffel-Ponzu-Butter).
Wow it was just delicious.
I just loved the Truffle sauce, it was so delicious I could have eaten that with a spoon..haha
I really recommend this place and if I visit Hamburg again, this is where I would go.
It's outside the city center, a bit North. But worth the trip!

The place is called Stocks, and their fish dishes are just great!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Taeyang is back!!
Although he is not my fave member, he produces the best solo songs in my taste :)
Here is one of the new songs!


One year older

Another year passed!
Wow already?!

I went from engaged to married
I changed job position
I have done a lot but too much to write down!!

One more year until 30!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bagel lunch

We wanted to have a quick meal before our flight back to Stockholm.
I had seen a bagel shop downtown Helsingborg and knowing my hubby loves bagels I'd though it be a good meal. In the end this place Bagelshoppen had received better reviews so we went there.
The menu is simple.

  1. Choose your bagel (Plain, Sesame, Cheese/Jalapeno, grains.
  2. Choose your spread - creme cheese (Natural, herbs, sundried tomato), Hummus, feta styled cheese
  3. Choose your main - vegetarian, tuna, chicken curry mix, crab mix, chicken - natural, mexican, smoked salmon, turkey/cheese
  4. Choose your salads - free choice (as many you wish)
  5. Choose dressing (Creme fraiche, chili, curry, garlic, cured salmon, pesto, thousand island)

This was so delicious and lots of food. I could only finish half.
And the price, you'd NEVER find something this good for this price in Stockholm!!
We paid 59 kr (SEK) each. WOW
I really can recommend this place if you visit the South of Sweden.
This was a GREAT bagel - choice and taste and their service as well.

They have three (3) locations in Helsingborg city. Only one has open on Sundays.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Between Us(헷갈리게)

It has been a while since I heard CNBlue, I think I was hyped first when they came, then some of the songs were soso and because of that I dropped out listening. Now with Spotify I started to listen again and I'm really into the track that was released earlier this year.
Have you heard it? Do you like it?

Here's Between Us (you can turn on eng subs in case you don't speak Korean)

Sunday, 13 August 2017

New Balance Retro-Sneaker 996

I found 2 gigantic holes in my shoes a few weeks ago.
Don't ask me, I did not bite on them. But it meant I needed new shoes.
In Sweden, I have no idea why but 85% of the shoes are Nike, 10% Adidas and 5% others.
I prefer others as N and A doesn't work well for my feet. And that leaves me with a very small option of shoes. Luckily I went to Germany this week so I was able to pick these up!
And... my darling has said to give them to me as birthday present :)
These are sooooooo cute. I actually wanted them in pink but my size was sold out. So i got them i  beige. Cute as well..and probably more useful.
I searched online and couldn't find these in Sweden, making me even more happy :)

Love my purchase!!!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Wedding time

Today is time for a new wedding.
It's two of our friends who are getting married. I have been looking forward to this day so much :)
I cannot wait to see her dress, I have already seen photos but it's all about IRL!
Also I know their wedding will be different from ours and today I can relax so therefore I'm even more excited!!!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Dinner in the sun

The other day I enjoyed dinner out in the sun.
This was actually the garden of the hotel I have stayed at for the past week.
Summer is coming to an end so it's nice to still be able to sit outside.
The sun was bright and the restaurant was packed with people. I was also very happy with my food :)
Salmon tartar with potato cakes.
A great summer dish.


Thursday, 10 August 2017


Around 2 years since Lion Heart and a wooping 10 years has passed since 'Into the new world'. Looking they changed a lot. But who hasn't in 10 years. I was anticipating this KILLER album but sadly this is a typical SNSD album. One or two awesome songs, the rest you fast forward and is super happy you can listen to it on Spotify instead of paying xx amount of dollars for the actual album. I'm sorry but the disappointment is to big to hide.
I love the All Night however not sure if it's going to be good live. CD version...awesome. I also like the song One Last time a lot. but that's it. The song Yuri wrote for the fans is cute and it has a meaning, still.. I heard it once and Thank you. So sad that I only got a small taste of what I wished for, maybe it was me who wished for so so so much more? But we all know an anniversary means celebrations. And I'm still waiting!!!!!


1. Girls Are Back
2. All Night
3. Holiday
4. FAN
5. Only One
6. One Last Time
7. Sweet Talk
8. Love Is Bitter
9. 오랜 소원 (It’s You)
10. Light Up the Sky

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Flower is back with a new single, this a theme song for an anime called 将国のアルタイル.
I like this song a lot :) It's very flower styled song..hehe
I guess that's why!?


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

All set

We did it, I can't believe it. And I cannot wait to get some time off.
This year has been hectic and it continue to be so for the coming months as well.
But I can now happy let you know we booked tickets for Korea and Japan!
I have had a craving for Asia and now being married to a Korean man it's another reason why to re-visit! We are being in Asia for aprox 2,5 weeks so not the longest but it's still a good get away for us.
To meet friends and family, relax, go shopping, have fun and eat delicious things!

We are not going until the end of December still.. with the holidays we needed to make up our minds and book!! :)

Monday, 7 August 2017

All Night

Here's the clean version of the song without talk.
What do you think?


프로터치 컬러 마스터 섀도 팔레트

I got my hands on this item, people have been talking a lot about it and when I saw it on sale I couldn't help myself. And luckily I have my parents in law, this was sold out online so my mum in law went to the closest store and got it for me.
It was heavier than I expected since the size of each shadow is so small.
Anyway I love the mix of colours :)
It comes with 30 different colours - 21 matt, 7 shimmery and 2 glittery.
I was a bit sad, the glittery ones are not as good as I hoped, you don't see the glitter so well.
Also some of the very light colours are not very pigmented and you know layer on layer is not the best. However some of the darker ones gives a great colour, I like a lot!
Also see below are some way of what to mix to get the look.
I don't think I will buy this again, but I'm sure to use the colours I like until the end. It's good to bring for travel as there are so many colours, however it's quite large so not sure how to bring it...
well well.. it's an ok palette.


You can buy it here: Nature Republic Homepage

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Round 3

I cannot believe it's time to go again.
Round 3 this year and who knows it might not be the last?!
If you have followed my blog the past year you know where I am heading..
If you are new, I'm heading south to Hamburg!!
It's going to be a very busy week ahead.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Holiday & All Night

SNSD is back!
Can't believe they have been around for 10 years already. It feels like it was just a year or two since they first debuted...and it means I'm older too!! lol

Which song do you like the most?
Holiday or All Night?

I like All night better ^^

Friday, 4 August 2017

Another beetroot and feta cheese pie

Last time I made this beetroot and feta cheese pie I used regular dough.
This time I bought filo dough. And I think it turned out very nice! I folded the extra dough around and it looks like a beautiful flower. I cannot wait to try it.
It's my fave vegetarian dish these days.

Deliciousness :)

Thursday, 3 August 2017

I know I'm a fast walker when...

In my phone I have an app that count my steps..
Today it got over excited or maybe I did!?
It showed I was riding a bike... but in reality I was walking, I know I'm a fast walker but ^^;;

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Bibimbap lunch at home

Last Sunday we put our heads together again and made some delicious Bibimbap.
Core protein - Oumph. The new veggie food taking over Sweden.
It all turned out delicious!!

It's fun to cook together :)

Rice with oumph, kimchi, spring onions, shiitake, beansprouts, spinach, cucumber, and an egg.
All mixed with Korean red pepper paste.