Thursday, 30 April 2015

2 Days to go

It's only 2 days now!!
One thing I really looking forward to is to eat sushi, S has promised me she'd try it.
She's not a fan of "raw" fish, but I will try to get her to like it.
I'm gonna take her to my fave kaiten sushi in Meguro!

Sentosa island

We went to Singapore's resort island for a few hours. We took the cable car to get there, a great combination of sightseeing and a spectacular view ^^
As we purchased our cable car tickets we got some super hero masks. At first i got Superwoman but asked if I could change to Batman. S changed hers to Superman was super ugly. However I liked Batman ^^;;
I looked stupid..see below. But we had fun times ^^ the weather was so so but that's how it is over here...sunny then cloudy then rainy... ^^;;
A fun day and so happy I was finally able to ride the cable car ^^

SG by night

We took a walk around Singapore river at night. A spectacular view!!! I realized how much I have missed Asia. The pulse and feeling around the city is remarkable. In SG it's sorta quiet yet alive. Also I love the cleanness!!!


This is one of my fave songs by JJ Lin ALL TIME!!
I found a video with Eng lyrics on YT.
I just love the sound of the song, I have no idea who this "Cao Cao" is XD


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Dinner @ Esplanade

C took us and her JP friends for dinner around Esplanade area. It looked like a gigant street food place. Lots of restaurants and various dishes and the place was packed with people ^^ A great dinner place.
As we were 5 people we ordered a little of this and that. Among the dishes was SG's famous CHILI CRAB ^^ tricky to eat yet so good ^^
S and I said that we'd want to go back there once more before we leave SG. Hope it will be possible ^^

Bar Stories

The other day we went for drinks after a long day sightseeing ^^
We ended up at a place called Bar stories. Their speciality was that they had no menu. Instead you told the bartender what you like and he'd create something based on your request.
I said I wanted something sour yet fresh. I got this berry drink with gin. I'd say this is the most pretty drink I have ever received ^^ a good ending to a great day ^^

零度的親吻 Frozen Kiss

Just like the other day, this is a very JJ Lin like song.
The video is very beautiful and sad in a way.
We are coming towards half of our week in SG, so there a few JJ Lin songs left to share XD
Hope you are not too tired of them..haha


3 Days to go!

It's now only 3 days left before I'm back in one of my fave cities in the world!!
The weeks are passing by so fast!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dinner at Jaggi

The other day, our first day in SG, C, S and I took the MRT one station and ended up in Little India ^^ It really felt like we were in India ^^;
We had dinner at a restaurant called Jaggi, they served North Indian food. It was really delicious!! I loved the butter chicken, cauliflower,and naan the most!!
It was a great evening ^^

Charlie Brown Cafe in SG

Last time I was here I'm sure I saw this cafe in 313 but not this time. Anyway I managed to find the second branch close to the Scape ^^
I have gone to the Korean branch several times before.. i have to say the SG one was so so. But it was fun to bring S there and we needed a good rest ^^
I ordered an ice mocha, not very iced more lukewarm ^^;; i was sad that the cups were plain and no snoopy logo.
S and I shared a lava cake. It was good and big enough for two!!

黑暗騎士 The Dark Knight

To me this song is VERY JJ Lin like.
You know when you hear an intro and immediately you know who it is ^^ That kind of feeling!
The ending is kinda creepy, I wonder what this song was used for!?

Monday, 27 April 2015

Coffee bean and Tea leaf

To be honest I cannot remember if I saw this many of coffee bean's places last time in SG but it's full of them now. Slightly different from Korea but still very good ^^
Yesterday I had to stop by for my daily coffee. I had an ULTIMATE blender with NO cream. S had a chocolate blender with lots of cream...haha a full meal in just that XD
I've really missed this coffee place ^^;;

Dim sum lunch

I'm a little behind but then again I'm on vacation. These pics below are from our very first meal of the trip here in SG ^^ I had dim sum!!I love it but cannot really get it at home so I better enjoy it while I can ^^ it was really delicious, I hope i can get S to try it next time... she had some HK styled noodles. Also, I had Milk tea... I love MILK TEA!!I'm so happy to be back in Asia ^^

I am alive

I never knew he had worked with Jason Mraz, also I haven't heard him in English for a long time!!
Very nice song indeed! ^^


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spinning outside in the hotness

Yesterday we passed this in the middle of Orchard road.
I have to say...not sure if this is good or not. I mean it's hot and humid outside than spinning for hours. Make it or break it ^^;;
Or maybe it's like hot yoga?!hot makes it easier to exercise?
ONLY in Singapore ^^;;

浪漫血液 The Romantic

Compare to yesterday's tune, this is a more slow one ^^
I really like JJ Lin, I just wish I understood what he actually sings about XD


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Well fed

Some flaws but in general happy. We have finally reached SG.
We were well fed on the plane ^^ the ice cream was so so but it's airplane food so what can you expect?!^^ soon time to sleep ^^;;


We have arrived in SG, so during this time.. I will share the only SG singer I know. JJ Lin!
This is his latest song.


Friday, 24 April 2015

Soon to embark!

In a few hours I'll head to Arlanda Terminal 5 to catch my flight bound for Singapore!!
I'm super excited!!!
I'm looking forward to see friends, eat nice, and do a lot of shopping!!!

So yes.. I probably won't update the blog as frequent as usual.

I really like you

I'm have to admit the first time I saw this video I was surprised to see Tom Hanks in it.
I wonder what made him to be in it ^^
It was fun to watch and as always, Carly Rae Jepsen's songs are kinda addictive. XD


Thursday, 23 April 2015

1 Day to go

Soon I'll be back at Changi Airport!!
It has been almost 4 years since last time!!
I feel excited and cannot believe I'm actually going back ^^
I'm also excited to travel with Sandra and to see my SG girls!!

1 Day to go!!!

My future place?!

I took a 2 h walk in my fave neighbourhood in Copenhagen last Saturday.
This area is called Christianshavn. As I strolled around and enjoyed the sunny weather I found this apartment complex. It's to DIE for no?
I wonder how much an apartment cost here?! I fell in love ^^
Maybe I should move to CPH?? :D


One of my fave bakeries in Denmark is Lagkagehuset, It's a must visit!
In the window it always looks super delicious and I have such a hard time to decide what to buy.
I seriously must look stupid when I buy things there XD
Anyway I went to the one on Strøget last Saturday.
As I was kinda full from my frikadelle sandwich I didn't want to get something too big. The strawberry tart was so tempting though!
In the end I chose this one, see below, a Tryksnegl.
At the airport I also bought a few things before take off. One of their Rye breads - I LOVE their rye bread!! it's also one thing to "pilgrim" for!!! I also got a broccoli salad for lunch, two the Danish signature Chocolate bun and a Aalborg snegl. I think Aalborg snegl is my fave kind of snegl.
And don't be alarmed, I did not eat them all. I shared with my bf and also gave to my parents!! XD

Tryksnegl and coffee