Sunday, 30 November 2014

KTX Fitness

I mentioned Hip Hop Spinning yesterday... well.. there are other work outs too!
Check these out, seriously why can't spinning classes in general be like these?!

The man behind this is Keith Thompson and he has his own Fitness center.
All videos looks awesome, tiring but awesome!!
Where's the Swedish Keith Thompson?

KTX Fitness

Christmas shopping part 1 done

Yesterday I met up with Liz for lunch and shopping.
We started off with food as both of us were hungry.
We had kimchi stew, I apologize for the shadow in the photo, I blame the light and I was too hungry to care to take another one.

Afterwards we heading out Christmas shopping, or at least I.. (^^;;)
I didn't find everything on the "list" but enough.
However I still need to go shopping next weekend too.

Night Changes

Lately I have also listened more to 1D. I'm not sure who to blame.
Anyway, I like their latest song a lot, however it's also dangerous, whenever I listen to it I want to sleep ^^


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hip hop spinning

I saw this of FB the other day and thought it looked so awesome!!
I wish I could join a class, I'd probably fall off the bike but it'd be fun to try!
Then again, where in Sweden can I possibly find this??

If anyone knows... please let me know!? ^^

Vilken jävla smäll

I posted another song by Albin earlier this week, well.. they play this one at the gym!
So why not share it? I like to ride my bike along this tune ^^
Here's Albin with Vilken jävla smäll.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Then there are proposals

Most women would probably be overjoyed with a diamond ring, a bouquet of roses, or a proposal that is a little more than just the words.
Then, there are guys like this man!!! How would you react if your boyfriend came to you with a GPS-drawn "Marry Me" proposal?
The Japanese man Takahashi Yasushi, set the Guinness record for the largest GPS drawing for his marriage proposal.
Also known as Yassan, he followed a pre-planned map to travel. He then downloaded the GPS-logged data into a mapping software to show the result.
it all took place in 2010 and it took him 6 months to walk all over Japan to create this!!!!

Although being gone for 6 months, fortunately his girlfriend said yes...(^^;;)

Today's quote

"Life is tough and so are you.." :)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

イタズラなKiss~Love in Tokyo 2

I've watched the Taiwanese and Korean version. And of course the first season of the Japanese one.
Soon the second season begins. I still cannot believe that Furukawa Yuki is one year older than me!!! He looks like he's 16!! ^^

They re-ran the love story in Okinawa, so I hope I will be able to see the second season soon although I know how it will end ^^

Wrapped in Red

All over, no matter where I go I can sense that Christmas is knocking on the door.
And yesterday Kelly Clarkson updated her YT channel with a new tune!!
Enjoy this new Christmas tune called Wrapped in Red!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Din soldat ft. Kristin Amparo

I donno why but this song is getting stuck. It was released already back in June. But at my gym they keepon playing this song so... I cannot avoid it ^^
The more I hear it I guess I like the beat ^^;;
I got to say it's fun to listen to Swedish music now and then!!

Here's Albin with Din soldat ft. Kristin Amparo.


Haetae’s Honey Butter Chips

In August 2014 the chips were first introduced in S.Korea and it's said to be a highly appreciated snack. And also hard to get according to some sources!
It's not unusual with a sweet snack in Korea but it seems there's something very special with this one!

According to Korea Daily over 5 billion won worth of Honey Butter Chips were sold in October, which is amazing in many ways, one that it's considered a success if its month sales exceed 1 billion won ($929,000).
Also, The Wall Street Journal, reported that accumulated sales until mid-November reached 10.3 billion won ($9.3 million). It's said that Haetae has added night and weekend shifts to raise production by 30 to 40 percent to keep up with the demand!

I hope I can get this when I'm in Korea next month!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

シェネル - Happiness

I first heard this song through the Fuji TV drama Dear Sister.
I did not recognize the singer so I searched and I was surprised. Her name is Che'Nelle, and she's Malay-Australian but sings in Japanese!
This song is really sweet and I cannot wait until it's released.
For now here's a short version! Enjoy!!

How to turn a railway line into a subway line overnight!!

In 2013, a group of 1 200 workers turned an above-ground train line into a subway line in one single night!! They connected the Tokyu Toyoko Line and the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line. The construction took place between March 15 and 16, 2013 at Shibuya station in Tokyo.
The goal was to build a train section that would connect with Daikanyama Station. The 1 200 employees were deployed immediately following the station's last train at 1 am and by 5 am the following morning it was ready to go. A miracle and an astonishing achievement!!


Monday, 24 November 2014

Girls talk

The other day I was up until 4.40 am, it didn't feel so bad to be honest, or well.. I was able to sleep late on Sunday.
The reason for the late hour was that I finally skyped with Shoko.
I think it has been 4 months or more since talked on "the phone" last time. And finally we found, odd but, time to talk.
We talked for about 3 hours and it felt so strange because in less than 3 weeks I will be back in Japan! And I'll also meet Shoko in 4 weeks!!
I think we could have talked a lot longer, but I needed to sleep and she had to eat lunch (^^;;)
I really miss her, this time we talked about our time in Canada and how much things has changed with ourselves and life in general. It's a shame she's so far away. In Canada she was next door and we spent many hours a day together. It's going to be great seeing her again!!

Speaking of Japan... I'm also longing to walk the various streets of Japan - Harajuku's Takeshita-Dori, Shibuya crossing, Osaka's Namba and Shinsaibashi areas.
And also to see all my friends!!

Soon.. I'll be back!!!


All photos were taken last December in Shibuya

Another record!!

Last week I managed to obtain another record on my spinning bike.
However, now I start to doubt if I can do any better than this.
After I finished these two sessions I felt like I could fall off the bike (^^;;)
Hopefully I can push myself a bit more, still with the progress I have done so far...
I just want to say that I'm happy and proud of how far I have come within the past four weeks!!
22.4 km (30 min) + 42.5 km (60 min)

64.9 km!!

Microwave Karaage

Karaage is one of my fave dishes in the Japanese cuisine.
And the other day I found out that you can cook it in the microwave. Good or not, I'm not sure but it sounds unbelievable.
Take a look, I'd so like to try this out...!!!!


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mr. Snowman

Yesterday I did a review of FLOWER's new single. Today I'll share E-GIRLS latest song, it's called "Mr. Snowman".
The video reminds me of many of my fave cartoons ^^ It's very girlish and so cute!!

Release is next week... Enjoy!!


I have wanted to watch this ever since it was announced! And the trailer made me wanting to see it even more. And while browsing the JAL catalog over movies they are showing during my flight, I saw that this is one of them!!! Could it be any better?
I'm happy to know that at least two movies will entertain me on my long distant flight that will take place in a few weeks from now!!! Oguri Shun is one of my fave actors in Japan, not only because he's good looking..haha

Title: ルパン三世 (Rupan Sansei / Lupin III)
Directed by: Ryuhei Kitamura
Written by: Mataichirō Yamamoto
Release date: August 30, 2014
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English

Lupin and friends infiltrate a highly secured fortress-like safe named "Ark of Navarone" (ナヴァロンの箱舟) to claim the "Crimson Heart of Cleopatra" (クリムゾンハート・オブ・クレオパトラ?)

Shun Oguri as Arsène Lupin III
Tetsuji Tamayama as Daisuke Jigen
Gō Ayano as Goemon Ishikawa XIII
Meisa Kuroki as Fujiko Mine
Tadanobu Asano as Koichi Zenigata
Jerry Yan as Michael Lee
Kim Joon as Pierre
Nick Tate as Dawson
Nirut Sirijanya as Pramuk
Rhatha Phongam as Miss V
Thanayong as Royal

info @ wikipedia

Saturday, 22 November 2014

규현- 광화문에서

One of SM's best vocalist is finally released a solo album.
It has been a long wait and the timing is surprising too, but instead of over thinking it all,
Let's be happy ^^
Here's Super Junior member KyuHyun with his solo debut - At Gwanghwamun.

For you who do not know, Gwanghwamun is a big square in Seoul.


I have been excited every since the PV was out in the beginning of last month.
I finally got the single, I got the LE one, I saw that there's another song on the RE. Still it was the title track I wanted! The title is Akikaze no Answer and means The answer of autumn wind. First time I heard it, the song instantly attracted my ears, I fell for it!! I'd say this is the best song by them!
As for the B-sides they are not bad but well.. they are B-sides? I'm sorry but I'm not sure what to say, compare to Akikaze no Answer I think they are totally different levels! Still they have a Flower feeling to the song and fans will not be disappointed! (^^;;)
I'd love to see them performing this track!!


01. 秋風のアンサー
02. Flower Garden
03. 恋におちたら

Friday, 21 November 2014

Africa for Norway

This is one of the most amusing things I have seen in a long
Africa is now doing a Radi-Aid for Norway... see below

Collecting radiators –
Shipping them over there –
Spread some warmth –
Spread some smiles –
Say yes to Radi-Aid.

More videos and info go here

Blank Space

Taylor released a new video with a song from her latest album 1989.
It's called Blank Space. It is not one of my fave songs on the album, but it the lyrics has a point ^^
I like the video, a lit of it all, and a lot of C R A Z Y ! ! !


McDonald's drink servings, from smallest to largest

I think I eat fast food 1 or 2 a year because of so many reasons! (^^;;)
I found this a few days ago, and to be honest I always thought that US was the largest one, without checking! But guess what.. it proves me wrong.
Also I though the Canadian size and US size was the same size - Wrong again!
And, I'd never guess that Singapore would have a larger size!!

I'm not sure what's tragic or not, I guess the Singaporeans get value for their money!
But the Japanese hopefully get healthier, and it should also be noted that a general Japanese is smaller and probably do not need more. It's the rest of the world that eats and drinks in excess!!

Here's a list of worldwide McDonald's drink servings, from smallest to largest. (left to right in the photo)

1. Japan
2. India
3. Hong Kong
4. Great Britain
5. Australia
6. United States
7. Canada
8. Singapore

Are you surprised??

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Soybean pasta

A few weeks ago I went to a food expo, they also had a fitness expo.
At the fitness one, I found this.. Soybean Pasta.
It's just like it sounds, Pasta made out of nothing but organic soybeans.
These ones are made by either Green or Yellow soybeans.
Per 100g it contains 44% (yellow), or 45% (green) protein!!!
Compare it to normal pasta that has 3-5%.

Being a soybean lover this is a perfect substitute to pasta!!
I'm so happy I bought these, and is wondering where I should buy them once I run out of it (^^;;)


In August 2014 a special event to promote recovery efforts in Tohoku area in Japan was held in Paris. miwa wrote a song and performed it the event. Now the song "Kibou no Wa" is being released, making it miwa's 15th single! Both songs are soft ballads and very miwa like. I like both songs. I think Kibou no wa is a great song and it fits the theme. The song gives hope and first time I listened to this I was sitting on a train looking out on the landscape that passed by, it sure fitted the moment!
Well done!! A great ending to 2014 by miwa-chan!! ^^


1. 希望の環(WA)
2. 月食 ~winter moon~
3. 希望の環(WA)
4. 月食 ~winter moon~

Colored crayons made of veggies and fruits

In Japan they have released a set of crayons made of fruits, vegetables, and rice bran oil!!
Kinda clever considering a lot of children putting stuff in their mouths at such young age.
I also bet they smell nice ^^
It's said that a box cost 2160JPY or aprox 20USD. Kinda fair price no?

All comes from Aomori prefecture and the colours are a bit different to normal crayons as they are made from veggies and fruits.

Original info @ Naver Japan and Vegetabo

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

S Club 7 reunion!!

I talked about this reunion a few weeks ago, and last Friday it took place.
But to be completely honest, I'm not sure whether I liked it or not.
Bradley, Jon, and Rachel looks kinda the same as before, also Jo.
But Tina, Hannah and Paul. Okay Paul only got a bit bigger but still same.. However Tina and Hannah... What happened? Okay, it's bad to judge but I did not like their outfits at all!! It did not feel like S Club 7!

I liked Don't stop movin' the most, but maybe that was because Bradley did most of the singing?
I also liked half of Reach and Bring it all back..
The saddest part is that Jo somehow lost her vocals. It was not the same powerful voice.

Anyway, with a little more practice I believe they can do a comeback!
S Club 7 def. belonged to my childhood and was one of my fave bands, I watched all of their tv-series, movie and got their cds!! ^^

What every European Union country is worst at

I saw this and that's a mix of issues.
Not sure if I should laugh or cry at the most silly ones. I can't really call it a big issue.
Also, there were a few surprises in the list.
I wonder if there's a WORLD list somewhere!?

Regarding Sweden, it's so true and I wasn't surprised at all.
I just wish our politicians starts to realize it soon and do something about it.
I know Sweden gives aid to a lot of people in need, which is great!!
But we also have people in our own country suffering and I think we should also focus on our own.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I heart TOKYO

I collected this last Saturday.
It took serious time to get it from Spain to Sweden, but's finally here.
I ordered two because I wasn't sure of the size, tried them and returned one!
It was super cheap too, only 99 SEK and free shipping as I shipped it to my closest Mango Store.
I'd say the cheap price was also why I bought it, I have a "shopping stop" until I go to Japan and Korea. But I made a small exception.

The shirt itself, well it was actually a bit shorter than expected, but... I like what it says ^^
It's less than 4 weeks until I'll be in this fantastic city!!! ^^

You can get it here...Mango Webstore

너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을

Although I had my Ailee week last week, there are still many songs I didn't get to share.
I guess I'd need a month or so to do that!!!
Then it struck me as I was listening to a shuffle of various songs by her and I heard this. I was like... I forgot this one last week!!! How could that happen? lol
She's totally A M A Z I N G when performing this!!!! I wish she'd record it!!!

Here's "It's not Love if it Hurts too Much"
And, I found a version with Eng sub so you all can get the feeling she's conveying!

Monday, 17 November 2014

New records

I finished off last week with new records each time while riding on my spinning bike at my local gym. That's how I work, I try to push myself a bit more each time! And these numbers, I was able to obtain yesterday evening!!

I did total 90 min but in two sets as the bike only allow 60 min as maximum!
I did 41.4 km in 60 min and 21.9 km in 30 min, a total of 63.3 km in 90 min!!
I feel kinda proud if I can say so.

When I started a few weeks ago I did 34.7 km in 60 min and now I'm able to do 41.4!! I'd say that's a pretty good development. But this doesn't mean I'm satisfied, I think I can do even more and better if I just continue. ^^


Today is all about TS, You probably saw that I LOVE this song.
It's kinda hard to find online because of all the rights.
But I found this interview where Taylor talks about the song, I'm so happy this made it in the album!!
I agree with Taylor, this is great for a work out or just walking!!

Listen to the whole interview, this is from Ryan Seacrest.


In recent media TS has been mentioned for taking off all her music on Spotify, very sad day for all music lovers but there's nothing that can be done! Back to the album, I finally got it!!
It has been aprox. 2 years since her previous album Red!! And being a TS fan, this is an anticipating come back!
I like this new sound by Taylor, she shows how versatile she is and she's more than just country. I really like the music style of this album a lot. It has truly been worth waiting for. Also, the album is mainly produced by Swedish composers, and maybe that's a reason why most songs attracts my ears immediately?! (^^;;) But also, it's TS all through, despite trying a more pop-ish style, you can clearly hear Taylor in all songs!
My fave song is All You Had To Do Was Stay, followed by Wonderland, Style, and I Wish You Would.
Well made album!! I so wish I could see her live, but it doesn't seem like she'll come to any of the Nordic countries this time.


1. Welcome To New York
2. Blank Space
3. Style
4. Out Of The Woods
5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
6. Shake It Off
7. I Wish You Would
8. Bad Blood
9. Wildest Dreams
10. How You Get The Girl
11. This Love
12. I Know Places
13. Clean

Deluxe version
14. Wonderland
15. You Are In Love
16. New Romantics
17. I Know Places (Piano/Vocal)
18. I Wish You Would (Track / Vocal)
19. Blank Space (Guitar / Vocal)

Sunday, 16 November 2014


I have wanted to see it since I first heard of it. I love Love Actually, but I do hope they have made it slightly differently. I saw on JAL that it will be shown on my flight to Tokyo next month, so I'm kinda excited ^^
I mainly will watch it because of Tamaki Hiroshi-kun, YES I admit it XD
But also, like I already said, It's inspired by Love actually so it makes it interesting!! And I haven't been able to find this with Eng sub before, so I'm overjoyed!!! ^^

Title: すべては君に逢えたから (Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta kara)
English Title: It All Began When I Met You
Director: Katsuhide Motoki
Release Date: November 22, 2013
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Inspired by the 2003 British romantic comedy Love Actually, the film is made up of six separate stories revolving around ten people at Tokyo Station just before Christmas. It was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station, and was filmed with full cooperation by the railway company JR East.

The six stories are: Eve no Koibito (イヴの恋人, Christmas Eve Lover), Enkyori Renai (遠距離恋愛, Long-distance Love Affair), Christmas no Yūki (クリスマスの勇気, Christmas Courage), Christmas Present (クリスマスプレゼント), Nibun no Ichi Seijinshiki (二分の一成人式, Half a Coming-of-age Ceremony), Okurete Kita Present (遅れてきたプレゼント, Belated Present)

Story 1: Eve no Koibito

Hiroshi Tamaki as Kazuki Kuroyama, a company president
Rin Takanashi as Reiko Sasaki, an aspiring actress

Story 2: Enkyori Renai
Fumino Kimura as Yukina Yamaguchi, a fashion designer
Masahiro Higashide as Takumi Tsumura, a construction worker

Story 3: Christmas no Yūki
Tsubasa Honda as Natsumi Otomo, a cake shop employee

Story 4: Christmas Present
Miwako Ichikawa as Chiharu Kishimoto, an orphanage worker
Emiri Kai as Akane Terai

Story 5: Nibun no Ichi Seijinshiki
Saburo Tokito as Masayuki Miyazaki, a train driver
Nene Otsuka as Saori Miyazaki, Masayuki's wife
Ryutaro Yamasaki as Koji Miyazaki, their son

Story 6: Okurete Kita Present
Chieko Baisho as Kotoko Oshima, a Tokyo Station pastry shop employee
Nenji Kobayashi as Taizo Matsuura

info @ wikipedia


I'll continue and finish this Ailee week with an oldie,  her big hit and debut song.. ;)
I wish more singers like her would make it big in the Kpop world!! Also as she speaks fluent English I wish the world could enjoy her!!

Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, 15 November 2014


I used to follow this drama back in the days, sadly I didn't finish. It had a great start but a so-so middle.
Anyway I really liked this OST song, I think I might have shared it earlier. But since it's Ailee week, I'm sharing some of the songs I like the most!!

Enjoy Ailee and Ice flower.

Today's quote

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."

Friday, 14 November 2014

with LOVE

Kanayan is back with a full fifth length album titled with LOVE.
I still haven't found a song that top last year's hit Sayonara. But while listening to this album I find some songs that attracts my ears immediately.
My fave song besides the one mentioned above is track 7 - Gomen ne. I also think track 9 - Abracadabra, track 10 - Love & Joy and track 11 - 25 are catchy. I'd say that 25 reminds me of some kind of movie soundtrack ^^ I also think Stand Up will be awesome to listen to at one of her lives! It gives a great big crowd vibe!!
In all I'm happy with this album!! I think she has worked hard to produce this album!!! My fave album by Kanayan ^^


01 *Prologue* ~You &Me~
02 Darling
03 恋する気持ち
04 We Don't Stop
05 Love Is All We Need
06 好き
07 ごめんね
08 Tough Girl
09 Abracadabra
11 25
12 さよなら
13 Stand Up
14 *Epilogue* ~with LOVE~


I'm gonna start off my Ailee weekend, who knows it might turn into a week?
I'm really into her music these days, and I stress the word..REALLY!
So I digged out the old old albums!! Still as great as when they were first released!

As always Ailee shows the audience what powerful voice she has!!

Enjoy 저녁하늘(Evening sky)!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A month left!!

In one month, I will be heading back to one of my fave cities in the world..
Although it's a month left it feels close. I booked my ticket already in last May ^^

I'm looking forward to all the shopping, eat delicious foods but maybe most of all, meeting with friends!!!

30 days to go ^^

嵐 15年目の告白 ~LIVE&DOCUMENT~

I got to watch the NHK 嵐 15年目の告白 ~LIVE&DOCUMENT~.
I was really amused and taken by the boys. I wish it'd been longer and even deeper!!
I think it was nice that they admit stuff, like fights and not knowing what to say all the time. They really showed a lot. Also, I had no idea that Riida kept a diary!!!
Watching this made me even more sure on why I have loved them for so long and still do.
I'm still upset I didn't get a ticket, but NO I won't pay the "black market" prices, it's waaaaay too much and to me unacceptable to pay / support. Of course I understand that some wants to make a little of it, lets say a few 1000 yen, but not x10 or more compare to the original price.
I mean it's not like it's their final tour ever!! 

At least I can watch these amazing shows!!!

#嵐 #Arashi

Pics cred @ NHK and other owners


This is also a bit older song by Ailee, consider her "short" time in the industry.
Anyway, I love this song mainly because of her strong voice and the powerful music.
I have no idea why she sings more of break ups than love, I bet she'd do great love songs too.
Take a listen!!

Ailee - U & I

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Birthday DAD!!

Today isn't just any day..
Today's my dad's b-day! He already got his b-day gift in August but he's happy ^^
Did I mention it was Fathers' day last Sunday and tomorrow is his "name day". He has gotten all his pressies already. Still I think he's satisfied!! X-mas is coming up!!
Gonna buy him something in Japan or Korea!!

Once again.. 


Today's quote

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

노래가 늘었어

One of my absolute fave songs by Ailee is this one. it's called Singing Got Better in English.
I love both music and lyrics and Ailee's powerful voice is amazing!!!


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

빼빼로 데이 / ポッキの日


오늘은 빼빼로데이다! 난 지금 다이어트 중이라서 올해 빼빼로를 못 먹네ㅠㅠ
근데, 여러분 오늘이 즐겁고 맛있는 빼빼로데이 보내시기 바랍니다!

Today's Pepero / Pocky day!! However I'm on a diet so I won't eat it.
But I still wish everybody a happy and delicious Pepero / Pocky day!!

Food and alcohol expo

Last Saturday I attended the annual Food and Alcohol expo.
It was kinda small in one way yet big in another.
I had a great time, I tried a lot of new things and bought lots of goodies with me back home!!
I will try to attend next year too ^^

I apologize for not having more pics, as for the food..well I was busy stuffing my face I suppose (^^;;)


I saw this clip the other day, I knew I missed something last summer. Then again, I was travelling around Canada when this aired so it's not a surprise I missed it.
Anyway I better find the whole episode, this is so funny!
I also love this song. So I'll share both.
Here's Ailee and I'll show you!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Icelandic and Norwegian snacks

I'm not a huge sugar fan, but it's cheap and fun to try.
I bought quite a lot in both Iceland and Norway - I'll share with family, friends and colleagues. ^^

The big collection of Icelandic and Norwegian chocolates

Although we have similar biscuits back home, Maybe the most simple ones yet I LOVED these.
I don't know, but the thickness is amazing! also I think there's a hint of vanilla in them!

백일몽 (Evanesce)

This one was released a few weeks back... and my first thought was YAY!!!!
They released a MV for a song I love!!
This was one of my fave songs on their latest album!! I'm so happy and pleased!! ^^

Sunday, 9 November 2014

En Dag Tilbage

I talked about these guys a few weeks back. And I think I also mentioned that I first heard them back in 2002. It was back in the beginning of my teens.
So to end this week with old music, I want to share this one.
And yeah, there are a lot of other songs I could share too, maybe I will another week.

This song is one of my fave songs by Danish rap-duo Nik & Jay.
The lyrics are so-so, personal yes. But it was the music that attracted me ^^
So here it is... Enjoy!!

Reykjavik city

I'm still mixed of where I should place Reykjavik. Before I went there I thought it was going to be more "Nordic" styled, kinda like the old days.
But when I got there I felt it being more similar to Canada rather than Nordics. Not everything but a lot. In a way, I guess this is probably what Alaska looks more like?!

Most of the pics below resembles more to the Nordic style I guess..haha 
But I guess I was more attracted to those buildings!

Still a "city", but still like a small town, also no stress what so ever!
And the cafes turns into bars in the night! A great way to make the business grow!?

I really recommend people to go and visit Iceland and Reykjavik!