Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Wedding Countdown

It's less than 3 weeks to go until the wedding, the past weekend we did a lot of DIY.
I bought the name cards for our guests and I wrote the names, FULL NAMES of each and every single person who is to attend!!
It took about 4 hours, as I wanted it to be pretty ^^
We also made a seating chart, this also took a few hours. But it's so pretty I cannot wait to put it up. All DIY, we bought a frame at Ikea, white paper at a paper store and pink heart shaped mini post it's.
I wanted to write the names with a silver colour, but sadly it was not easy to read so I went for navy.

The DIY takes time, I'm happy we did not decide to do more of it. But what we have done I have enjoyed! I feel we are getting closer to it all, so happy and cannot wait for the day!!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


As said before, so sad they split up, but Minzy seems to be in her right place.
Happy that she is doing what she loves and she gets to shine!!


Monday, 29 May 2017

REALLY REALLY x Shape of You

I found these guys randomly on FB.
I really really like this mash up! ^^
Do you know them?
What do you think?


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Sandwich haul

I just love these guys!!
And in this video they tried out some of my fave things in Japan... Convenient store foods.
I love my sandwiches, I always look forward to buy these when I visit Japan.
Well honestly these are not the sandwiches I usually get, but these are good too.

Enjoy this tasty food haul ^^

I'm really craving bread these days, but my bridal diet doesn't allow it :(

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Missha Tension Pact

I have heard so much about this item so in the end guess what I did.. yes i bought it ^^
Do I need it, maybe? Will I like it? We'll see..
I got some new cushions from Innisfree, I know. But this one..omg the cover looks awesome.
I bought a lot of new foundations, but this formula is different so I cannot wait to try it out.
It looks AMAZING right?!
I got the perfect cover one, that's the one people are saying is the IT item.
I hope I will like it :)

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Shopping Haul

I said it, I went crazy...
These are still in possession of my parents in law but they are soon to be in my hands!
I'm overjoyed and I cannot wait to try them out ^^
I look forward to it, but need to hurry as I'm to use some for the wedding ^^

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Just You and I

Namie chan released this a few hours ago.. :)
It's nice to hear some new songs from her.
This song is the theme song for the Nihon TV's drama "Haha ni naru". A drama I really want to see, I hope I can find some time to watch it.
For now... ENJOY!!

Monday, 22 May 2017

I want to spoil myself

I have wanted one since I was 13, no kidding.
And yes I have been able to afford one since I was 19 but I have never gone through with my purchase. I was super close when I was in Paris 2 years ago, I should have had but in the end I didn't. However for that bag I was to buy at the time I'm happy with my Michael Kors bag, as it's not as common. I feel it's a bit rare and I love the colour too. So it was a good choice. The bag I wanted back then was a bigger "hand luggage" bag - Keepall.
In the end of my Paris stay I picked up a Marc Jacobs bag and jewelry!

I'm not sure if I said it but.. I'm going to Paris again in a few weeks for work.
That's when I was like... should I buy one? A hobo/shoulder bag.
And yes, the wedding is coming up but I'm a I can afford that too and still have money on my savings!!

Question is, to buy it in Sweden or Paris.
It's all about the rate. I'd say most items are currently cheaper in Sweden... haha funny thing to talk about "cheap" prices when I want to buy a brand bag ^^
Well anyway, why pay lots more?
Anyway, the low Swedish Krona isn't the best, and to buy it in Paris would be nice.
Question....time? I'm going on a week day so it should be fine.
I still need to think. I went to the Swedish shop the other day, overcrowded by both locals and tourists, I'd say that says quite a lot about prices!!! Yes, price..even for a LV bag counts.
If I can pay 1000 Euro instead of 1200 Euro...why not? I can surely spend the other 200 on something else ^^

Anyway, the one I have my eyes on is the large version of this bag called Delightful!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

From a few things to a haul!

Innisfree decided to have a huge sale.
Of course the shopaholic in me came out. And I went a bit crazy, as if that wouldn't have had been enough. There were items I wanted but couldn't find on Gmarket.
Yes, it became a Innisfree haul ^^
So I asked my mum soon to be in law to go to the closest Innisfree and grab a few things for me.
So ironic, the closest store was just up the street, like 5 min walk!!
Yes, that's how it is in Korea. The make up stores are everywhere...

I cannot wait to get all of my new items :)

Friday, 19 May 2017


Here is Helena's latest song, Haide.
I like it much more in Greek than English... don't ask me why ^^
I think Haide means "cmon"... if I remember correctly..hehe


Άνεμος είν' η ζωή και εμείς είμαστε φτερά
Μες στη δύνη της αν μπεις όλα μοιάζουν πιθανά
Μια σε ρίχνει καταγής, μια σε πάει στα σύννεφα
Γι αυτό λοιπόν μην αργείς

Haide - Haide, έλα και δώσε μου ένα φιλί
Haide - Haide, κι όλα θα αλλάξουνε στη στιγμή
Haide - Haide, θα 'ναι καλύτερα από ποτέ
Haide - Haide, Haide - Haide

Μην πέφτεις εσύ έτσι είναι η ζωή πικρή και γλυκιά ο χρόνος μετράει και
η γη θα γυρνάει στην ίδια τροχιά πολλά θα συμβούν μα όλα περνούν ο
χρόνος τα καίει μην πέφτεις λοιπόν καθόλου δε λέει

Όταν μου χαμογελάς μου χαμογελάει η ζωή
μοιάζει να μου τραγουδάς μ' ακαταμάχητη φωνή το πιο μεγάλο σουξέ

Haide - Haide, έλα και δώσε μου ένα φιλί
Haide - Haide, κι όλα θα αλλάξουνε στη στιγμή
Haide - Haide, θα 'ναι καλύτερα από ποτέ
Haide - Haide, Haide - Haide

Μην πέφτεις εσύ έτσι είναι η ζωή πικρή και γλυκιά ο χρόνος μετράει και
η γη θα γυρνάει στην ίδια τροχιά Πολλά θα συμβούν μα όλα περνούν ο
χρόνος θα καίει μην πέφτεις λοιπόν καθόλου δε λέει

Haide - Haide, έλα και δώσε μου ένα φιλί
Haide - Haide, κι όλα θα αλλάξουνε στη στιγμή
Haide - Haide, θα 'ναι καλύτερα από ποτέ
Haide - Haide, Haide - Haide

Haide - Haide, έλα και δώσε μου ένα φιλί
Haide - Haide, κι όλα θα αλλάξουνε στη στιγμή
Haide - Haide, θα 'ναι καλύτερα από ποτέ
Haide - Haide, Haide - Haide

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Online shopping!

Since I cannot go to Korea, I had to get Korea to come to me!
I ordered some new things online home to my parents in law!
A mix of make ups and a game.
I really look forward to try out the make ups, a mix of foundation cushion, lip tints, powder, concealer, sponge.
And this is part one, I ordered some more things the other day.
Luckily they are "small".

I can't wait to try them out :)

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Diet vs Gain

My darling and I are really opposite.
As I'm trying to slim down, he is trying to gain!!
Look at our dinners from the other day..haha
Luckily I'm not a huge pizza fan ^^

But I admit, I miss pasta and bread!!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Extra dimension skinfinish - Beaming blush

This is my new love, according to MAC this is "A liquid-powder highlighter that gives a luminous, well-defined finish."
It comes in 7 different shades and I love the one called Beaming Blush (pink that breaks gold).
I love the light finish yet gives the face a glow. I'd def recommend this product!

You can read more or buy it here

#MAC #BeamingBlush

Saturday, 13 May 2017

New Face

The second song from his new album, not sure what I think...
I did laugh..
I listened to the new album, there are quite a lot of songs I like.

Which one do you prefer?

#PSY #싸이 #NewFace #손나은 #SONNAEUN #20170510 #6PM #4X2 #8th #NEWALBUM #YG

Friday, 12 May 2017

Wedding decos

To deco a wedding can be easy or tricky, cheap or expensive. It all depends on your theme and budget. And you both, unless you are in charge, needs to agree on the theme.

Cheap ways
There are always cheap ways - Ebay is one of them who have helped me to get decos cheaper.
Also various dollar stores around the world etc. And NO I did not travel the world to visit dollar/cheap stores, they just appeared as I traveled. 
Some of them... Søstrerne Grene in Denmark, TGR and Lagerhaus in Sweden, 100 yen shops (Daiso/CanDo,Seria) and Tokyu hands in Japan were AMAZING!! And Korean online shopping mall Gmarket.

My opinion
Honestly, breaking down items and costs I will take photo booth prop as an example, you will use them once, and that time only (at least me). On ebay you can find props for 1-2 USD and free shipping. Or you can go to a local store and pay 6-10 USD. They look the same, you can find a million of different kinds. You have months away until the actual day. 
Where would you purchase them?

For us going over our budget and the different costs, when it came to decorations we felt wanted something simple and a bit old as our wedding is held at a mansion. Also, I didn't feel like spending thousands of dollars on the stuff I will NEVER reuse, I think we spend
Things like that - balloons, photo booth prop, tissue paper pom poms. Instead we put money on a nice guestbook, nice clothes, shoes etc. But for every wedding it's up to each couple.

Wedding theme vs deco
You chosen theme - this theme can be simple or it can add to overall expenses.

 photo booth, balloons, garlands, candy bar, flowers, invitation cards, thank you cards, guestbook, presents for quests, food, drinks, cake, live music.
You can go low or over the top. But unless you have the money, DO NOT go over top.
A loan for wedding deco or reception is not worth it. A loan for a house or car, YES.
Or even, spend extra to go on an expensive honeymoon.
I bet no matter what, you will have a great time with the ones you love. with an invitation card for 200 USD each or 3 USD each!!

Anyway stick to what fits you. 
Do not compare with celebrities or your friends.
Do YOUR thing.

Way to keep a track of your expenses
Prioritize your costs, I made a excel spread sheet with all costs, also proposed cost.
This to easier calculate all expenses. And also get a feeling for what's worth it.
E.g. In the beginning I was like, let's print our own tissue napkins. But looking at EVERYTHING else needed, those napkins which people will just wipe and go, I decided not to.
Instead we decided to get presents to our guests. Not candy as many. I will have a small candy bar.
But not to give it out, I won't share before we have had the wedding.
Still for us, this was slightly more expensive than napkins, but I also cut cost on accessories. So in a way it was even and it felt really really good. To be able to give something to the guests that's not expected is fun and I hope people will like it ^^

Candy bar

Table deco, lighting

All in gold..?

Lots of candles

Church prop

Paper tissue pom poms

Thursday, 11 May 2017


This came out yesterday but can I ask...
Why does it sound like a mix of the previous songs he released?
The lyrics might be new, but it feels like he rides on a wave that's already dying out?
I'm disappointed, I loved Psy before Gangnam style but now it feels like he lost his spirit!

Also the lyrics posted on the video, I have to say.. that's a mild translation of the ACTUAL meaning.
Some words are not that "nicely" used in the Korean language.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I was surprised to hear this song was featured on Swedish national TV last weekend.
Then of course we can discuss the choice of showing it.
And also wonder how much more we'll see of KPOP in Sweden.

Well anyway.. this song is addictive and so Korean.
Typical JYP style!

Do you like it?

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cauliflower and Broccoli base pizza

Until the wedding I'm trying to get slimmer, not sure if I said it or not.
It's only a few weeks left.
My darling and I bought a new cooking book by a famous personal trainer here in Sweden. She used to coach in the Swedish version of Biggest Looser.
Anyway, the food looked amazing so we decided to give it a go. We have tested several of the foods, really delicious!
And they are healthier options, one of them.. this pizza. instead of regular pizza dough we made a dough of cauliflower, broccoli, cheese, egg and spices.

No it's not the same as real pizza, I admit that. BUT.. thinking of calories I'd say this is a more healthy substitute and it was delicious.

Pizza dough before baked.

Nice and thick pizza :)

You can buy the book here (Note book is in Swedish)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Pony effect make up

I have seen her videos, dummy here did not understand she is the one behind PONY EFFECT.
Watching Edward's videos makes me wanna try them out.

Also what I love is that she still uses other brands for her videos!

Have you tried Pony effect? :)

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Magnet mask

I have heard about them but never tried.. but WOW!!
See how it comes off!
Not sure how good the product is, I'm happy with my usual ones. but looks fun to try!!

Thursday, 4 May 2017


My latest craving are Vietnamese spring rolls..
I have seen so many recipes. I'd really like to try one out.
Not sure when as I'm on my strict diet until the big day.

How do you like your rolls? :)

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Banila co two kisses dual tint

I saw a lot of reviews and I had hope for this tint. I have never been a fan of banila co but this one seemed like a good try. And I need something nice for my lips for the wedding!
Yes it did give a lot of colour, but it smudge off way more than I expected. Not sure if I could kiss my husband to be, he'd be all pink!!!
This tint comes in many different colours, I only bought one and I got the one called 02 Pink Princess.
I followed the steps on the package. I like the colour of it a lot but I did not like the taste of it it felt like putting soap on the lips, it also made my lips super dry!!

Maybe I had higher expectations but I do not recommend this lip tint.

#BanilaCo #Review #LipTint #Korea #SouthKorea #TwoKissesDualTint  #바닐라코 #투키세스 #듀얼틴트