Monday, 22 May 2017

I want to spoil myself

I have wanted one since I was 13, no kidding.
And yes I have been able to afford one since I was 19 but I have never gone through with my purchase. I was super close when I was in Paris 2 years ago, I should have had but in the end I didn't. However for that bag I was to buy at the time I'm happy with my Michael Kors bag, as it's not as common. I feel it's a bit rare and I love the colour too. So it was a good choice. The bag I wanted back then was a bigger "hand luggage" bag - Keepall.
In the end of my Paris stay I picked up a Marc Jacobs bag and jewelry!

I'm not sure if I said it but.. I'm going to Paris again in a few weeks for work.
That's when I was like... should I buy one? A hobo/shoulder bag.
And yes, the wedding is coming up but I'm a I can afford that too and still have money on my savings!!

Question is, to buy it in Sweden or Paris.
It's all about the rate. I'd say most items are currently cheaper in Sweden... haha funny thing to talk about "cheap" prices when I want to buy a brand bag ^^
Well anyway, why pay lots more?
Anyway, the low Swedish Krona isn't the best, and to buy it in Paris would be nice.
Question....time? I'm going on a week day so it should be fine.
I still need to think. I went to the Swedish shop the other day, overcrowded by both locals and tourists, I'd say that says quite a lot about prices!!! Yes, price..even for a LV bag counts.
If I can pay 1000 Euro instead of 1200 Euro...why not? I can surely spend the other 200 on something else ^^

Anyway, the one I have my eyes on is the large version of this bag called Delightful!

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