Friday, 23 September 2011

Cooking pasta in the microwave...

I saw this amazing thing on Japanese tv earlier this year.
It's a plastic container that can be used for cooking pasta/spaghetti in your microwave.

My first thought was.. NO WAY..! It can't be good!
I'm that kind of person who likes to cook food and not heat something up in the microwave! And to cook pasta in a plastic container can it really work?

I love pasta and in Sweden we eat it quite often..!

Last month when I went to Tokyo I dragged my friend with me to the store called 東急ハンズ (Tokyu Hands) the 池袋 (Ikebukuro) branch.

Actually my reason going there was to buy another thing!
When I went to Nagoya me and my friend watched tv and saw this new "pasta cap". You can put on your pasta pack and it will keep it straight and it also measure 1-1,5 portions of pasta! It looked really cute so I decided to go there.

I decided to get a green one since green is one of my fave colours! It also comes in White, Black and Red. It's cheap too, 525 jpy

And since pasta is pasta I suddenly was remined of the pasta container as well!
We asked the staff and they showed it to us! It only cost somewhat 800 jpy so I just had to get it!

On this pack it above, it says it's for 1-4 persons, however the one I bought is for 1-2 persons.

Anyway so how does it work?
The little hole in the lid is the measurement for 1 potion of pasta, on the side of the main container it says how much water you should fill it with.
You add pasta, take of the lid - otherwise you will have a explosion in your microwave!
So, 1 portion 500 watts for 13 min, 2 portions 500 watts and 16 min!
NO salt.. just plain water.

And how was it??

Best part with this little invention:
1. The pasta doesn't stick!
2. You don't have to pay attention while it cooks!

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