Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sprite Mint

I have to give hands to Sprite for this new taste!
My darling picked it up for me when we rented movies the other week.
It is called Sprite Mint - it taste like a Virgin Mojito!!


Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Pony shows again what an amazing make-up artist she is!
Here's her tutorial turning into no other than Taylor Swift! Take a look at how she does it!
I could never do this myself, I'd get tired in the middle!! haha


Asian turns White

Monday, 28 March 2016


I've kept listening to Marks's album this past week.


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!
Mine is a bit different this year, due to my surgeries I decided to stay at home and rest.
However I'm not alone, my darling is with me!!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Butternut squash Three ways

It looks delicious!
This is one of my fave veggies. I'd love to try this out.
Anyway what's wrong with Jamie? Was he under the influence when they shot this?? He sounds and acts so different.
Anyway, the food looks great!!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

If I were sorry

I'm still don't know if it's grammatically wrong or not.
Anyway here's the song that will represent Sweden in the ESC.
I donno what to say, not sure what I think about the song to be honest. But Frans is cute..haha
I won't be home this year to see the show. Anyway, take a look and see what you think.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Korean Dinner date

My darling took me out for dinner the other day, a new experience, as I have never eaten Korean food with a fork before ^^ I had Yugaejang, Spicy korean soup. My darling had Dwenjang soup - fermented soybean soup. 
My darling also ordered this, my fave type of kimchi - kkakdugi.

My darling's soup


Saturday, 19 March 2016


My new fave song, great one Ailee. I will start watching this drama...Anyday ^^

Thursday, 17 March 2016

10 extra kgs

Before surgery my PT got me to do a Procedos session with 10 extra kgs strapped to my body.
It was much more difficult than I thought, yet fun!
I cannot wait to go back to the gym!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Surgery done!

I had surgery last morning, it was fast and it feels good.
But now I have a long recover process a head of me.
For the next couple of weeks I'm on sick leave. And I only have one hand to use from now on...which is not my dominant. Blog updates won't be frequent..

oh well.. hope for the best!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

More goodies from Finland

One of our Finnish managers at the office is kind to get me some goodies now and then.
I got these the other day! 2 packs of ready to eat oatmeal, 1 bag of moomin tea and 4 packs of soup!
Another colleague told me about the soup, so I'm pretty excited to eat this!!
One pack is enough for 2 people, so I have 8 servings of soup.
3 packs are totmato soup and one is with cheese and raindeer meat ^^

Happy Days!

Monday, 14 March 2016

How is it possible?

The other week I started an interest for Korean phenom called 먹방(Muk bang). It's basically people who eat A LOT in front of a camera and chat with people. These people also send various stuff which turns into money!
I have known about this for years, it's not like it can be avoided if you know internet sensations from South Korea. But what got me into this was that I read an article about how much these BJs (as they are called) can make in a month!
It's insane, they can make several thousands of dollars for eating on screen.

I started to watch this woman, she's a 100% Korean, looks, style and she can eat!!!
I donno how she can stay this skinny, I get full just by watching her. For me this would be impossible to do. I cannot eat this much!! But I have to admit, it would be fun to try it ONCE.

So to share with all of you who hasn't seen this kind of thing.
Be amazed!!!

She eats 1 portion of spicy seafood noodles, 3 portions of black bean noodles, 2 portions of sweet sour chicken, 3 portions of fried pork in sweet sour sauce. And pickled radish and she drinks milk.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

이 사랑(This Love)

I haven't decided yet, I was gonna follow this drama, 태양의 후예, but so far I haven't even started.
Then this video popped up in my YT feed. It's Davichi's soundtrack for this drama.
But starting next week I will go be on sick leave, maybe I will catch up with it then... ^^

For now enjoy!!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

What to eat in Seoul (Part 2 - E-dae/Sinchon)

This area is what I call home. I used to live in the middle of it all!
Here you find it all, food, shopping, movies, jjimjilbang and fun. Sometimes I forbade myself to go out as it meant I'd spend money!
This is part 2 and I have been thinking about this. I know so many places but I cannot recall the names, I just know where they are located..embarrassing ^^;;
But in my defense, I wasn't really planning to share at first. However a lot of friends always ask me for places to visit as they know I know some awesome places. And to be honest, the reason why I know these is a lot because of my Korean friends, they were the first ones to introduce me!

Anyway, here's Part 2.
For Part 3 I might mix a few places together...hehe

How to get here: Metro/Subway Line 2 
신촌역 Sinchon station (Do not mix it up with Sincheon station close to Jamsil)
이대역 E-dae (Ewha Womens University station)

1. 공릉닭한마리 (Gongreung Dalkhanmari)

Address: 54 Yonsei-ro 2da-gil, Seodaemun-gu

This is my absolute fave restaurant and foods in Seoul!
When I lived here, I did not only live a block away, since I found this place I visited it once a week for several months. We'd come around the same time and day every week, we almost got our own private table lol. This is very simple food, a whole cooked chicken in a delicious broth. It comes with a less spicy kimchi, some veggies and a lot of garlic!! I love to add noodles to the dish, and if possible..make a porridge at the end. I haven't been able to do it a lot of time, since I got full already at the noodle part.
You sit on the floor here, but it's worth it. I even got my parents to do it TWICE!!

This place is a MUST VISIT in Seoul!

Take Exit 1 at E-dae (Ewha womens university) station. follow the main road.
Takes around 5 min to walk

2. 하늘본닭춘천명동닭갈비
(Hanul bon dalk chuncheon myeong dong dalkkalbi)

Address: 31-86 Changcheon-dong,Seodaemun-gu

I remember it as 춘천명동닭갈비 but it seems they have changed name and looks.
But the food is the same! You can find this dish all over Korea. But this is one of the best places I have ever eaten this. This is located close to Sinchon station and Yonsei Univ. It's great to share with friends and have have open until late.
You can mix a lot of things, and that's whats great! But be aware of the smell..haha
And ask for an apron!

Take Exit 3 at Sinchon station, follow the main street, it's around 4-5min walk.

3. 팔색삼겹살 (Palsaek samgyeopsal)

Address: Mihwa building 107-111 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu

This place serves pork belly, it's a pork bbq place and it's 8 different kinds of it.
Well they do have other foods too - beef bbq, kimchi stew, seafood stew and bibimbaps. But the best foods is the pork! I went here with friends back in 2010, we have a fun time, the interior is nice and the food was delicious! It's quite noisy but a fun experience!
Don't forget the apron!!

Take Exit 7 at Sinchon station, follow Baekbeum-ro, takes around 5 min

4. 고기부페 (BBQ Buffet)

I don't think the one exist any more, but there are still others.
Around student areas like Sinchon you can find Gogi buffet places, aka BBQ buffet.
The prices varies between 7 000-11 000won usually, the more expensive means more side dishes!
It's a great place to take friends and family, everybody enjoys it. And Korean BBQ doesn't have to be expensive!! Just keep your eyes open for 뷔페 or 부페..which means buffet/all you can eat!

5. 길거리 음식 (떡갈비)

Address: Sinchon-ro
Take exit 1 at E-dae/Ewha station and walk 20-30 meters you will find street stall that sells a delicious street food called Ddeokkalbi. It really fooled me, this place was the very first place I tasted it. And the name etc made me think this dish ALWAYS came with ddeok (rice cake) inside.
But NO that's not the case. Anyway, this little meat and ricecake on a stick cost 1 000 won (aprox 1 dollar) The stall is open from noon to 11pm.
Don't miss this one!! It was my absolute fave street stall snack in Korea all time! (with ddeokbokki as an exception) You can ask for spicy or less spicy sauce!

6. 어바웃샤브 (About Shabu)
Address: 54-1 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu

Okay, gonna be honest, I have never been to this branch. I used to go to the one in Myeong Dong, but it closed some years ago. But I found they have this in E-dae! It's a chain so the food is pretty much the same! I love shabu shabu and it's great to eat with friends!! There are many things to mix. And this is especially good during the colder seasons!
Don't miss it!

Take exit 3 at E-dae station and walk straight, aprox 4 min.

7. 신선설농탕 (Shin Seolleongtang)

Address: 5-38 Changcheon-dong,Seodaemun-gu

This is also a chain and be found all around Seoul.
Anyway this is one of the place I visited the most. My parents think this food is really blend for being Korean food. But I love it. It is kinda blend if you don't eat it with kimchi!
This place serves one of the best chain kimchi and kakkdugi!! I could go here to only eat that.
And the dumplings (mandu) are HUGE!!!

Take Exit 3 at Sinchon station and follow the main road, turn left at the crossing keep right.
takes around 7 min

8. 아비꼬
Address: 54-6 Daehyeon-dong,Seodaemun-gu


Official Homepage

9. 민들레영토 (Mindeulleyeongto *MINTO*)

Address: 5-50 Changcheon-dong,Seodaemun-gu

This is a small secret, this cafe is more known as Minto, you go there, pay 5000won (At least that's what I paid last time) and you are entitled to free drinks for 3 hours. You re-use your cup.
You can also pay more for other stuff, foods and pastries etc.
Anyway, they also have private rooms where you can sit and study. It's perfect for students. I used to spend a lot of times here doing homework and just hang out with friends. I even took my mum here, she enjoyed it a lot. So far I like the one in Sinchon the most. I have also been in Daehakno and Jongno (Samcheondong).

Take Exit 3 at Sinchon station and follow the main road, turn left at the crossing keep right.
takes around 7 min

10. 커피빈 앤드 티 리프 - 신촌역앞점
(Coffee bean and tea leaf - Sinchon train station ap)

Address: 27-27 Daehyeon-dong,Seodaemun-gu

I probably have one fave Coffee bean place in most areas in Seoul.
But honestly this got to be my fave. it's located on a side street, not very crowded.
I loved to go here to do my home work. Also when in this area I always drag friends here.
Although it's a chain, I come here any day! They have a section for smoking, which is good as I cannot stand smoke. The sun also shines through here making it a warm and cozy. There are always people but not over crowded like the coffee bean on the main street towards Edae.
The cafe is located on the second floor of the building!

Take exit 1 at E-dae station, follow the main road, turn right on Sinchonyeok-ro walk down towards Sinchon train station, it's on your right hand side.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Late dinner

I got a bit upset at the sushi place, not only that we had to wait 45min.. they forgot our order!
We came before it got crowded but something happened along the way.
Luckily it was delicious!!
Thanks darling for treating me to this deliciousness ^^ 

Instead of gym

The other day I felt too stressed to go to the gym, instead I asked my darling if he wanted to join me for an evening walk around the neighbourhood,
He always agrees, he's so kind. We had a nice time. And we walked on streets we usually do not visit.
Before going to bed I checked my phone, as it also counts steps, and I saw this.
Pretty OK for a day, total 17 592 steps!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

What to eat in Seoul (Part 1 - Myeong Dong)

I will continue with some sightseeing tips in Seoul.

First part.. what to eat in Seoul? And I shall call this Part 1 as there are lots.
I will try to divide this into the areas...

I can say, first time I ever visited Seoul, back in 2001, I didn't eat a single Korean dish.
To me it looked scary. Now, all I can eat is Korean when I go there.

Anyway, first up is Myeong Dong district.
And of course there are a lot more places, but these are some of my recommendations.

How to get there:
Metro/Subway: Line 2 Euljiro-1-ga (을지로입구역Euljiro Ip-gu) or
Line 4 Myeong Dong (명동역)

1. 명동교자 1호점 (Myeong Dong Gyoza)

Address: 33-4 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu  
Or 25-4 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu

There are a few around Seoul, but the ones in Myeongdong are the real/first ones. There are two on the same street, number 25 or 33.
It's always crowded, it sorta looks like a big old school canteen and it's quite noisy inside. but the food is awesome! They do not serve any drinks but water. You can go downstairs or upstairs, different lines but same food. The shop opened up in 1966, so it has history.

They serve a noodle soup and mandu (gyoza/dumplings).There's also a spicy mixed noodle dish (비빔국수bibimguksu) and a bean noodle soup (콩칼국수 kongkalguksu). I have tried them all but my fave is their signature dishes.

For me when going with a friend, we'd order one noodle dish and one gyoza. It's enough food for two. But if you are super hungry order one noodle each. You can always order more once seated.
Their kimchi is different, compare to what we all are used to. I call it fresh kimchi, to me this is a non-fermented one and therefore really spicy. It might surprise a few. And if you can't handle too spicy be careful. It's for free and they keepon re-filling. So if you don't want more, just show the hand and say kindly no.

2. 먹쉬돈나 (Meok swi don na)

Address: 59-25 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

This is a quite funny name, it's called 먹쉬돈나 (Meok swi don na) it stands for 먹고 (eat), 쉬고 (rest), 돈내고 (pay), 나가 (leave).
Their main dish is Ddeokbokki, spicy rice cakes, then you can add what you like.
It's a fun concept. and the food is good. This is also very popular among tourists.
They have menu in different languages and affordable. The great thing is that you can add what you like into the dish. ^^

3. 봉추찜닭 (鳳雛찜닭 Bong Chu Jjim Dalk)

Address: 2-3F, Myeong Dong 1-ga 37-1, Jung-gu, Seoul

This is a typical dish in Korea, loved by many - Koreans and foreigners.
This dish and restaurant can be found in many areas around Seoul, In Myeong dong area my fave was the one on the 6th floor in Noon Square shopping complex. As it's usually less crowded. However when I was back in April/May 2016 they had closed. Now it can be found in one of the less crowded areas in MyeongDong. But also around in Seoul. This Jjim dalk place is the best of the jjim dalk brands in my opinion!
The portion comes in three different sizes - small, medium and large (with or without bones). You can order rice with it if you want. They only serve this dish. Or well, you can also order their special "fried rice". You can ask them to make it less strong if you want. They also sell various alcohol which goes nice with this dish.

This is a spicy chicken with various veggies, and noodles. A great dish to share.

4.왕비집 (王妃家) 명동본점 (Wang bi jib, original resturant)

26 Myeongdong 8ga-gil, Jung-gu
I was introduced to this place a few years ago from a friend.
She asked what I wanted to eat and I said Kalbi, my fave kind of Korean BBQ. It's not a typical traditional Korean place, but I like the food here. There are many tourists here too, so they have the menu in many languages. This place serves both beef and pork, you might find the beef a bit pricey but worth every penny. I prefer beef over pork. And they also have "cheaper" alternatives, look at the "Meals" instead of only grill. The pics above is from the Meals selection. We had lunch so it was more convenient to have the meal at the time, I'd suggest BBQ for dinner.
If you look on the website, see link below, go to 메뉴소개, all is in Korean and English.

5. 롯대백화점 명동 푸드코트
(Lotte Department Store Food Court)

Address: 81 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu

If you do not know what to eat, or you want different things, then I suggest you to go down to the basement floor in Lotte Department store. There you have the food court with various foods. It has changed over the years, it has a big variety of foods. It's quite noisy but then again it's a food court.

6. 길거리 음식 (Street food)

photo cred @ owner

Anywhere in Seoul you can find foods, and places like Myeong Dong they have a lot of street foods.
It's anything and everything! I tried to find some photos but I look insane in most of them, I'd probably scare the lot of you. Here you can go from stall to stall and buy whatever you fancy.
But don't buy too much, there are a lot to eat and it will fill you up!
Just copy the Korean symbols at the top and you will see some amazing photos!
Everything from salty to sweet, they are there morning to night!

7. 커피빈 앤드 티 리프 (Coffee bean and Tea Leaf)

Address: 27 Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
My fave cafe chain in Korea is Coffee bean, it has been my fave since my very first visit.
In Myeong Dong there are several, but my fave is the one located here, it's very big and I can always find a table. I like that it's on a smaller street.
I love to just sit here and relax!!

map of the location

There are a lot more.
These are the ones I can think of right now.
TBA (Last update March 10, 2016)