Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Goodbye to more weight!!

As every Wednesday I went to my to my weekly weigh in...
and just like every week since I started with my weight loss!

It feels so good and this is the best "diet" I've tried so far!
I can still eat junk, if I want... and still loooooooose weight!

Still some of my fellow members have a much harder road ahead than me.

I've never been a fan of junk food, fast food etc.
The reason why I have gained is:
1. I stopped with my handball practise but kepton eating the same amount of food.
2. Instead of eating something proper, I have eaten cookies and chocolate!

Anyhow... the road is long, but I'm already walking and I can see the end of the road from a far...
By each day I'm getting closer!! Gotta keepon doing this!

Busy week

The week continues and it's busy..
Lots to study or actually it's lots to read.
Tomorrow i have a job interview which I'm quite nervous about to be honest..but i hope it will go fine ^^

Later today i have another weighin...hope another kilo has fallen off ^^;;

Got to go, time for class~

Today's quote

"Time does not change us. It just unfolds us."

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


The album we have been waiting for is finally here...
This past year has been filled with lots of downs for the boys, but I hope that this comeback will show their will. They have come through the biggest part and they are here to stay!!
I have to say the album is a bit different than expected, I thought it'd be more up-tempo rather than slower ones.
Also some of the lyrics are stronger than others, could it be because of the events?
I still wish it would have had been more up-tempo, it feels like Big Bang is now trying to walk a step forward which is great, but I miss a bit of their "old style"
Anyway I cannot wait until there comeback stages on various music shows! Also Big Bang Live Tour 2012.. and world tour!!! I hope to see them very soon!!


03 사랑먼지
05 재미없어
07 날개 (대성 SOLO)

Speed up!

KARA is back with a new single, Japanese song... or should I say IN JAPANESE language.
It's called SPEED UP!! what can I say but... I LOVE it ^^

Canada here I come!

I just got the notice, I will be spending my next semester in Canada as an exchange student from my university!!
I'm so happy, it was my first choice and I think I will have a wonderful time!!

Total happiness and cannot wait until I'll be there ^^

빅뱅 배드보이

The second MV for their new album is here...!
The song is called bad boy and it's a slow one! Kinda surprising.. I thought it'd be much sound and up-tempo beat!!

빅뱅 - 배드보이 가사 Big Bang - Bad Boy lyrics
If you want to use this lyrics/translation ask me before doing so...

그날 밤은 내가 너무 심했어 니가 진짜로 떠나갈 줄은 몰랐어
I was too harsh that night, I never thought you'd actually leave
“내가 미안해” 이 말 한마디 어려워서 우린 끝까지 가 내 성격이 더러워서
To say "I'm sorry" is too difficult for us because of my bad temper it ended it
말도 안 되는 일로 다투기를 하루에도 수십 번
We fight over ridiculous things numerous times a day
넌 울면서 뛰쳐나가 난 주위를 두리번
You ran off crying, I look around and think
다시 돌아오겠지 내일이면 분명 먼저 연락이 오겠지 아침이면
Tomorrow you'll come back, first in the morning you'll call

Baby 난 못해 너무나 못 돼서 더 잘해주고 싶은데 잘 안돼
I cannot do it baby, I'm too much even though I want to be good to you there is no way
Everyday and night I'm so mean cuz I'm so real so I'm sorry (but I can't change)
Everyday and night I'm so mean cuz I'm so real so I'm sorry (but I can't change)

니가 사랑하는 나는 Sorry I'm a bad boy
Me, the one who you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy
그래 차라리 떠나 잘 가요 you’re a good girl
So just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl
시간이 갈수록 날 알면은 알수록 실망만 남았겠지만
As more time passes by the more you get to know me, only disappointments will remain but

Baby don't leave me I know you still love me
Baby don't leave me, I know you still love me
왜 그래 솔직히 나 말해 니가 필요해 my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady
Why can I not honestly say I need you my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady

보통남자와 달라 너무 힘들다고
Being different from normal guys is so hard
넌 아직도 소녀같이 너무 여려 매일같이 웃어주는 네 곁엔 내가 너무 어려
You're still like a sensitive girl, Being together everyday smiling, being with you is making me younger
바쁘다는 핑계로 약속을 미뤄버려 미안한 나 속상한 마음에 고개를 돌려버려
Saying I'm busy as an excuse I postpone our promises, the uneased me with frustration, I turn my head
내 꿈속의 신부 이제 그냥 친구 헤어짐이 아쉬운 우리들의 침묵
The bride in my dream is now just a friend, We fall silent over the separation

Baby 난 못해 너무나 못 돼서 더 잘해주고 싶은데 잘 안돼
I cannot do it baby, I'm too much even though I want to be good to you there is no way
Everyday and night I'm so mean cuz I'm so real so I'm sorry (but I can't change)
Everyday and night I'm so mean cuz I'm so real so I'm sorry (but I can't change)

니가 사랑하는 나는 Sorry I'm a bad boy
Me, the one who you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy
그래 차라리 떠나 잘 가요 you’re a good girl
So just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl
시간이 갈수록 날 알면은 알수록 실망만 남았겠지만
As more time passes by the more you get to know me, only disappointments will remain but

Baby don't leave me I know you still love me
Baby don't leave me, I know you still love me
왜 그래 솔직히 나 말해 니가 필요해 my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady
Why can I not honestly say I need you my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady

아무 말 하지마 괜히 강한 척 했지만 속은 달라
Don't say a word, I act tough but it's different within
날 버리지마 내게는 너만큼 날 이해해줄 사람은 없단 걸 넌 알고 있잖아요 baby
Don't abandon me, Baby you know that there's no one other who can understand me the way you do
Oh 그대 come back to me ye ye ye
Oh just comeback to me ye ye ye

니가 사랑하는 나는 Sorry I'm a bad boy
Me, the one who you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy
그래 차라리 떠나 잘 가요 you’re a good girl
So just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl
시간이 갈수록 날 알면은 알수록 실망만 남았겠지만
As more time passes by the more you get to know me, only disappointments will remain but

Baby don't leave me I know you still love me
Baby don't leave me, I know you still love me
왜 그래 솔직히 나 말해 니가 필요해 my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady
Why can I not honestly say I need you my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady

니가 사랑하는 나는 Sorry I'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy
Me, the one who you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy
그래 차라리 떠나 잘 가요 you’re a good girl you’re a good girl you’re a good girl
So just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl
니가 사랑하는 나는 Sorry I'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy
Me, the one who you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy Sorry i'm a bad boy
그래 차라리 떠나 잘 가요 you’re a good girl you’re a good girl you’re a good girl
So just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl

If you liked it, plz leave a comment (^^;;)

I have also translated the lyrics for Blue, please go here to read it:

The notebook


The war within Syria goes on, how many days has it been?how many are wounded? And how many have lots their lives?
I have no idea but the war doesn't seem to end.
The world watches as peoples lives comes to an end!
We are bystanders who hope for a better future but cannot give it, we need political correct resolutions to pass before we give help and take an action!
Isn't it a quite sad world we live in...

For each day passing there is new pictures and videos showing on the news, but there is nothing we can do...
As each day passes nothing good comes from the area,it's just filled with sadness...

Where is the world we live in heading?

too excited!

Yesterday i was so happy because it finally felt like spring had come our way, but i guess i got too carried away!
This morning when i woke up i woke to the news that it had been snowing a lot!!
So back on with winter boots and jacket!
I really hope this will pass fast and that we finally can enjoy the new season!!

Today's quote

"The truth will always come out... face it and do the right thing before it's too late"

Save a friend!

Save North Korean Refugees #SaveMyFriend

Do it!!!
log on to:

Why This Is Important

Innocent North Korean refugees, some of which are our friends and family, are at risk of execution if repatriated to North Korea on February 20th.

This case is important because it is the first arrest of North Korean refugees in China after Kim Jung-il's death. Kim Jung-un, the son of Kim Jung-il and NK's current leader, declared that refugees who flee North Korea during the 100-day mourning period of his father's death would be annihilated along with their families.

30 have been caught, but many more lives are at risk -- North Koreans that are caught trying to defect are faced with the cruelest death sentence, often preceded by a long process of torture or excruciating labor. This is because the North Korean government perceives defectors as the number one threat to their authority.

If the international community, especially China, doesn’t take a strong stance on saving North Korean refugees once and for all, they are guilty of supporting the death of thousands of innocent lives. China has the power and opportunity to rewrite history and stop one of the greatest atrocities of our time -- on behalf of our friends and family, we plea, please help #SaveMyFriend!

Your 30 seconds could save 30 lives. SIGN & SHARE with your friends via social media

지난 2월 8일, 탈북자 10명이 중국 랴오닝성 선양시 공안국에 체포됐습니다. 이들은 다른 지역에서 체포된 21명과 함께 억류돼 있고 공안당국은 늦어도 20일까지 이들은 북송할 예정이라고 합니다. 친구의 여동생이 바로 그들 중 한명입니다.

북한은 최근 김정일 사망 애도기간(3월말까지)에 탈북하면 3대를 멸족시키겠다고 경고했습니다. 이들이 북송되면 북한에서도 가장 열악하고 참혹한 수용소에 종신 수용될 것입니다.

따라서 우리는 30명의 생명을 구할때까지 전세계가 참여하는 서명 운동을 멈추지 않고 계속할 것입니다.

무고한 생명, 우리의 가족과 친구들이 죽지 않게 여러분의 목소리가 필요합니다.

여러분이 서명하시기 위해 쓰는 30초가 30명의 생명을 살립니다!

트위터를 사용하시는 분들은 #SaveMyFriend 를 트윗해주세요.

트위터 계정 @SaveMyFriend을 통해 실시간으로 소식을 전하겠습니다.

www.savemyfriend.org를 기억해주세요!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Swedish people ^^

Android Market applications

I wouldn't call me slow... more the busy type.
Yesterday I downloaded some new applications, I wanted to dw Pudding Camera, quite some time ago.. but I couldn't remember the name until last night XD
Then I found Decopic, it's just like purikura/sticker sajin ^^ And Color Touch.. yeah I know 3 camera applications ^^

Finally.. to my surprise I found the official YG entertainment application!!
I didn't know they had one, anyway it's packed with lots of great things - news, music, videos, pictures.. For all Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and other....YG family members.. fans
You'll love this application!

Today's quote

"Through good and bad times... don't worry God will always be there for you"

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another week to end

It's already SUNDAY!! I cannot believe another week has passed already!
I've been sleeping, cooking food and working out. Also today I picked up the new course literature I need, secondhanded! It's always good to safe a few pennies ^^

Anyway it has been a nice and quiet weekend... just the way I like it!
I hope my box with stuff from the US will arrive tomorrow!! I cannot wait for it, all thanks to Sam oppa :)

Soon dinner time then movie time :P

Today's quote

"Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments"

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Today's lunch!

I suddenly felt some cravings for Korean food, so I decided to cook some for lunch!
In the end I made both mandu/goyza/dumplings and Chapchae... for the very first time!!

It was easier to make than I thought it'd be!
Also my parents ate so much I thought they were gonna explode XD but I guess that's a good sign! Still we got much leftovers, good to have for lunch another day!

SJ - Food for thought!

"Girl was kicked off the train because she couldn't show a ticket, ironic when thinking of all the times passengers with ticket never got to show them since SJ couldn't provide a train"

This is so true!! SJ really sucks and they have the major train market in Sweden! So we do not have much to choose between!
Plus they are so expensive, what kind of student discount is 8kr per ticket? or 20kr with the 10x travel passes..
Also the trains are super dirty inside!its disgusting!I'm so gonna get health problems!
I do wonder what i really pay for~
I cannot wait until I gradutate university!!

Today's quote

"One day your light will shine in the sky...Don't look away keepon movin forward towards your goal!"

Friday, 24 February 2012

What a name!

Since of yesterday, the SWEDISH news has been all about our new princess, Today we found out what name she will have, and to be honest... it was quite a surprise ^^

Her name is: Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary Bernadotte, Duchess of Östergötland.

We have never had a princess with such name, it's totally new and "breaking" all the traditions and history when it comes to Royal names.

The King said they have chosen names that means alot to the family.
Silivia = Our current Queen
Ewa = The name of Prince Daniel's mother
Mary = The Crown Princess of Denmark

Wish her all the best and she might change the view of the Royal family?


so true...or?

Today's quote

"A little bit of heart is all it takes... give with a heart"

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Give a little!

Today I gave away a little bit of myself...!
Once again I went to the local bloodbank and donated some of my blood!
I think it's a very good thing to do, because there are so many people out there who is in need of it, and since I'm not scared of needles it's a great opportunity to give a little to someone else!

Now I have to wait another 3 months before next time...

If you can do it.. you really should donate blood!!

오늘은 헌혈선터에 갔다 왔어.
혈액기증은 우리가 할 수 있는 가장 아름다운 나눔 중 하나이당.
할수 있으면 한번 해보세요!

It's a princess

The news reached us during the night but it was just announced that your royal highness the crown princess gave birth to a baby girl. So that means we have a new princess in Sweden!
As usual the name was not revealed, we have to wait another few weeks for that announcement.
Anyway it might be a gray and rainy day but at least we have something to smile about ^^

Congratulations to our royal family!

Today's quote

"Look forward, even if it doesn't look bright there is nowhere to hide... just go along with it! That's the easiest way"

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bye bye!!

Today I had another weighin.. and well the outcome was GREAT!
Sayonara to another kilo! Life is great..and I'm getting slimmer ^^
Strange thing is, I still eat lots and everything still the kilos keeps on coming off!!

I love my diet or should I call it "change of lifestyle" ^^

Traffic chaos!

Today the traffic has been crazy!
Suddenly it all went ice so there has been huge traffic jams and cancelled buses.
However i was lucky,my bus back home to Stockholm came on time.
Seems it was worse before lunch.

Also when boarding the bus today the bus driver asked me to pull out my student id!
It has never happened before!he looked at me and said i looked too old to be a student! -_-;;
Normally people think I'm under the age of 20 so this was new ^^
But lucky enough i had the id with me!

Atm I'm listening to 2NE1, great music to kill the time on this crowded bus!

gray weather!

This morning it didn't look great.
It's gray and slightly raining...can a morning be worse?
I came to the underground station and the train where no where to be seen so i ran down to the train station.
And the earlier train since it was late,at least some luck!^^

I'm in school now..and after today my first course of this semester will be over and done!!

Today's quote

"God is able to do the impossible and is always near"

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Big Bang is back!

The official MV for their new title track (or one of them...) was released today.
It's called BLUE, and in my opinion I was surprised to hear this kind of sound from the boys.
Yet I like the song alot....
Cannot wait for the other songs...
And hope the TOUR will come to Sweden ^^
I haven't seen them live since 2010 so they better come!!! XD

드뎌 나왔다!! 빅뱅의 새로운 곡 '블루'!!
생각보다 뮤직스타일은 좀 다르지만 좋아용ㅋㅋ 가사도 좋구요.
단 곡도 기대하고 있음! 월드투어도 기대하고 있는데 에 왔으면 좋겠네요.ㅎㅎ
2010년에 서울에서 콘서트를 보았는데 다시 보고 파ㅋㅠ

If YOU like this..plz comment (^^)

If you wanna use this translation.. ask me first!
겨울이 가고 봄이 찾아오죠 우린 시들고
The winter had passed and the spring has come, We fade away
그리움 속에 맘이 멍들었죠
And our hearts are bruised from longing

(I’m singing my blues) 파란 눈물에 파란 슬픔에 길들여져
(I'm singing my blues) Used to the blue tears, blue sorrow
(I’m singing my blues) 뜬구름에 날려보낸 사랑 oh oh
(I'm singing my blues) With the floating clouds I set this love free oh oh

같은 하늘 다른 곳 너와나 위험하니까 너에게서 떠나주는 거야
At different places under the same sky, Because we are dangerous I'm leaving you
님이란 글자에 점하나 비겁하지만 내가 못나 숨는 거야
It's cowardly but I'm hiding because I'm not good enough
잔인한 이별은 사랑의 末路(말로) 그 어떤 말도 위로 될 수는 없다고
Cruel breakup is like the end of the road of love, There are no words to comfort me
아마 내 인생의 마지막 멜로 막이 내려오네요 이제
Maybe my life's last melodrama, Now the final curtain is coming down

태어나서 널 만나고 죽을 만큼 사랑하고
I was born and I met you and to love you to death
파랗게 물들어 시린 내 마음 눈을 감아도 널 느낄 수 없잖아
My cold heart that has been dyed blue, even with my eyes closed I can't feel you

겨울이 가고 봄이 찾아오죠 우린 시들고
The winter had passed and the spring has come, We fade away
그리움 속에 맘이 멍들었죠
And our hearts are bruised from longing

(I’m singing my blues) 파란 눈물에 파란 슬픔에 길들여져
(I'm singing my blues) Used to the blue tears, blue sorrow
(I’m singing my blues) 뜬구름에 날려보낸 사랑 oh oh
(I'm singing my blues) With the floating clouds I set this love free oh oh

심장이 멎은 것 만 같아 전쟁이 끝나고 그 곳에 얼어 붙은 너와나
It feels like my heart has stopped beating, after the war has ended everything has frozen
내 머릿속 새겨진 Trauma 이 눈물 마르면 촉촉히 기억하리 내 사랑
Trauma has been carved into my mind, With tears moist in my eyes I will remember my love
괴롭지도 외롭지도 않아 행복은 다 혼잣말 그 이상에 복잡한 건 못 참아
Not in pain nor lonely, Happiness is all self-talk, I can't stand such complication
대수롭지 아무렇지도 않아 별수없는 방황 사람들은 왔다 간다
It's no big deal, Inevitable wandering people come and go

태어나서 널 만나고 죽을 만큼 사랑하고
I was born and I met you And to love you to death
파랗게 물들어 시린 내 마음 너는 떠나도 난 그대로 있잖아
My cold heart that has been dyed blue, You have left but I'm still here

겨울이 가고 봄이 찾아오죠 우린 시들고
The winter had passed and the spring has come, We fade away
그리움 속에 맘이 멍들었죠
And our hearts are bruised from longing

오늘도 파란 저 달빛아래에 나 홀로 잠이 들겠죠
Tonight as well underneath that blue moonlight I will probably fall asleep alone
꿈속에서도 난 그대를 찾아 헤매이며 이 노래를 불러요
Even in my dreams I search for you everywhere while singing this song

(I’m singing my blues) 파란 눈물에 파란 슬픔에 길들여져
(I'm singing my blues) Used to the blue tears, blue sorrow
(I’m singing my blues) 뜬구름에 날려보낸 사랑 oh oh
(I'm singing my blues) The love that I have sent away with the floating clouds oh oh
(I’m singing my blues) 파란 눈물에 파란 슬픔에 길들여져
(I'm singing my blues) Used to the blue tears, blue sorrow
(I’m singing my blues) 뜬구름에 날려보낸 사랑 oh oh
(I'm singing my blues) With the floating clouds I set this love free oh oh

Life as a business student

Food for thought! ^^

Today's quote

"You cannot have one foot in each camp, in the end the one you care about the most will be the one who will walk away"

Monday, 20 February 2012

The goodies

I said I'd post photos.. so here they are
Candies, Ayaka - The Beginning cd+dvd, Tsubaki conditioner and Super Junior concert goods photos
The taste of the パイの実 いちご味 is a limited edition, Strawberry Cheesecake ^^

The boys look awesome!! Don't they?
Midori-san was so cute to send these as a present for me ^^

Let's do this!

Despite my cold I dragged myself to the gym...
and strange enough I could run more then normally :P

So I feel good about myself, yet very tired!
I've also been a good student and studied but well I'm not in the mood for any more!
So now I'm just gonna rest!

Let's exercise!!

I came across this video clip, it's now airing in S. Korea!
And well.. it's cute, dorky and makes me laugh!

Let's exercise with PARK JI SUNG ^^

A package with goodies!

My head is heavy but I managed to drag myself out of bed to open the front door.
I got the package M-san sent to me <3
My Ayaka cd, Tsubaki conditioner, Hichew candy and some other pressies ^^
I love the SUPER JUNIOR post cards, can I say that Donghae and Siwon are SUPER hot XD

I'll post photos later...

Today's quote

"I guess it's about whether you wear your scars or your scars wear you"

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Not in the mood so..

These days I'm not in the mood to be around people, party etc.
I rather stay at home, sleep or going at it at the gym ^^
Anyway.. since I was home and so were my parents they got me to watch the Swedish Song Contest (Melodifestivalen).
What can I say.... There's A CLEAR reason why I don't watch it on my own will! The only positive thing was the song called Why am I Crying by Molly Sandén. I've liked her voice ever since she debuted in the Song contest for children.

Anyway.. I really liked her song and hope she'll win and represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in May!!

Big time jealousy!

I should have mentioned this earlier but I guess the jealousy won't back down XD
You see... yesterday morning a good friend of mine texted me saying she was in Thailand, she also sent this AMAZING photo of the beach!
Thanks darling for making me even more jealous!! I mean.. okay to know she is there and all but did she has to throw it into my face XD
She's gonna be there for 3 weeks too.... and what am I? I'm busy with school and stuck with the cold and gray weather..!

Anyway I'm happy for her, she needed this vacation ^^
but well.. I wouldn't mind going to Thailand for 3 weeks either...

Another Sunday...

Today has been filled with cleaning, sleeping and listening to music!
I woke up and watched an old episode of McLeod's daughters. Then I cooked lunch for my parents, using some Indian spice that our friend from Australia gave us, it's a nice spice ^^

Then our weekly cleaning, but the worst part is that my nose keepson running, the conclusion: I think I'm coming down with a head cold.

I also have gotten addicted to the song Rush to her which is one of the OST songs to the Korean movie "You're my pet"

Today's quote

"Do you realise you are in a 'mine's bigger than yours' competition with a woman"

Saturday, 18 February 2012

McLeod's Daughters

One of my fave tv-dramas all time is the Australian drama called McLeod's daughters.
The reason why I like it so much is the set and the story. It has a lot of drama just like most series however the set makes it so different from everything else we are used to watch.
But I have to say, I kinda stopped following the show after season 6 since most of the original cast all left the series. My fave was characters were Claire, Tess, Nick, Alex...Becky and Dave.

It tells the story of two sisters, Claire and Tess McLeod, who are reunited after they inherit the family farm. Brought together after 20 years apart they put together an all-female workforce and commit to life at Drovers Run in South Australia, 180 km from the nearest town and 400 km from the city.

Lisa Chappell as Claire Louise McLeod
Bridie Carter as Teresa "Tess" Charlotte McLeod
Rachael Carpani as Jodi Fountain McLeod
Jessica Napier as Becky Howard
Aaron Jeffery as Alexander "Alex" Marion Ryan
Myles Pollard as Nicholas "Nick" Gary Ryan
Brett Tucker as David "Dave" Brewer
Sonia Todd as Margaret "Meg" Fountain
Michala Banas as Kate Manfredi
Matt Passmore as Marcus Turner
Marshall Napier as Harry Ryan
John Jarratt as Terry Dodge

Got them!

Yesterday I posted about the jump rope I wanted... guess what!?
I found them :)
I dragged my mum to a shopping mall close by our house, despite the gray weather!
We ended up at the store called XXL, they are all about sports and outdoor stuff!

And the best part, they cost half the amount I thought I'd pay!! XD
Or well.. in the end my mum bought them for me as a present! (^^;;)

I also tried to track down a b-day gift for Sayuri but I couldn't find anything nice...
I'll have to continue my search next week!!

Today's quote

"Don't back down, keepon moving forward, face the world with a smile and go for it!"

Friday, 17 February 2012

Where can I buy it?

I'm thinking of buying jump rope, however not the ones I had a child. I want the ones who have some extra weight in the handles, all to make it a bigger challenge and exercise!

But where can I buy such?


So there are only a few days left until we have to send in our first assignment!
I'm nervous, there are still things to do!

Last evening I sat up and fixed small stuff like sources etc.
It took the whole evening!!! Reason why? the document was f****d up!
And after some time I wanted to cry, then I realised I could bribe my dad to help me out, since he's way better than me. So I took out lots of Japanese candies he like and asked him to help me! And since my daddy loves me.... and the candies XD... of course he did!

Anyway..late evening and I finally got some extra hours of sleep.
Now I'm off to the gym, time to burn off some other calories (^_-)

This is so true!

This photo is so funny!and well it's true XD

Today's quote

"Keepon smiling, keepon shining"

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Some things surprises me..

So I told u about me studying law last semester and how messed up I think it is!!
Let me tell you something that proves it!!

Anyway last night I was watching tv and there was a report about drivers who drive under the influence of alchohol! (DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE)
And... there had been men who had done so SEVERAL times, got caught then nothing happened!! Maybe.. if they were "unlucky" they had to pay a few 100 USD in fines.
They also interview some of the men and they said they don't care, they know they shouldn't but at the time they have alcohol in their system they forget about it. And said so far it has been ok, nothing serious has happened.

IF they now have been caught by the police more than once!!! How can they still be allowed to drive?! (-_-?)

Then now they are talking about people who doesn't pay their taxes, they get sent to prison for a year or so!

SERIOUSLY...What is wrong with our society!? (-_-?!)

Going down XD

So yesterday I had another weighin, what can I say but... goodbye to another kilo. I hope we won't see each other again XD
I love my new diet and it's not as fast as the other ones but I think this will work in the long run.
My coach says it's not a diet, it's a changing lifestyle. Because compare to usual diets... I can eat everything and anything, it's all about the size and amount of food.

and I want it to be slow rather than fast, because I think it will keep me more fit in the long run.

Keep on fighting ^^

Today's quote

"If you think education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance."

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The covers are out!!

I'm so excited to get this single...
The covers were released today, they look so handsome. I also have to say I'm suprised that they have written the title WILD AT HEART in Katakana ^^ you notice the pants.. all Aiba-style XD

Limited edition

Regular Edition

Stupid man

This morning in the paper i read a news report that the chief of the IT at our government got his computer stolen at a cafe!
May i laugh and ask: is he stupid for real?
I'd never leave such off my sight!also Stockholm is not so friendly,you turn onus back for a few sec and it's gone! The majority of our population knows it!sad isn't it!
So how could he with such important job loose it? Maybe they should fire him for being irresponsible instead of saying it's a huge crime,which it is,but how big is the chance of getting at back?

We just have to hope it's not in TOTALLY wrong hands so to say!


I mentioned earlier I treated myself to some nice Korean food for lunch.
I had nothing else than Chapchae, it has been quite some time since I had it and is now craving for it!!
I better go and buy the noodles at the Korean foodstore, then cook it this weekend ^^
My dad said he wanted it so... :P Still it's half a week left until weekend. but... as a treat I'd thought I'd share a photo of my lunch!!!

Oh yeah.. I never get tired of Korean food :P

Today's quote

"To be with the loved ones, it's all that counts..."

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

To all singles...

To all SINGLES out there... this is a food for thought! ^^


Today is a perfect day to share IT

Happy Valentines day!

So today is the day to show your loved ones extra love...i guess?!
But being single i thought I'd spoil myself a bit,so i went to the hairdresser to get a haircut!
Also for lunch i stopped by a Korean restaurant and bought Chapche ^^

Now the fun is over and i have to go home and study...

Today's quote

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."


Food for thought ^^

Monday, 13 February 2012


Need to say more?

Colouful and magic

Tonight I attended a concert with traditional Korean music and dance.
YJ unni invited me and I also brought 2 friends along. I was excited to go to the concert venue since I have never been there before, Radiohuset.
At the venue I saw lots of people I know, guess the Korean community is small XD

Anyway... the concert, it was amazing - The sounds, colours, dances, songs!!

I wanna thank unni and the Korean embassy here in Sweden who gave us the tickets to this event!! ^^

On the bus

In order to save a few pennies i thought I'd take the bus to school instead of my regular train.
It takes a bit longer with the bus but well money counts i guess,being a student and all!

Today is another study day with my group,then tonight it's concert time.
Unni invited me and a few friends to a Korean trad. Music concert..
Never been to one?outside of Korea^^ so it should be fun! Also we get free tickets since unni knows people from the Korean embassy here in Stockholm!^^

Will write more about it later~
now I'm gonna take a small nap before getting off the bus ^^;;

Today's quote

“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”

Sunday, 12 February 2012

End tonight with a mask!

I'm busy with my studying therefore no updates on Korean dramas or series..
I haven't been able to check out Korean/Taiwanese Skip Beat either. But to be honest it's quite boring too so I do not miss it too much. I finished reading the 29th vol. of the manga last week and cannot wait until the 30th will be out (^^;;)

I miss WGM, but it has to wait until I'm finished with this class... or semester even!
Life sucks when it comes to being busy but that's how it is. Also it's more difficult to access with all the various ACTA/SOPA etc going on in the world.

However to end this weekend I took a facial mask...!!
Tomorrow is monday and I'm heading back to school! Hope u guys enjoyed ur weekend, I spent mine studyin!

sleepy kittens

Kittens also like their comfort ^^

I cannot get enough!!

This song is great and I love this performance.
I'll miss Westlife so much! I still cannot believe they will split!!

Anyway I'd thought I'd share this video with you...

I'm already there live from Corke Park 2008

Want some goods?

I got a message saying I could purchase goods from YUI's latest tour "How crazy your love"
They ship the goods overseas so for all YUI fans here is your chance!!

As for me I'm on a strict budget (at least in my mind...) so I cannot let myself buy anything.
Also there wasn't too many things I went crazy for, but that's my opinion!!

What about u? Oh yeah... they do NOT ship to Japan, ONLY overseas!

Go here for the goodies!


So the weekend is about to come to an end.. and what have I done?

1. Studied!!
- Still not sure if I can consider myself as done, but I feel done!
2. Cleaned my room!
My usual cleaning process..goodbye dust see you in a week or 2 XD
I love the smell of cleaness(!?) u know what I mean ^^
3. Cooked food
I've cooked delicious food for my family, I love to see the smiles on their faces as they eat!

so the time I have left... I guess I'm gonna watch movies or something ^^

Better in Korean than Swedish!

So a few weeks has passed since I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have played with it alot.
I've several of applications and it has been very fun to explore it.
And I have now realised it's better to use it in Korean language instead of Swedish.

Reason: The Swedish translation in some of the apps are weird!
At first I thought I was the wrong one but after changing for fun to Korean langauge I realised it's the translation. Most of the "in built" apps/software are connected to Korea, since Samsung is Korean.
However I do think some people won't care or mind it but for me knowing both languages it doesn't matter in what language I use it.

Also after changing to Korean langauge most of the apps, such as kakaotalk, facebook and twitter automatically changed into Korean language ^^
Before I only wanted to change Kakaotalk into Korean but it didn't work, until I changed the whole settings!!

So... for others, if you do mind the typo/errors I'd advice you to change the language settings!
Maybe not to Korean... but English? ^^

Also I love the easy way to change keyboards.. now I can easily change between Swedish, English, Korean and Japanese.
And I love all the smileys that comes with the Japanese keyboard. I just wish I could have a full Japanese one with all the cute "moving" smileys

Today's quote

“Music takes us out of the actual and whispers to us dim secrets that startle our wonder as to who we're and for what, whence and whereto.”

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Last evening after my study day i met up with old colleagues from EA, i haven't seen them for what..2 years?
There were also lots of people i haven't met before. Anyway i had a glass of wine and chatted quite a lot.
We met at the bar in the hotel called Malmen.
It was quite noisy and lots of people, Friday = after work!^^

Fun to see what they were doing,some had left just like me and some still working!
I hope to see them again, when the summer comes!^^

Today's quote

“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”

Friday, 10 February 2012

Time for a real winter coat!

I thought it was cold enough already,but i guess i was wrong,it can be worse!
This morning when i woke up they said it was minus 26 degrees outside! Or at had been during the early morning!
When i stepped outside it showed minus 15! So instead of my usual coat i brought out my heavy winter coat!
Actually i want to buy a new one but I'm having a trouble to find one i like.
A new one cost around 500-600USD so i want to be sure it's the right one!
Still haven't been able to find one so I'm still wearing my really old one!

Anyway..I'm waiting for the train, today is a study day!
And tonight i have a reunion with old colleagues from EA!
Won't be too late tonight i guess,but i think it will be fun,haven't seen some of them for years!

Today's quote

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the
heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul."



Thursday, 9 February 2012

Miss you


I want one of these.... it looks like a piggybank XD

Today's quote

"It's the small things in life that makes it worth living"

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Beginning

This is my absolute fave song from Ayaka's new album...
I was taken by the lyrics and also the music! Ayaka always give such strong sense and feeling in her songs...

(sorry too tired to translate took long time to romji it XD)

泣いて 泣いて眠った
Naite naite nemutta
Mezameta tsugi no asa
Anata ga tonari ni ita
Subete mitasa reru shunkan

ah ah ah......

Me no mae ni aru subete ga
Kiesatte shimatte mo
Kono shunkan ga areba
Ikiteikeru to shinji rareru

両手広げ 空を飛んで
Ryoute hiroge sora wo tonde
全部 脱ぎ捨ててしまえば
Zenbu nugisutete shimaeba
この身体と この心だけ
Kono karada to kono kokoro dake
Umareta toki no mama

ah ah ah......

Kikoete kuru noizu wa
Myuto shite shimaou
Anata no koe dake ni
Mimi wo sumashite ireba ii

いつからだろう そんなことも
Itsu karadarou sonna kotomo
Wasurete shimatte ita mitai
子供のように 大きな声で
Kodomo no you ni ookina koe de
Naite mireba ii

Take me back to the point where I began
'cause my voice goes on
now and ever

両手広げ 空を飛んで
Ryoute hiroge sora wo tonde
全部 脱ぎ捨ててしまえば
Zenbu nugisutete shimaeba
この身体と この心だけ
Kono karada to kono kokoro dake
Umareta toki no mama

いつからだろう そんなことも
Itsu karadarou sonna kotomo
Wasurete shimatte ita mitai
子供のように 大きな声で
Kodomo no you ni ookina koe de
Naite mireba ii

ah ah ah.......

Can u spot the difference..

Many people in West thinks that Asian people look the same...
So here is a food for thought, Recently a photo has been shared online, which compiled the faces of the top celebrities from China, Japan and South Korea.

한국, 중국, 일본의 연예인들을 합성시켜 만든‘한중일 연예인 평균 얼굴’이 화제다.
Can you see which country they belong too??

Answer: S.Korea, China, Japan

info @:

Snow snow...

I went to the gym and I walked all the way there.. not that's it's difficult, I usually do so however today the snow wouldn't stop coming down on me! I looked like a snowman when I finally reached the gym!

I worked out like a maniac again..
then I walked in the snow back home! Can I say that taking a hot shower is HEAVEN!

Soon time to go into the city for my meeting and get some money back ^^

Time to work off

So I have no school today... instead I'm gonna work off at the gym!!!
It's cold outside so indoor gym is the best, time to put on my mp3 and raise the volume high high high!!! :)

Today's quote

"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem." -Theodore Rubin

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Big Bang WORLD TOUR 2012!!

이뉴스 봐서 기분이 너무 좋아졌다!
빅뱅은 스웨덴에 왔으면 좋겠는데 2010년에 서울에서 콘서트 가 봤다. 울 나라에 볼수 있었으면 재밌을것 같네ㅋㅋ 꿈이 같다ㅎㅎ
(투애니원도 왔으면 좋겠당ㅋㅋ 빅뱅과 투애니원 짱~~ㅋㅋ)
I read the news and I'm excited already!
I wish they'd come to Sweden! I wanna see them live again and it'd be so cool to see them in my home country!!

Sweden VIPs gather together and try to bring our Big Bang to Stockholm!!!!
(2NE1... plz come along!!! ^^)

빅뱅, 월드 투어 ‘ALIVE TOUR 2012’ 개최!

- 세계적인 콘서트 제작사 라이브네이션과 손잡고 16개국 25개도시 공연

- ‘레이디가가’ 연출가 로리앤깁슨 빅뱅 월드투어 총감독

- 빅뱅 월드 투어 위해 세계최고의 ‘콘서트 드림팀’ 구성

빅뱅이 세계 최고의 콘서트 제작사와 연출가, 밴드들과 함께 월드투어 ‘BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012’를 개최한다.

오는 3월2일부터 4일까지 서울 올림픽 체조경기장에서 열리는 서울콘서트를 시작으로 아시아를 비롯하여 북미, 남미, 유럽까지 전세계 15개국 25개 도시에서 콘서트를 개최한다.

지난해 MTV유럽뮤직어워드(EMA)에서 아시아 가수 최초로 ‘월드와이드액트상’을 수상하는 등 K-POP 열풍의 대표 주자로 손꼽히는 빅뱅은 월드투어를 통해 전세계 팬들과 조우할 계획이다.

빅뱅의 첫 월드투어 ‘ALIVE TOUR 2012’는 세계적인 엔터테인먼트 기업인 LIVE NATION(라이브네이션)과 함께 개최를 하며, 규모나 연출면에서 한 차원 높은 공연이 될 것으로 기대된다.

LIVE NATION은 마돈나, 유투 등의 월드투어를 진행하는 세계 최고의 공연 회사로, 이최근 미국 및 유럽 1~2 지역 프로모션 대행으로 K-POP가수들의 공연을 도와준 사례는 있으나 이처럼 공동 투자 및 세계 최고 수준의 연출팀이 구성되어 함께 제작에 참여하는 것은 아시아 가수로서는 빅뱅이 처음이다.

LIVE NATION INTERNATIONAL 사장인 Alan Ridgeway(앨런 리지웨이)는 “YG엔터테인먼트와 빅뱅을 전 세계 K-POP팬들에게 선보일 수 있는 일을 함께 하게 되어 매우 기쁘게 생각한다. 이번 공연은 우리가 지난 12월에 설립한 한국 지사의 좋은 출발점이 될 것이며, K-POP 열풍이 확장되는데 일조할 것으로 기대된다”며 이번 빅뱅 월드투어 개최에 대한 기대감을 전했다.

이번 공연을 위해 세계적인 연출가 ‘로리 앤 깁슨(Laurie Ann Gibson)’이 월드투어 총감독으로 합류했다.

‘로리 앤 깁슨’은 연출, 안무, 배우 등으로 활약을 펼치고 있는 세계적인 크리에이티브 디렉터로 최근 가장 화제가 되었던 월드투어인 레이디가가의 “The Moster Ball Tour”의 총감독으로 활동하였고 ‘Poker face’ ‘Judas’ ‘Telephone’ 등의 안무가 그의 손을 거쳐 탄생되었으며, 마이클잭슨, 자넷 잭슨, 비욘세, 케이티 페리 등 세계적인 스타들과 작업해왔다.

이와 함께 마돈나, 폴 매카트니, 이글스 등과 함께 작업해 온 무대/조명 디자이너 리로이 베넷(Leroy Bennett), 에미넴, 제이지, 린킨파크 등의 콘서트 사운드를 담당했던 케네스 반 드루(Ken Van Druten) 사운드 엔지니어, 카니예 웨스트, 제이지, 에미넴 등의 환상적인 영상을 제작해 온 비주얼 컨텐츠 프로듀서팀인 Possible Productions가 가세해 힘을 실을 예정이다.

YG엔터테인먼트는 빅뱅의 콘서트를 기다려 온 세계 도처의 팬들과 처음 만나는 공연인 만큼 최고의 연출팀과 모든 면에서 최고의 콘서트를 선보이기 위해 준비 중이다. 새 앨범 발표와 함께 시작될 이번 월드투어는 한층 성숙한 빅뱅의 기량을 확인할 수 있는 공연이 될 것이다.

한편, 빅뱅은 오는 2월 29일 미니 5집 ‘Alive’로 10개월 여 만에 새 앨범을 발표하고 컴백한다.

라이브 네이션 엔터테인먼트(Live Nation Entertainment) 소개

라이브 네이션 엔터테인먼트는 세계 시장을 선도하는 라이브 엔터테인먼트 회사이자 인터넷 전자상거래 회사로서 티켓마스터(, 라이브 네이션 콘서트(Live Nation Concerts), 프론트 라인 매니지먼트 그룹(Front Line Management Group), 그리고 라이브 네이션 네트워크(Live Nation Network) 네 개의 대표사로 구성되어 있다.

티켓마스터는 전 세계 상거래 사이트 톱 5위 안에 드는 세계적인 공연/이벤트 예매처로 매월 2천 6백만 명이 넘는 방문자 수를 자랑하고 있으며, 라이브 네이션 콘서트는 매해, 세계적으로 2천여 명의 세계적인 아티스트들과 2만개가 넘는 공연을 제작한다. 프론트 라인은 세계 최고의 아티스트 매니지먼트 회사로서 250명이 넘는 스타들을 대표하고 있다. 이러한 라이브 네이션 글로벌 네트워크의 파워는, 연간 800여 개가 넘는 광고주들이 라이브 네이션의 라이브 공연과 디지털 플랫폼을 통해 약 2억 명의 소비자와 만나게 되는 효과를 제공하고 있다.

좀 더 자세한 정보는 를 참고.

YG Entertainment and Live Nation proudly announce the BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012

On 2 March 2012, the BIGBANG world tour will kick-start at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul, Korea with three consecutive sold out dates. BIGBANG is then set to take their tour to Asia, North and South America, and Europe, performing in 25 cities in 16 countries.

BIGBANG is the first Asian band to receive the “Worldwide Act” Award at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, and these chart-topping K-pop heroes are looking forward to meeting their fans during their first ever world tour.

ALIVE TOUR 2012 is presented by leading international live entertainment company, Live Nation Entertainment, and the shows are expected to be an extraordinary spectacle in terms of production size and creative direction.

Live Nation has organized global tours for international renowned artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and U2, and the company has recently participated in promotional activities for K-pop artists in the United States and Europe. BIGBANG is the first world tour for an Asian artist that Live Nation will have produced and promoted..

President of Live Nation International and Emerging Markets, Alan Ridgeway said, “We are very excited to be working with YG Entertainment and BIGBANG to bring this tour to K-pop fans around the world. This represents a great start for our Korean operation that we only launched in December and we look forward to helping spread the K-pop phenomenon.”

Internationally-renowned director, Laurieann Gibson, has joined the world tour as the creative director. Laurieann is also known as a top director, choreographer and actress. She has recently directed Lady Gaga’s “The Monster Ball Tour”, and was the choreographer/Director for her music videos such as ‘You and I’, ‘Poker Face’, ‘Judas’, and ‘Telephone’. In the past, Laurieann has also worked with other stellar artists such as Shakira, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry.

BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 will also be supported by a leading production team, including; stage and lighting designer Leroy Bennett (Madonna, Paul McCartney, Eagles), sound engineer Ken Van Druten (Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park), and visual content producer Possible Productions (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem).

YG Entertainment is preparing to present the best concert possible for the BIGBANG fans from all around the world that have been waiting to see the band perform live for the first time.

This upcoming world tour that will start off with the release of BIGBANG’s new album, which will be presenting the boys in a more mature light.

BIGBANG will be releasing their fifth mini-album, [Alive], on 29 February 2012, representing their grand comeback to the music scene.

About Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s leading live entertainment and eCommerce company, comprised of four market leaders:, Live Nation Concerts, Front Line Management Group and Live Nation Network. is the global event ticketing leader and one of the world’s top five eCommerce sites, with over 26 million monthly unique visitors. Live Nation Concerts produces over 20,000 shows annually for more than 2,000 artists globally. Front Line is the world’s top artist management company, representing over 250 artists. These businesses power Live Nation Network, the leading provider of entertainment marketing solutions, enabling over 800 advertisers to tap into the 200 million consumers Live Nation delivers annually through its live event and digital platforms. For additional information, visit

Info @ BigBang FB group

Somewhat nice day!

Another early day, after 1 h of class or seminar my group had a meeting with the company we're gonna work with this semester!

After the meeting I realised I missed the train so I walked up to my old neighbourhood and I went to the local supermarket and bought some bread! I really miss the bread from that store!
Weird thing to miss right? (^^;;)

Afterwards when I came down to the station I was able to catch a bus back to Stockholm!
If I'd waited for the train it'd be another hour! Also the busticket was cheaper than the train ticket so I couldn't be happier ^^

Back in Stockholm I went to the store where I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S2 and got some money back, 200 SEK!! They have a 30 day price warranty, if u find the same product at another store for a cheaper price, they give you the difference!

So in the end.. I came home earlier and I got 200SEK richer! ^^
Guess the day haven't been too bad XD

warm and cozy

The coldness is not letting go!
Horrible isn't it? Anyway my new trick to keep me warm longer in the morning when going to uni is to have soup for breakfast! Not a lot and not any soup,it's a drinkable one..and only a normal cup!
I'm not using a normal cup soup thing,but i guess that works too.
You stay full longer and your body warm and cozy when you are going out to meet the cold!

Stay warm..seems like the winter weather won't let us skip away that easy!

Today's quote

"...and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us." -Romans 5:5

Monday, 6 February 2012

Share it

The world is in need of your smile... pass it on!


When you cannot see... don't be afraid to discover a new world!
It might show you something you'd never thought you'd experience!

Just send him to prison!

Today the man of the terror attack, Anders B Breivik, was able to show his face to media, of course he used the opportunity to show off his belief!
To me it's sad,sad for the people of Norway,victims families and the ones who survived!
He is so pathetic, there are no words to describe what he has done!
We'll have to wait until the trial will hopefully come to an end and he will be sent of to prison! (lifetime)
He should be isolated,not to be able to access to internet,tv,social media or books regarding such belief he is following!

If we'd been in the US or other country he'd probably been convicted long time ago... Guess it's the Nordic style!

Can spring arrive soon?

It's Monday morning and of course it was difficult to leave the bed!
What made it worse is the coldness, it's warmer today than two days ago, still it's cold!
Today when stepping off the train it was so cold i shivered while walking the way from the train station to uni campus.

Now I'm in the middle of class and I'm stuck here until lunch... Sense my happiness!

I wanna run home and put myself under my dear warm blanket!
Hope the time will pass faster~

oh yeah, i almost forgot, i need to go down to Stockholm city to buy myself new shampoo, and according to my hairdresser i need a special one since my scalp seems to revolt to this cold weather!
What makes me sad is the horrible price,but if it works it's probably worth every cent...
However for the part year i have spent so much money on hair products, since my scalp change for every season Teresa is...

Today's quote

"Blessed is the man who trustsin the Lord and has made the Lord his hope and confidence." - Jeremiah 17:7

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My dad is so funny!

Today my dad came into my room as I was studying, first he asked me if my studying was going okay then he kept on looking at my face said You haven't used a facial mask for some days right?
I was like: yeah.. I'm going to tonight though.
He answered: Good for you.. your skin looks sad!

Ain't he funny? XD
I didn't think he noticed stuff like this but I guess I was wrong, I wonder what mask I should use today... (^^;;)

I talked to Sam the other day in the US, he's gonna help me getting some new facial masks from MISSHA US since MISSHA KOREA do not ship overseas.
I cannot wait also what makes me happier is the 40% discount (=^^=)

Top Model Sweden is back - A joke?

Top Model Sweden is back on TV, I don't think I will follow the show, however as I zapped around I landed on the re-run of the first ep. But can I say something? 5 min was enough to realise that this show is such a joke!!

Of all BEAUTIFUL women we have in Sweden... I couldn't see any of them in the show.
The ones who got on the show... hmm.. I couldn't see ONE single NICE woman!
I just laughed and wondered what happened! Maybe 2-3 looked like they have potential but that's it.

No matter what, Swedish top model will NEVER be able to beat Tyra and her American version of the show!
It feels like a waste of money and time!
Two of my girl friends look so much better than all of these 24 girls and I promise they'd win over these girls ANY DAY!! XD


After a long time waiting I'm finally gonna watch the Japanese movie うさぎドロップ (Usagi Drop/Bunny Drop). I wanted to see it at the movies last summer when I was in Japan but I was too busy so I couldn't. Anyway better late than never right (^0^;;)

The film is about Daikichi, an unmarried office worker with no girlfriend, who ends up living with the six-year-old illegitimate child of his dead grandfather. This girl is called Rin, and Daikichi suddenly declares that he will raise her himself while his relatives discuss arrangements to put her in a foster home.

Kenichi Matsuyama as Daikichi Kawachi
Mana Ashida as Rin Kaga
Mirei Kiritani as Kazumi Kawachi (Daikichi's sister)
Mayu Kitaki as Masako Yoshii (Rin's mother)
Ruiki Sato as Koki Nitani (Rin's classmate in kindergarten)
Karina as Yukari Nitani (Koki's mother)
Go Ayano as Kyoichi
Ryo Kimura as Yuichi Suzuki
Atsuko Takahata as Yumiko Sugiyama
Chizuru Ikewaki as Yuki Goto
Jun Fubuki as Yoshie Kawachi (Daikichi's mother)
Baijaku Nakamura II as Minoru Kawachi (Daikichi's father)

This class is giving me a headache!

The assignment I'm doing now is really giving me a headache.
Okay I put the bar quite high I could have gone lower for this one, but last week was so boring I couldn't stand it so I'd thought I'd do something different.

Kill me please...

Still I don't get it how this is supposed to educate us anyway, we never get to know what we've done right or wrong anyhow!!
Except... Think OUTSIDE the box! however the box is so huge it feels like the outside will never come because we cannot reach out to it!

Today's quote

Dream as if u have forever, but live as if u only have today ;)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

6 weeks of hell!

Today it begins, who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest!
For 6 weeks the contest will air on Swedish TV.
What can I say but...OH NOOOOOOOOOO

I mean it's only 8 songs that are good anyway, they are the ones that get to the final! (In my opinion it's normally only 2 good song and the funny thing is.. the ones that even get in goes to other countries and later win! look at last year!!)
that means.. we can at least SKIP the first 4 rounds.. and maybe watch the 5th And just because we can watch the 6th to give Sweden a bit support?! and see what the "winner" are up against XD

So tonight instead of the song contest show.. I'm gonna watch a movie ^^

Snow chaos!

Today when going to the gym it snowed, more it was a snow storm, and the bus didn't seem to arrive for another 15 min so I decided to walk to the gym for a very strange reason! I still wonder why I left the house in the first place XD
Anyway I looked like a snowman and was freezing to death when I finally walked into the gym.
And just because I was pissed at the whole snowy situation I worked out like a maniac! People must have thought I was crazy XD

Afterwards I stopped by the big supermarket to pick up some food, late lunch + food for the weekend!
Then because the bag was heavy I'd thought I'd take the bus back home and dodge the snow storm! I came to the busstop and was happy to see that the bus should arrive within a minute!
However time passed and suddenly 20 min had passed and NO sight of the bus! (3 busses should have had arrived by that time)
So I had no choice to walk home... Freezing to death and tired as XXXX after my work out session!
On the way home I saw a huge traffic jam on the bridge I passed..!!!Never seen anything like it before! About 45 min later than if the bus would have had showed up in time I finally came home!

On the news today they have talked about lots of traffic accidents in many parts of Sweden. Plus there had been no trains or commute trains leaving Stockholm until after lunch, still most of them were delayed or even cancelled! Kinda ironic since this problem occur every year and every time it take us by surprise. Also Stockhom is the capital and there are ONLY 2 ways to get out of Stockholm with train!! The train system really sucks and the tickets cost way more than what they are worth!!
If I could I'd never use them but I have no choice, since train is the easiest way to reach school!! (all the things I wanna complain about the train schdules and prices is another story....)

I hope the snow will stop and that people who drive cars will come to their senses and drive SAFE!! It isn't like we never have snow, when they weather is like this you should take it slow and easy!!!

Food for thought

U only live once...

Today's quote

"Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything." - Proverbs 11:24

Friday, 3 February 2012

Ayaka behind The Beginning!

As most Ayaka fans I'm overjoyed about her come back! I cannot stop listening to her album!
The song "Hajimari no toki" and "The Beginning"
(Note: Hajimari no toki also means the beginning XD)

Anyhow.. today I was looking around YT and found some interviews and lives where she talks about her comeback and progress of making this album!!

Welcome back Ayaka! Looking forward seeing more of you this year (^^;;)

Beautiful PV

Japanese girlgroup FLOWER is back with a new single SAKURA REGRET.
The song is so so to me, however I think this promotional video is really nice!

What do u think? ^^


I got their live cd and it seems like they had a great concert, it really makes me wanna see their concert dvd!
I remember when I met them just when they debuted, they were so young and I never thought I'd be able to look or listen to them! However years have passed and they have grown more than I expected!
The album comes with two cd's and is FULL with songs! I was surprised that it'd be so many songs!

My fave songs are: 화살, 누난 너무 예뻐, 링딩동 and 욕!

Good work and hope to see more of SHINee soon!


01. Into The SHINee World
02. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop) (Rearranged)
03. 세뇨리따 (Senorita) (Rearranged)
04. Get Down
05. 아.미.고 (Amigo) (Rearranged)
06. 줄리엣 (Juliette) (Rearranged)
07. Hello
08. Your Name
09. Stand By Me
10. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)
11. Girls
12. OMG
13. 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Romeo+Juliette) (Rearranged)
14. My First Kiss
15. A-YO
16. 너 아니면 안 되는 걸 (ROMANTIC)
17. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
18. 화장을 하고 (Graze)

01. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
02. 산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)
03. 화살 (Quasimodo)
04. Life
05. Nessun Dorma (공주는 잠 못 이루고)
06. 섬집아기
07. 링딩동 (Ring Ding Dong) (Rearranged)
08. Up & Down
09. Ready Or Not
10. LUCIFER (Rearranged)
11. Jo Jo
12. 보디가드 (Bodyguard) (Rearranged)
13. 하나 (One)
14. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop) (Rearranged)
15. 아.미.고 (Amigo) (Rearranged)
16. LUCIFER (Rearranged)

Moving on..

Soon it's time to go down to the gym...
I'm not fit at all to do so, my body is exhaused already from this week, but I won't let it win!
Because I know I'll feel even better after I'm done!!

Let's get movin' ^^

Do ur best

Food for thought


Isn't this one cute? ^^

Today's quote

"FACT = Forget the past Accept the present Change the future Then smile"

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Eternal youth?

I came across an interesting article about a Japanese housewife named Mizutani Masako.
She's 43 years old and has a 20 year old daughter however she herself doesn't look a day over 20!

Did she find what u say eternal youth? (^^;;)

Mrs. Mizutani has enchanted lots of people by her looks!
On her official blog she mainly shares cosmetic product recommendations which has earned her a steady fan base of both males and females! Who says it's only women who wants to be pretty?

She became a celebrity back in 2009 after appearing on a Japanese variety program on tv where she shared secrets of her age-defying looks.
She said she daily spends aprox 5 hours on skin care and make-up! Which caused a huge headline!

Now it seems like her beauty has led her to breaking other markets - Taiwanese and Chinese!!

She looks like she's 19-22!! I wonder what her daughter looks like... and her husband XD

Without makeup

Official Blog:
Twitter @masako1968

Just let time pass

I'm on my fifth semester at uni and i just wish the time would pass faster!
Some things i should learn feels like a waste of time when we all just talk about nonsense!
And the teacher who won't say anything and just let the time pass and instead we miss out on what's really important!
Sad isn't it?

I laugh even more when graduates,grown-ups,politicians talk like they are so much better just because they have already passed this suck phase!
When i was younger i believed education was supposed to educate me! Not make me confused and wonder why I'm learning it when i already learnt the exact same thing just by living!
Being global and have common sense is all that takes!?

Or maybe not?


It's so cold outside today! I wish i was somewhere warm and maybe exotic!
But sadly I'm stuck in the cold north!
I'm on the train on my way to class, should i add that I'd rather be home in my bed and under my cover (^^;;)
But life isn't always what we want!
I hope I'll be able to go home and sleep a bit before i meet up with some friends, and I'm even better I'll hit the gym!
All depends on time!otherwise i also have tomorrow to exercise ^^

Hope you too also stay warm~

it's weekend soon,time to get hype!^^

Affection & Love

Need to say more? (^^;;)

Today's quote

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sweet potato!

I've realised that the western sweet potato is not for me...
I prefere the white asian one. it's more redish in the skin and is not as sweet as the western one.
However the downside is that it's so expensive here in Sweden!

Today I bought two and I payed 2.5 USD!! (T__T)
But it's worth it!! I'm gonna have a nice lunch tomorrow :D

SNSD is taking over the US market?!

As most SONE's know SNSD is currently promoting their latest album THE BOYS in the US.
They have been on shows such as Letterman and Live! with Kelly. The fans are loving it and the BIG country gets to see one of Asias' most popular girl group.

The question is... will they succeed? Will SNSD break the US and intl. market?
We know other Korean bands and artists have tried their luck but not really succeed.
I have mixed feelings, I'm not a huge SNSD fan! But I admit they have catchy songs that gets to you easily! However in MY opinion: SNSD are not very good live.
I have seen SNSD live many times and 4/5 times I can only hear 10% of the lyrics when singing so I know when it's live and not based on that! However for this album it seems they have practised alot! SM has also put on recorded voices when showing the lives from SM Town in the US and France. While they have not done it for example DBSK!
Also we know that SM has put A LOT of money into this promotion, the amount of millions of dollars should not be spoken about... still we know XD
I guess we just have to wait and see what will happen. The US fans seems to enjoy it and make the girls hit the headlines and create interest!
I spotted Tiff do a mistake on the Kelly Show, when shaking hands use your RIGHT hand, NOT left! Also I laughed when she was praised for her English. ^^
But it's also disappointing that only Jessica and Tiff do the most interviewing. SM should have tried to give the girls English lessons! If they are gonna make it in the US and other intl. markets, to know English somewhat well is always a bonus!! And we know some of them knows English better than we think!

It's working!

I started with a new diet last week,if i follow the schedule and meals i can loose up to a kilo a week!
Today i had my weighin and guess what - it works!
I have been following it as i should so I'm happy and pleased with the result!
I hope it will continue like this every week!
My goal is to loose XXkgs and if I'm lucky i will be there when the summer starts!
Just need to be motivated enough!

Time to go back to my old cloth size!

Hello galaxy s2!

Since i got all the protection things for my phone yesterday i have now officially changed from my galaxy 5 to my galaxy s2!

What can i say?
It's what they say...galaxy s2 is the best phone in the world!
I'm so happy with my purchase!
I know i haven't used it for long,but isn't this how it should be?
Happiness from the beginning ^^
So if you are thinking of buying a new phone...i can recommend Samsung galaxy s2!