Saturday, 31 January 2015


I found this and I couldn't resist, it's very simple and just like so many other pieces of clothes I have bought, it fits for many occasions. The pearl necklace can also be taken off, making it fancy or less fancy!? ^^
I chose this beige one and I have bought so many more dark clothes. It's maybe not as visible but it's kinda see through so it's needed to wear something underneath. 
This top is also from The Emporium, and as most of their clothes it comes in 2 sizes. In the end I chose L because well, I liked it a bit more loose as it was a see through colour and I also liked it to be a bit longer.
The pearl necklace is really cute, I love how they mix accessories with the cloth pieces in Asia. It's totally different from what we can find here in Sweden!


Colour: アイボリー

製品寸法 / Size:
38(M):着丈62 B94 袖丈50 肩幅42 付属ビジュー全長19 モチーフ直径1
40(L):着丈66 B98 袖丈54 肩幅46 付属ビジュー全長21 モチーフ直径1

本体:アクリル64 ポリエステル36% 布帛部分:コットン100%

You can purchase it here 2WAYビジュー衿付きニット

Details and pictures @ ジ・エンポリアム

Move It! -Dream & E-girls TIME-

This is a new collaboration although all members of Dream are also in E-girls.
So I do not really understand why this is called Dream and E-girls.
Oh well.. I like the song, it's a great song when I'm at the gym ^^


Friday, 30 January 2015

집으로 가는 길

I heard about this movie in the end of 2013 but I never had the chance to watch it, until now.
I picked it up in Korea last December. It's a tragic story and I'm amazed how this could have happened in real life.
It's a touching story, and it also shows how people are treated. As a quite experienced traveler, it's super important to pack ones bag or at least know all the content in it. 
I wonder why this story hasn't become a bigger news abroad! I wonder how many times this has happened before, and why authorities can be so cruel. Not all people are what you think they are.


Title: 집으로 가는 길 (Way back home)
Distributed by: CJ Entertainment
Release dates: 11 December 2013
Running time: 107 minutes
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

Jeong-yeon (Jeon Do-yeon) and Jong-bae (Go Soo) are a happily married couple with a young daughter; they pour their savings into an auto repair shop only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them when a friend of Jong-bae's commits suicide after he is unable to pay his loans. Since Jong-bae acted as his friend's guarantor, the debt now falls onto them. With Jong-bae gradually growing despondent following their financial turmoil, Jeong-yeon makes the hard decision to do a job for a seedy acquaintance. She agrees to deliver diamonds from Paris to Seoul, which she thought would be legal. Jeong-yeon arrives in France, but as soon as she sets foot in Orly Airport she is arrested and police discover more than 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of cocaine in her bag. Being thrown in a French jail is only the beginning of her troubles as legal wranglings and an indifferent Korean embassy in France soon see her shipped off to a penitentiary on the far-flung island of Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean, where she is jailed for two years without being tried in court. Back in Korea, her husband does his best to get through to the diplomats and secure her passage home.

Jeon Do-yeon as Song Jeong-yeon
Go Soo as Kim Jong-bae
Ryu Tae-ho as Consul Bang
Bae Sung-woo as Section chief Chu Dae-yoon
Kang Ji-woo as Hye-rin
Joanna Kulig as Yalka
Corinne Masiero as "Hellboy"
Lee Dong-hwi as Gwang-sik
Choi Min-chul as Seo Moon-do
Heo Joon-seok as Soo-jae
Park Yoon-hee as KBC TV reporter Shin Cheol-ho
Park Ji-il as Police officer Lee Soo
Lee Do-kyeong as Department head Joo
Jean-Michel Martial as Martinique judge
Antoine Blanquefort as Martinique prosecutor
Hugues Martel as New defense lawyer Olivier Bécourt
Catherine Baugue as original Martinique defense lawyer
Park Ji-hwan as Ha Tae-gwang
Seo Jin-won as Sang-cheol
Oh Yeon-ah as Lee Soo-ji
Chae Yoo-hee as Ji-hye
Dong Hyo-hee as Jong-bae's older sister
Marie-Philomène Nga as "250 years old"
Feline Quezada Figueroa Gangster #1
Gastner Legerme as Ducos driving prison officer
Seo Byeong-cheol as Interrogating detective Choi Jo
Kim Mi-kyung as landlady
Son Young-joo as YTN newsreader
Kim Seon-ju as French interpreter
Pascal Vallet as French plainclothes policeman
Kim Su-hyeon as Bang's wife
Lee Sa-bi as KBC TV writer
Kang Myeong-chan as KBC TV cameraman

Meishoku's DETCLEAR feat. My Melody

Back in 2013 I talked about this product, go here to read.
Since back then I have used this product, it's my fave face peeling gel. Last month in Japan I found this, a special edition... Det clear feat My Melody!!!
It's the Fruits peeling one but I found it so cute I decided to buy more of that one than any other Det clear product.
I donno how to describe it for the ones who has never come across this amazing product. I have never found it in Europe, I know you can get it from Amazon but I always purchase it in Japan. It's quite cheap, around 8 USD.
I use this several times a week as I work out quite a lot and sweat so I believe it's good for my skin. Besides from this I also use facial masks. All for the outer beauty no? ^^
If you ever come across, try it!!!


Peeling jelly with the sweet-sour fragrance of mixed berries

For skin with accumulated dead skin (old keratin)!
This peeling soap specializes in cleaning away keratin.
It floats and removes dead skin with a bubbly whip.

Details and photo @ Meishoku's Det clear

Thursday, 29 January 2015


When I went to Japan I only brought an old bag which I knew I was gonna throw out.
I was also kinda desperate as I like to have a "bigger" bag as I always carry unnecessary things with me.
Anyway, the second day I was walking around in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro and I came across Olive de Olive and I saw this bag on sale.
Mine is actually darker, but for some reason they only showed this and a navy one online.
When I bought it they did only have it in my colour, more caramel colour, navy and pink.
Anyway, this one is a good size, not too big, not too small and it has pockets all over the bag ^^
I also like the design, with suede and lace inspired design ^^

I'm really pleased with this cute bag ^^

タテ  ヨコ  マチ   持ち手   ショルダー紐
22     28      13        21                115

You can purchase it here スカラップ3WAY

Details and photos @ オリーブ・デ・オリーブ


I saw this SP the other day, I have to say, Japan and Korea or just Asia in general can sure make different kinds of dramas. Although I felt like it was a modern Selfridges it still had it's own charm. And it was very Japanese ^^
I saw it mainly because of the main actors, Takeuchi Yuko and Saito Takumi, it was a fun combination. I liked Yuko-san in short hair ^^ But well.. the drama is typical Japanese and not as interesting as I thought, it was ok to watch but nothing special.

Title: 上流階級〜富久丸百貨店外商部〜 / Jouryuu Kaikyuu ~ Fukumaru Hyakkaten Gaishoubu
Air Date: 16 January 2015, From 9.00 pm
Broadcast network: Fuji Tv

At the venerable Fukumaru Department Store in Kobe, Samejima Shizuo (Takeuchi Yuko), who worked her way up from a part-timer, has been through a lot and built a career at the western confectionery department. She became a full-fledged employee following the success of a renewal plan of the store, which she handled besides western confectionery. However, she is assigned to the all-male external sales department as the only female in a sudden personnel transfer and also because it is the intention of the managing director, Benikura Eiichi (Katsura Bunshi). In truth, various members are being assembled so that the store can link up with the customers of the well-connected, charismatic Hatori Shiro (Kusakari Masao), in preparation for his retirement. Shizuo’s husband, Kanno Hisaomi (Tanaka Tetsushi), who works for the same department store group and currently lives in Tokyo, understands her role. Shizuo has been successful in her work all this while. Although she is disconcerted and out of her element in the world of external sales, she goes to customer places with the aim of completing deals. An external sales staff takes care of customers every need – from jewellery, cosmetics, wedding favours to home improvements. It is a completely different world from the customers Shizuo has played host to so far. Furthermore, these “upper class” people who appear snobbish on the surface, have families, setbacks, sorrow, glamour and dreams too. Shizuo pushes ahead with the network of contacts that she had cultivated at the western confectionery department and store development section as well as her own self-motivation. There are two persons who give her a hard time at every turn. Ochi Takashi (Takenaka Naoto), her superior and the section head of the department, and Masuya Shuhei (Saito Takumi), her slightly “flawed” junior and rival. Masuya, who comes from a wealthy Nara family, joined the department store after graduating from a famous private university. He is, in a sense, an elite. Even after his transfer to the external sales department, he fully uses his family connections and meets his quota without effort. Shizuo ends up finding out his secret on the way back from a friend’s wedding ceremony. She struggles with her quota and demanding customer requests every day. There are all sorts of customers like the graceful, gentle wife of a distinguished man from an old samurai family, Kurahashi Kazuko (Asano Yuko); the nagging wife of a hospital director, Tsuru Akiko (Takahata Atsuko); a trouble making customer, Shimada Goro (Watanabe Ikkei); and a Thai businessman. In the midst of this, Shizuo secures Mitani Juri (Matsuyuki Yasuko), who has moved from Tokyo, as a new customer. However, she causes some trouble for Juri. While Shizuo is in despair, she hears news of the sudden death of her Thai businessman customer. He has left word of an outrageous wish for his funeral arrangements...

Takeuchi Yuko as Samejima Shizuo
Saito Takumi as Masuya Shuhei
Takenaka Naoto as Ochi Takashi
Tanaka Tetsushi as Kanno Hisaomi
Katsura Bunshi  as  Benikura Eiichi
Asano Yuko as Kurahashi Kazuko
Watanabe Ikkei as Shimada Goro
Takahata Atsuko as Tsuru Akiko
Matsuyuki Yasuko as Mitani Juri
Kusakari Masao as Hatori Shiro

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Underneath the stamps and visas

A friend of mine shared a post on FB from 975 Virgin Radio London's FB page.
I have no idea what the Swedish one looks like and now I'm kinda curious. I could never have had imagined a passport looked like this. This is taken from a new Canadian passport, I guess if you have one and a BLACK LIGHT, you can see the rest of the images. I think the ones below are PRETTY amazing!!

Photos and info @ 975VirginRadioLondon
Shared on 20 January 2015

펀칭 레이스 후레아 니트

A few years back I-Land group opened a new brand, MIXXO. They have both clothes and a underwear store. I think they are trying to compete with VS but yeah..
Anyway last year I didn't find anything I liked but this time I found a lot, however as I had already bought a lot in Japan, I only bought one item.
Although this brand is supposed to be "cheaper", I found it a bit more pricey than I had imagined, I guess it was because of the weak Swedish krona.
I really like this top, but I was surprised by the large size, normally Koreans like it more slim.
In the end I bought a size S and it still look huge, but very comfortable ^^
I like the bottom part, it looks very cute and a bit extraordinary don't you think!?
I wish I have had more space in my suitcase, I found so many things here this time. But one thing is better than none right ^^
And it seems they are growing in Asia! Hope they come to Europe...!

총장 67
어깨 54
가슴 112
허리 106
소매장 50

소재:겉감-아크릴87% 폴리에스터13%
배색 - 면100%

You can purchase it here 펀칭 레이스 후레아 니트

Details and photo @ 미쏘 코리아

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

セーラームーン craze continues

I donno how it's possible but maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Sailor Moon is after all a very popular character and in Japan the craze continues.
This however is maybe the most outrageous thing I have heard in a long time!!
I think it's actually the 23rd anniversary now but they still hang on to the 20th. However now they are releasing new "must have items" - a phone and a tiara!

The phone is called "Heart," and well, it's shaped like a heart so it's not rocket science how they came up with that name. It's made in collaboration with Y!Mobile and WILLCOM and Bandai Company.
The phone is very simple, and it opens up for when you need to answer it. The shape of the phone makes it to also be used as an accessory while on standby, and when it rings, you can open your heart and have a conversation. Clever huh?! (^^;;) with it. However, as cute as it might look, it's super simple, it can only be used for phone calls and store contact info. You cannot text, take photos, access to internet etc. So call it a dummy phone?!

And now to what I'd say is INSANE!!! But insane works in Japan so.
The tiara is designed by renowned tiara designer Taro Kamitani, and just like the phone it's made in collaboration with Bandai Company.
This piece costs as "little" as 370,000 yen, aprox 3100 US dollars. A catch and must have right!? (^^;;)
I guess for all the women out there who dreamt about a Sailor Moon-ish styled wedding, here's your chance!!!!

Info and pics @ natalie

Slowly progressing

It's getting better...slowly coming back. Still number 2 on 5min rowing, improved my last score by a few meters. AND i found out that number one is a former I'm kinda pleased with my effort. Still forced by my PT to aim for the number one spot..hahaha

Also, I managed to finally get passed 44km in 60min, still I felt like I was biking for life still this is all. I wonder when I will get back on the 46-47km mark. Like I said, slowly.. it's obviously my pace.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Korean girls taste American snacks

For many of us we have tried it or at least seen it on TV.
To most of us this doesn't look to strange, after all... it works in the US of A right?!
But maybe that's just wrong, maybe this is bad and someone just fooled us?
Take a look the the video below and the reactions ^^

Something we might take for granted or do not think about has a total different meaning somewhere else, who's right or wrong?


I wonder why GU hasn't seen the daylight of foreign markets yet?!
Also, why not have one store...? For you who doesn't know, GU is Uniqlo's lil-sister.
However compare to Uniqlo, GU is cheaper and the quality is said to be less good. I do agree to some extent. However in the way people changes clothes, GU is a perfect way to save money!
Also, they have many cute things, and I have bought some things from there that has lasted longer than the more expensive things I have purchased, so I wouldn't say that the quality is that bad!

I saw this on TV and on several adds before my trip and during my trip.
This particular dress was on promotion and only cost 1 990 Yen, which is aprox 15 USD.
It took me three stores to find this colour and my size!! It seems this colour was the most popular also size M seemed to be the most sold one! I really like this light green colour, I think it's very cute. And just like other clothes I have bought I'm happy I can combine the way to wear them!

Size M
身丈 87
身幅 43


Details and photos @ ジーユー

Sunday, 25 January 2015


I have talked about Tokyo Banana before this time before leaving Japan I bought these at the airport.
Ginza Strawberry cake!
I have to admit, I prefer the Banana ones, but I also liked these ^^
Same texture but different taste!
I'm still glad I tried them ^^

Which ones do you prefer?!


As you might have discovered, this kind of printed skirts are SUPER popular in Japan, and Korea at the moment.
I could have bought several but I tried to mix as much as possible.
I got this blue printed one at Emporium. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
I like the fabric, compare to the other ones this one is a bit more stiff and do not attract all other kinds of dust etc.

I'm so happy with this one!! (^^)

38(M):W63~75 H85 総丈53
40(L):W68~80 H89 総丈54

表地:ポリエステル66 レーヨン32 ポリウレタン2% 裏地:ポリエステル100%

You can purchase it here ストライプタイトスカート

Details and photos @ ジ・エンポリアム

Saturday, 24 January 2015


Honestly this was one of the last items, although it's Japanese, from LOWRYS FARM. I didn't buy it until my final day in Seoul, S.Korea.
In Japan I wanted it but I thought it was pricey, however I managed to find it on sale in Korea, so the temptation was too big.
I bought the gray one as I got another similar skirt from Emporium.

I think it's cute and simple to match, it can be both simple and stylish depending on how you work with it ^^

Colour グレーストライプ

SIZE スカート丈 ウエスト回り ヒップ回り
F 63 58~ 100

Details and photos @ LOWRYS FARM