Wednesday, 28 January 2015

펀칭 레이스 후레아 니트

A few years back I-Land group opened a new brand, MIXXO. They have both clothes and a underwear store. I think they are trying to compete with VS but yeah..
Anyway last year I didn't find anything I liked but this time I found a lot, however as I had already bought a lot in Japan, I only bought one item.
Although this brand is supposed to be "cheaper", I found it a bit more pricey than I had imagined, I guess it was because of the weak Swedish krona.
I really like this top, but I was surprised by the large size, normally Koreans like it more slim.
In the end I bought a size S and it still look huge, but very comfortable ^^
I like the bottom part, it looks very cute and a bit extraordinary don't you think!?
I wish I have had more space in my suitcase, I found so many things here this time. But one thing is better than none right ^^
And it seems they are growing in Asia! Hope they come to Europe...!

총장 67
어깨 54
가슴 112
허리 106
소매장 50

소재:겉감-아크릴87% 폴리에스터13%
배색 - 면100%

You can purchase it here 펀칭 레이스 후레아 니트

Details and photo @ 미쏘 코리아

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