Monday, 12 January 2015


From now on I'm gonna share some of my purchases in Japan last month!
One of the items I most happy with is this coat.
They call it brown but I'd say it's beige. I like the design, it's very comfortable.
In one way I wanted to get it both in Gray and Beige, but in the end I only got one.
Lowrys Farm had so many coats this season that I liked, I felt bad for the sales clerk as I kept on trying and trying them on for such a long time!

I got it in size L as I know Swedish is cold and I will probably wear lots underneath. ^^

More to come... ^^


Colour ブラウン / Brown

総丈 76
肩幅 39
胸回り 96
そで丈 57

発売日 2014/10/10
品番 549806
タイプ アウター
サイズ M, L
カラー ブラウン, ブルー, グレー
素材 表地: 毛46%, ポリエステル54%, 裏地: ポリエステル100%
重さ 約 1,160g

You can purchase it here エアウールBIGコート

Details and photos @ Lowrys Farm

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