Friday, 30 January 2015

Meishoku's DETCLEAR feat. My Melody

Back in 2013 I talked about this product, go here to read.
Since back then I have used this product, it's my fave face peeling gel. Last month in Japan I found this, a special edition... Det clear feat My Melody!!!
It's the Fruits peeling one but I found it so cute I decided to buy more of that one than any other Det clear product.
I donno how to describe it for the ones who has never come across this amazing product. I have never found it in Europe, I know you can get it from Amazon but I always purchase it in Japan. It's quite cheap, around 8 USD.
I use this several times a week as I work out quite a lot and sweat so I believe it's good for my skin. Besides from this I also use facial masks. All for the outer beauty no? ^^
If you ever come across, try it!!!


Peeling jelly with the sweet-sour fragrance of mixed berries

For skin with accumulated dead skin (old keratin)!
This peeling soap specializes in cleaning away keratin.
It floats and removes dead skin with a bubbly whip.

Details and photo @ Meishoku's Det clear

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