Thursday, 22 January 2015


The second coat I bought in Japan, was this one. In Navy.
This one as well has a simple design yet fits for many occasions.
Also, it came with this red muffler.
Emporium is also one of my fave stores, however it's not as easy to find. I felt bad for my friend who had to wait for me when seriously trying on half of the store.
I was lucky that many items were on sale, I even think the sales clerk though I was mad as I bought so many things!! During the upcoming days I'll share my purchases from this store! ^^

I cannot wait until spring comes and I can wear this!


Colour: ネイビー
38(M):着丈69 B108 袖丈50 肩幅51 付属スヌード内周140 幅46
40(L):着丈70 B112 袖丈51 肩幅52 付属スヌード内周140 幅46

You can purchase it here スヌード付チェスターコート

Details and info @ ジ・エンポリアム

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