Tuesday, 27 January 2015

セーラームーン craze continues

I donno how it's possible but maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Sailor Moon is after all a very popular character and in Japan the craze continues.
This however is maybe the most outrageous thing I have heard in a long time!!
I think it's actually the 23rd anniversary now but they still hang on to the 20th. However now they are releasing new "must have items" - a phone and a tiara!

The phone is called "Heart," and well, it's shaped like a heart so it's not rocket science how they came up with that name. It's made in collaboration with Y!Mobile and WILLCOM and Bandai Company.
The phone is very simple, and it opens up for when you need to answer it. The shape of the phone makes it to also be used as an accessory while on standby, and when it rings, you can open your heart and have a conversation. Clever huh?! (^^;;) with it. However, as cute as it might look, it's super simple, it can only be used for phone calls and store contact info. You cannot text, take photos, access to internet etc. So call it a dummy phone?!

And now to what I'd say is INSANE!!! But insane works in Japan so.
The tiara is designed by renowned tiara designer Taro Kamitani, and just like the phone it's made in collaboration with Bandai Company.
This piece costs as "little" as 370,000 yen, aprox 3100 US dollars. A catch and must have right!? (^^;;)
I guess for all the women out there who dreamt about a Sailor Moon-ish styled wedding, here's your chance!!!!

Info and pics @ natalie

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