Wednesday, 21 January 2015

14.AW エンジェル刺しゅうリボン付きストール

Ank Rouge is one of the stores in Japan with the most cute items I'd say, it's a lot of girly girly stuff.
And although I find many things cute and I want them, I think I'm too old to wear them, at least here in Sweden.
However As for this item, I think it's a good combination, it's cute, yet it works ^^
I have received many looks from people on the train since I came home, I'd say it's ALL because of the ribbon. I believe people do not know how it's attached, since it's a muffler/scarf.

I love it, it was my first purchase in Japan last month, I had already spotted it out online before going so I knew I wanted it ^^ And luckily they had my colour. I chose this pink one!

タテ 187cm ヨコ 80cm

Details and photos @ アンクルージュ

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