Friday, 9 January 2015


BK oppa took me out for dinner last week in Korea.
On my request we went to Sindang-dong and had Ddeokbokki, but not just any ddeokbokki.
Of course, as all Korean do.. oppa had searched and found this place.
We did not go to "Ddeokbokki town", but kinda close by.
This place had a special ddeokbokki sauce, it was much darker and had a richer taste than the usual one.
I'm grateful to oppa for this simple and delicious meal, Also, with oppa I had a great time ^^

2014년 12월 30일 기준 가격: 떡볶이 3,000원, 어묵 3,000원, 튀김 3,000원, 순대 3,000원, 김밥 2,000원
Prices (2014-12-30): Ddeokbokki 3000 won, Fish cakes 3000 won, Fried foods 3000 won, Sundae 3000 won, Kimbap 2000 won

#‎진미떡볶이‬ ‪#‎먹방‬ ‪#‎서울5대떡볶이‬ ‪#‎신당동떡볶이‬

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