Friday, 23 January 2015


I was lucky to find these 50% off! I love Emporium's fashion.
But like I said the other day, it's not easy to find the store! So whenever I do I try to buy a lot.
These short pants are a great combination of business and casual! I love the simple design yet sophisticated!
I was lucky to find it in size M, as L was too big. Lots of things in the sale corner were only available in one of the sizes and I really wanted these in beige! ^^
What do you think?

38(M):W70~76 H110 股下15 前股上32 渡り幅43 裾幅50
表地:ポリエステル65 レーヨン35% 裏地:ポリエステル100%

Details and photos @ ジ・エンポリアム

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