Wednesday, 14 January 2015

ミーア - チェックニットワンピース

This time was the very first time I purchased anything from the brand MIIA.
I donno why I haven't bought anything from there before but sometime got to be the first right.
This dress was super popular, especially the colour I wanted - Gray. I got the final one in the store in Shinjuku. It was sold out in Shibuya too.
I think of all of my purchases, my dad said he liked this one the most. He said it looked sophisticated XD Not sure what he meant by it..haha

I like this dress too, it's really comfortable and I like the design! A good purchase!

Colour グレー

サイズ表記 バスト 袖丈 肩幅 ウエスト ヒップ 総丈
F 98cm 58cm 34cm 95cm 90cm 85cm

You can purchase it here チェックニットワンピース

Details and pictures @ MIIA ミーア

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