Monday, 26 January 2015


I wonder why GU hasn't seen the daylight of foreign markets yet?!
Also, why not have one store...? For you who doesn't know, GU is Uniqlo's lil-sister.
However compare to Uniqlo, GU is cheaper and the quality is said to be less good. I do agree to some extent. However in the way people changes clothes, GU is a perfect way to save money!
Also, they have many cute things, and I have bought some things from there that has lasted longer than the more expensive things I have purchased, so I wouldn't say that the quality is that bad!

I saw this on TV and on several adds before my trip and during my trip.
This particular dress was on promotion and only cost 1 990 Yen, which is aprox 15 USD.
It took me three stores to find this colour and my size!! It seems this colour was the most popular also size M seemed to be the most sold one! I really like this light green colour, I think it's very cute. And just like other clothes I have bought I'm happy I can combine the way to wear them!

Size M
身丈 87
身幅 43


Details and photos @ ジーユー

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