Thursday, 8 January 2015


On Dec 17 I woke up at 5 am in order to go and line up for Arashi goods outside Tokyo Dome.
The lines, I'm not kidding it's serious planning!! 
However I was lucky enough to reach it around 6.15 so I got a good spot. But it was freezing, luckily I wore heat packs on my back and feet!
Although they said they'd open at 10 am they opened at 9.30, so I was done around 10.03!!!
Super fast in my opinion, and best part, I got all the goods I wanted!!

  • Clearfiles - Sakurai, Ohno, Group
  • Shopping bag
  • USB
  • Reflector
  • Broach
  • Towel
  • Pouch
  • Mini uchiwa
  • Photobook - Kokuritsu 2008-2013

I got several of some items... ^^
I'm so happy I was able to get them all and so fast!

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