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Shopping in Asia.. My fave brands/places

I came back from Asia a few weeks ago, and I have been shopping a lot ^^
For me... Asia = Shopping heaven!

My fave places to shop are South Korea and Japan!! Last updated 2016-06-01

Anyway just want to give you a heads up on brands that I really like and you should look out for them if you go there!
As I have been to Japan and Korean many times.. I will recommend mostly Japanese/Korean brands and places to go to!

日本 Japan

ローリーズファーム Lowry's Farm - Shibuya, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Ikebukuro...

リズリサ Liz Lisa- Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku...

イーストボーイ East boy
Since I can see many google it - There is NO Eastboy shop anymore in Sunshine City. They closed in 2011 something.
You can find it:
Shinjuku - 伊勢丹新宿店  (Isetan Shinjuku), 髙島屋 (Takashimaya Shinjuku)
Ikebukuro - 東武百貨店(Tobu Dep. Store), 西武池袋本店 (Seibu Dep. store)
For other stores in Tokyo area go here (all in JAPANESE)

ジ・エンポリアム The emporium
In Tokyo you can find it in Venus Fort, Odaiba

グッドデイハウス Good Day House - Harajuku

モモ ワンダーロケット Momo by Wonder rocket- Harajuku

ワンダーロケット Wonder rocket - Harajuku

パリスキッズParis Kid's - Harajuku

チュチュアンナ Tutuanna- Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro...

ハニーズ Honeys - Nagoya, Namba

イング INGNI - - Shibya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Namba,

セシルマクビー Cecil McBee - Shibya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Namba...

フラッグジェイ Flag J - - Shibya

LDS - Shibuya

トゥイスティー Twisty - Shibuya

ロジータ Rojita - Shibuya

エス・アイ・ツー・シー S.I2.C.

ユニクロ Uniqlo

コーポ Copo

My fave shopping areas or specific places in Japan

東京 Tokyo

自由が丘 Jiyugaoka
How to get there: Tokyu Oimachi Line or Tokyu Tokyoko Line to自由が丘 駅 (Jiyugaoka Station)
This area is popular among younger women. (I usually live close to this area when I'm in Tokyo and my friends introduced me after that I go there quite often)

渋谷 Shibuya
How to get there: There are so many lines that go there.. can't mention them all..
Station is huge, I normally exit through Hachiko exit.
In this area you have the famous 渋谷109 (Shibuya 109) more known as ICHI MARU KYU (109 in Japanese) Besides from this huge shopping mall there are also a huge LOFT, BOOK OFF, Forever 21, Tower records, various Department stores and other small stores!

新宿 Shinjuku
How to get there: JR Yamanote Line to 新宿 駅(Harajuku Station) .
My fave places are around the station, on the basement floor of Lumine and the main streets of Shinjuku (East exit). ^^

原宿 Harajuku
How to get there:
JR Yamanote Line
to 原宿 駅(Harajuku Station) or Chiyoda Line or Fukutoshin Line
to 明治神宮前 駅 (Meiji-Jingūmae Station).
My fave places are first the most famous street of all 竹下撮り(Takeshita-dori), You can find most of my "mentioned brands here" and much more..
Further down on the main Meiji dori you can find キデイランド(Kiddy Land), I love getting lost there, I always end up buying cute Hello Kitty, Cinnamon roll or other cartoon stuff!!

池袋 Ikebukuro
How to get there:
This is one of the most busiest station in Tokyo area, to get there you can use MANY different lines. The station is 池袋 駅 (Ikebukuro station).
Above the station there are various department stores, in one of them you can find LOFT! I love going here!!
Then my main target is サンシャインシティ (Sunshine city), I think the exit you should use at the station is 38! it takes around 5-7 min to walk from the station! I love this shopping mall!! Maybe even more than Shibuya 109!! (^^;;)
There are of course other places in Tokyo I also visit for shopping but these are my main targets!!

大阪 Osaka

心斎橋 Shinsaibashi
How to get there: Midosuji Line (Station number: M19), Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line (Station number: N15), Yotsubashi Line - Yotsubashi Station (Station number: Y14) to 心斎橋 駅(Shinsaibashi station)
The walking down to Namba starts here, you can find many "brands" around this area, as well as JE store ;)
なんば Namba
How to get there: Namba is maybe the most busiest part in central Osaka.. There are many ways to get here!
In this area you can find lots of shops, restaurant and tourist sites!
I love when the sun goes down and you can see the lights etc. The famous GLICO sign can be found here!! As well as delicious okonomiyaki!
They also have a big DONKI shop here!!!

名古屋 Nagoya
名古屋駅 Nagoya station

福岡 Fukuoka

キャナルシティ博多 Canal city Hakata
天神 Tenjin

札幌 Sapporo

札幌Sapporo station
JR Tower, Stellar place, ESTA, Daimaru, Tokyu Department store, APIA, PASEO.. arcades under the station
How to get here: JR lines to Sapporo Station, Subway: Namboku Line or Toho Line)

ポールタウン Pole Town
大通り公園/からすすきのまで (From Oodori station to Susukino station)
How to get here: Subway to Oodori (Namboku Line, Tozai Line or Toho Line) or Susukino station (Namboku Line or Sapporo Street Car)

대한민국 S.Korea

싸비싸지 Ssa visage (CLOSED 2013)

벌집진 BulZipJean (jeans shop.. go to their MAIN store for the best price!!)
*헬로에이피엠 Hello APM tower
*밀리오레 Migliore tower
On the 5th floor in the Migliore, shop number 55-56 they have GREAT accessories, and the ajumma who owns it is very nice!! I always go there!!
*In Both Apm and Migliore there are hundred of small stores inside with similar or unique fashion, accessories etc. When shopping there you have to bargain!! and it take time to walk through all the floors! Before shopping check around, ask for prices etc, many do have identical things..therefore do NOT buy at the first store!!

지오다노 Giordano

유니클로 Uniqlo

These are MY fave shopping areas or specific places in Seoul with instructions on how to get there!

동대문 Dongdaemun
How to get there: Line 2, Line 4, Line 5 동대문역사문화공원 역 (Dongdaemun history & culture park station) Or.. Line 1, Line 4 동대문 (Dongdaemun)
Many shopping buildings, Good Morning City, Hello APM, Migliore, Doota, Max Style, UZ...They have a unique taste and fun fashion! I can't remember all the names, I just go and check it all out and just buy!
They open at 10am and close at 5am!!
Reminder, it's closed on MONDAYs.. and I think it's Migliore who's closed on Tuesdays!
Also You can bargain here, NOT in Doota though.. Also if you are a GIRL do NOT go on the mens floors alone, not even with ur girlfriends.. the guys who work there can grab you and stuff..
They have grabbed my arm, pulled my bag so I fell backwards etc.. (T_T)
명동 Myeongdong
How to get there:
Line 4 명동 역 (Myeongdong station) Line 2 을지로입구 (Euljiro-il-ga)
Downtown Seoul, lots of shops, cafés and restaurants. Lotte Town is also located here!!
They open around 10-12.30 which is quite late but then again it's easy to rest at a café or take a massage etc. Lots of Japanese and other tourists go here, so sometimes it doesn't feel like Korea anymore :P

강남 Gangnam
How to get there:
Line 2 강남 역(Gangnam station) or Line 9 신논현 역 (Shinnonhyeon Station)
The Southern part, located in the busy business district.
I love the underground shopping mall (Gangnam station) as well as the main shopping streets (use exit 6 or 7). On the small streets behind the main there are lots of restaurants ;)
Kyobo Gangnam branch is located on the far end of the main street (exit 6).. or you can take Line 9 to 신논현 역 (Shinnonhyeon station).

코엑스 COEX
How to get there:
Line 2 삼성 역 (Sam Seong Station)
Asia's largest shoppingmall in one floor. Lots of various shopping, all from electronics, manga stuff, clothes etc. It's neighbour with Hyundai department store. It also have cinema, aquaria, kimchi museum, Duty free shops and lots of restaurants.

이대 Edae
How to get there:
Line 2 이대 역 (Ewha Womens university station)
Located in Sinchon area, lots of university students.. Therefore it's quite cheap compare to other places. Lots of tourists go here. There are not only shopping, it's also an area with many restaurants, karaoke, cinema etc...
The buildning called ECC on Ewha campus is worth to visit, you can spot it from the main gate, it's the weird looking glass buildning (^^;;)
I used to live in this area for 1 year so for me it's home and I can find everything here!! It`s one of my fave places!!

홍대입구 Hongik university
How to get there:
Line 2, AREX 홍대입구 역 (Hongik university station)
Also a fameous university area with lots of cafés, shops and clubs!
Each month they have club night which attracts lots of students!!
The cafe from the K-drama Coffee Prince is located in this area, but to be honest, it's not what it was back in the days!! The coffee is not that good and totally OVERpriced!! I'd say if u really want to go just check the out and inside then leave, because there are so many other great cafees in the area!

대학로 Daehangno
How to get there:
Line 4 혜화 역 (Hyehwa station)
This area is know as Daehangno, another univerity student area in downtown Seoul. it also have lots of small theatres.

압구정 Apgujeong
How to get there: Line 3 압구정 역 (Apgujeong station)
Here you can find more design and brands. Rodeo street is the most famous one!
Fameous Koreans can be spotted here now and then (I've seen many stars there...)
Also a great place to go clubbing at night!!

신사동 가로수길 (Sinsa Garosugil)
How to get there: Line 3 신사 역 (Sinsa station)
Next to Apgujeong, also here you can find more design and brands. The famous street here is 가로수길 (Garosugil) You can also find H&M, Forever21 here as well as restaurants, big/small brands. 

고속터미널 Express bus terminal
How to get there: Line 3, Line 7 고속터미널 역 (Express Bus terminal station)
Shinsegae have a big departmentstore here, but other than that there is a huge underground shopping mall, you can find all from clothes to furniture!! From here you can walk down to Hangang/Han river and watch the light show...

잠실 JamSil
How to get there: Line 2, Line 8 잠실역 (Jamsil station)
aka main Lotte town, there are lots of Lotte buildings therefore the name Lotte Town!!
The amusement park Lotte World is also located here.
They have a huge underground mall which is nice to get lost in ^^

종각 Jonggak
How to get there: Line 1 종각 역 (Jonggak station)
It has a underground shopping mall and it's an area full of restaurants, easy to walk to both Gwanghwamun and Insadong!

정발산 Jeongbalsan
How to get there: Line 3 정발산 역 (Jeongbalsan station)
This is actually not in Seoul, if you go here you are in ILSAN, Gyeonggi-do, it takes around 1 h from downtown Seoul to go here.
MBC use this area for many of their shows.. it has lots of shopping, food etc.


They sell shoes and bags, I believe this is a singaporian brand since I haven't seen this brand in other Asian countries I've been to..
Located all over SG

Charles & Keith
A Singaporian brand, they sell shoes and bags.. It's cheap and very very nice
You can find this brand all over SG!

More to come...


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