Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today i had a big craving for tofu so for lunch i went to one of many student restaurants, and bought Tofu noodle stir fry ^^

so delicious ^^

Safe and sound

Friends have asked me how I'm doing, they have heard of Sandy.
I'm safe and sound. you see there was an earthquake in West Canada last weekend, largest in 60years!

And on the east coast Sandy is striking.
But I'm in the middle of Canada, which means safe and sound away from it all!!

so don't worry about me, I'm fine...

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lots of sleep

i still feel bad, so i did not drag myself to my morning boot camp.
after my morning class and lunch i also took a one hour nap.
I'm still tired, and i guess the reason for me feeling sick is all stress, midterms, papers, home work, chores etc.

today i also changed my hip hop class to early morning boot camp on Thursday mornings XD
so i can switch between the days or do both! ^^


as i wrote my midterm i felt a pounding in my head, i wanted to cry and throw up.
however managed to hold back, still not sure if i managed to write everything i wanted...anyhow it couldn't be so bad.

when i came back home i drank two cups of water then landed on my bed and fell asleep, my roomie put a sweater over me, and soon after i woke up.
she said i was breathing heavily, which is unusual for me. my head still hurts but not as much. I wonder why...
i don't understand what happened to me, anyway I'm gonna sleep now, tomorrow i have my early morning boot camp!


I finally got the new Taylor Swift cd, to be honest I didn't like the "we're never ever getting back togther". However this album totally makes up for it ^^
It's a mix of songs, a typical Taylor Swift album, no one will get disappointed!!
My fave song is "I knew you were trouble", "Red", "The moment I knew" and "The last time".


Disc 1
1. State of Grace
2. Red
3. Treacherous
4. I Knew You Were Trouble
5. All Too Well
6. 22
7. I Almost Do
8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
9. Stay Stay Stay
10. The Last Time
11. Holy Ground
12. Sad Beautiful Tragic
13. The Lucky One
14. Everything Has Changed
15. Starlight
16. Begin Again

Disc 2
1. The Moment I Knew
2. Come Back… Be Here
3. Girl At Home
4. Treacherous (Original Demo Recording)
5. Red (Original Demo Recording)
6. State Of Grace (Acoustic Version)

Monday, 29 October 2012


Today it was finally time to show it, the Gangnam style flashmob by University of Regina.
However I had class so I could not attend, anyway I'm happy I could see this video! ^^

Good on ya girls and boys ^^


The weekend passed but there are still celebrating going on.
Not sure if i will attend any as i have lots of studying (T_T)

Anyway we had some fun last weekend, and my nose got higher ^^

Us - the twisted ones

I found this, it's so funny, and it applies to me and my roomies XD
btw I'm the ninja ^^

Lots of music

today while studying i also listened to some awesome music by Taylor Swift, David Guetta, Kate Perry and Arashi!
a fun mix i know, but so awesome, it totally saved my day, that and coffee!

i think I'm prepared for the midterm, soon time to sleep!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

嵐 - ポップコーン

Kyaaa.... it's finally here, POPCORN!!
I like this album much more than their previous one, I think the songs are much much better!!
Even though I will miss their upcoming tour I'm anticipating the concert dvd ^^
I love Riida's solo!! I think it really fits him and I bet he will have a great performance!!
My fave song on the album is Face Down!!! ^^


01.Welcome to Our Party
02.Kakenukero (駆け抜けろ)
03.Wild at Heart (ワイルド アット ハート)
04.Face Down
05.We wanna funk, we need a funk
07.Waiting for you
08.Rakuen (楽園)
09.Tabi wa tsuzuko yo (旅は続くよ)
10.Sore wa yappari kimi deshita (それはやっぱり君でしたl)
11.Meikyuu Love Song (迷宮ラブソング)
12.Your Eyes
13.Fly on Friday
15.Akashi (証)
16.Up to you

Sunday morning

i have no idea how i got here...
i donno why i booked a room at the library at 10 am!
the morning shower helped a bit but not enough!

anyway got to finish my midterm studying

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Study day

Today we, Shoko, Yeji and i, stuck in the library!
i have to prepare for my mid term on Monday!
i wanted to have fun with my friends but no...
i want all the mid terms to be over and done with asap ^^

Friday, 26 October 2012

So expensive!

today i went off to mail the snacks i bought for my parents, when i came to ups the cashier helped me and all but guess what it would have cost to send it to Sweden!
$200, i thought he was kidding me!
so instead i went to Canada Post, where i paid $52, still expensive, i mean the postage was more expensive than the items inside!

anyway i hope they will like it!
now I'm off to the gym before my study session!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I passed

i finally got the HRM midterm result, and i can gladly say that i passed!

woop woop ^^

This semester i will be happy as long as i passed! A,B or C, i don't care, a Pass is good to me ^^

Today's quote

"Don't regret something that at one time made you smile"

picture time

We got free lunch today, but i forgot to post a photo ^^
It was a mix of Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Indian food ^^

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Food time

We are now waiting outside the BSS lounge to get free food, from some of the local restaurants ^^
perfect before my class starts ^^

All set

Today after dinner we also booked our train tickets from Vancouver to Seattle!
so we are all set to go now!

it feels great!!!
I'm so excited!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Give me strength

I donno anymore, the work piles up, i thought my previous semester was tough, then again i didn't know this was coming!

the reason why it's tougher is because we all have different schedules, we only have one class together, then some of them have work or younger siblings to pick up from school etc. So to got together is a gigantic puzzle!

Also i have projects in 3 out of 5 classes. i also have midterms and individual assignments!
if i survive this i should give myself a huge REWARD! a shopping spree in NY ^^

Rise and shine!

Good morning Canada!
it's still black outside, and despite my 3 hour sleep I'm dragging myself to Early morning boot camp!
i do feel proud of myself and still questioning myself why I'm not in bed trying to get 3 hours more worth of sleep! ^^;;

At last

It took some time but the shoes are FINALLY ordered!
I cannot wait until i can wear my new own designed converse shoes ^^

free food

its so funny, me and my friends who are in business are invited to a free lunch with food from all over the world, we can also invite other, so i invited friends and guess what some replied immediately that they will go.

Reason 1 it's FRE
Reason 2 it's food!

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Not only are my flight tickets for my winter vacation, I also booked accomondation!!
Yay ^^
It feels like most things are falling into place and it feels GOOD ^^

So my vacation plans are:

Vancouver Dec 23-27
Seattle Dec 27-29
LA Dec 29-Jan 4
NY Jan 4-11

Today's quote

"You cannot make everyone happy, but you can control your fate and make yourself happy. Say it...cause life is too short!" ;)

Oh why???

My other roomies are out partying, today is OKTOBERFEST!!
But what am I and Shoko doing?? We are stuck in Riddell Centre studying... My homework and projexts never ends!
I have a midterm coming up within a week but our project is due before that! It totally SUCKS...
Not only because I have to study, Midterm means I have already done half of my time here in Canada!

Anyway... as I'm drinking my coffee and crying on the inside, I also finish TODAY's studies.
Tomorrow I'll be spending most of my time in the library... *sigh*

Back from the bush

seriously, i do question myself why i went there...
it was cold, not much to see, it felt like a rundowned farm!

The food was okay, besides it was too many people trying to get their food ready as fast as possible.

anyway now it's time for studies and dinner!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Time for some country style

i headed to the gym this morning and now we are off to a farm somewhere in Saskatchewan! we have no expectations, but it feels like a fun thing to do ^^

see you later ^^

Friday dinner

We, me and my roomie, finally went to the Japanese restaurant across the street.
we ordered some food we never seen before...NABEKATSU and Crispy crab asparagus cream cheese cucumber roll!

it was delicious yet strange ^^

Tickets are all booked!

We finally managed to book our flight tickets!!
And we even got good prices!! much better than I thought ^^

So for my winter vacation I will be heading to...Vancouver, Seattle, LA and NYC!!

I'm totally excited and cannot wait until this semester is over, then again it also means I soon have to leave Canada so I guess it's mixed feelings!
Anyway I'm so happy we finally got the tickets and I really look forward to this trip!! ^^

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Coffee time

i finally managed to stop by Tim Hortons to get a coffee!
i have been busy all day, yet only half has passed!
The coffee is stating to kick in and soon i have to go to my HRM class!
Time for chapter 7

Lunch hour

Today it took aprox one hour and a half to prepare lunch. what did i do?
i made Teriyaki chicken and mashed potatoes, as we are out of rice...
with onion and broccoli!
i marinated the chicken and onions for almost an hour, but it was totally worth it!
The flavour was TOTALLY AWESOME! ^^

This is one of the good things about living in Rez where you can cook your own!!

Why like oneself so much?

for some reason i think my prof. in one of my classes this semester like oneself too much.
My profs own way of thinking, and way of doing things are the best.
When i ask why THAT way is the best, the answer i got was, because it is~ I think so.

OMG it's painful!!

울랄라 부부

I have found a new K-drama to follow, for some reason Koreans these days like dramas where the men and women change XD
Anyway so far it has been good, also I like Shin Hyun-Joon, he's a great actor and perfect for this kind of drama ^^
Also it makes me think about other things than school!!

TV Show: 울랄라 부부 (Ohlala Couple)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 1, 2012 --
Air time: Mon & Tue 21:55

Yeo-ok and Soo-nam's marriage is on rocks after Yeo-ok catches her hotelier husband cheating on her with another woman. One day, they find that their souls have swapped bodies, and begin to understand each other by experiencing each others' lives

Kim Jung-eun - Na Yeo-ok
Shin Hyun-joon - Go Soo-nam
Han Jae-suk - Jang Hyun-woo
Han Chae-ah - Victoria Kim
Byeon Hee-bong - old man Wolha, matchmaker of fate
Narsha - Moosan, goddess of love

lots in one day

i start to get furious because i have so many things to do, it's mid term week btw!

i had one part of my Japanese exam today and i missed one U in one of the words!so stupid mistake, other than that it should be fine.

i had another negotiations class today it was fine, it didn't turn out like i wanted but it wasn't my fault, as the final decision was mine to take!

I'm so tired but i have so much to do~
i hope i will survive this day!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I think my prof is trying to fail us on purpose!
Some of the questions were so out i was in chock!!
Anyway i believed i passed, and i realized i need an English - English dictionary for next exam as my prof likes to play with words, it totally confused me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway got to go to my Japanese class now~ got midterm in that one on Thursday!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Too much to handle!

I've been studying since last Saturday non-stop for my HRM midterm, still i don't feel any smarter...
And my midterm is tomorrow~

It will be my very first one here in Canada, and YES it's scary!
But i hope, i hope it will go well!

I already handed in a midterm essay and a midterm company proposal... It took time and I'm not 100% satisfied but I'm not looking for a A+ however i don't want to look stupid XD

Well well~ there will also be a final ^^

Monday, 15 October 2012

This is it!

It's the final day before my mid-term,
It means lots of studying!!

I have a long gap between the class I'm in now and my evening class!
I hope i will have enough time!

I'm starting to wake up, then again, i drank half a L sized cup of coffee already!


I hate this morning!
I woke up late, had a so-so breakfast, then when applying make-up i dropped my FAVORITE eye shadow!!and of course it broke... I'm so angry and sad right now!
And i have to go to class...

Good Monday morning Canada!

Finally back home

At 11pm we finally left archer library, although I'm not sure if i got any smarter XD

Soon time to sleep as i have much to study tomorrow!

Study all day long

Not much to update as i have, or am as i write, stuck in the library studying!
It's frustrating, it sucks as i want to enjoy my weekend.

I got a so-so grade on my paper, i need to put more effort into it next time, then again i went to Banff so I guess that was why it didn't turn out too great...

Soon dinner time, then more studying, the library is open until 11pm!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ddeokbokki dinner

Tonight after studying the Korean girls came over and we made ddeokbokki, it was so delicious!
I love it~ ^^

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Study day

My day began by having a long conversation with my mum, seems like i convinced her to go and meet me in NYC!

Anyway i my lunch so quick my stomach hurts.
I just checked in at Archer library and will be stuck here for the rest of the day~
Getting ready for my midterm...

Oh Yeah worst part about it all~ The sun is shining!

Big groups are never good

We are trying to plan our Christmas trip, but its not easy~
We started off as 2 people however we ended up being 6!
And now we are trying to find tickets and hostels around Canada Seattle and New York!
It's not easy!
I calculated that the whole trip and hostels will cost around CA$1661, which is okay, i mean we fly across the whole country!

Then again we need to book everything!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Never ending weekend just begun

Today i have done nothing but studying, and worst part, it's only 3.47pm!
I'll study all weekend - i have too many group projects and midterms!

Time for a coffee break before trying to solve my mission impossible!

「LIVE TOUR 2012 "The beginning"〜はじまりのとき〜」

I got this news today, Ayaka will release a new concert dvd!!
I'm excited to watch it.. but the thing I'm most excited about is to get the song "Tsuyoku omou".
I have been searching and searching without any luck so this made me happy ^^
It comes in two editions, dvd + bluray. There will be a 72-page photo booklet with photos that were taken on the first night the tour at Nippon Budokan. Also on the Bluray edition there will also be music videos (“The Beginning” and “Hajimari no Toki”) as well as footage from her special New Year’s live.

「LIVE TOUR 2012 "The beginning"〜はじまりのとき〜」
ツアーファイナル 8/8@横浜アリーナ公演のライブを収めたDVD/Blu-rayが発売決定!
また、4月からOAされている日本テレビ系「NEWS ZERO」のテーマソング「ツヨク想う」が
多数の要望に応える形で初のパッケージ化となり、「DVD+CD Sg」の2枚組となります。

Blu-ray Disc+CD
ツアー初日の日本武道館の感動を収めたフォトブック封入 / Music Video・スペシャル映像収録


01.The beginning
02.笑顔のキャンバス (Egao no Canvas)
03.Magic Mind
04.夢を味方に (Yume wo Mikata ni)
05.アカイソラ (Akai sora)
06.そこまで歩いていくよ (Soko Made Aruite Iku Yo)
07.繋がる心 (Tsunagaru Kokoro)
09.空よお願い (Sora Yo Onegai)
10.ツヨク想う (Tsuyoku Omou)
12.Rolling In The Deep
13.手をつなごう (Te wo Tsunagou)
14.おかえり (Okaeri)
16.やさしい蒼 (Yasashi Ao)
17.はじまりのとき (Hajimari no Toki)
18.みんな空の下 (Minna Sora no Shita)
19.キミヘ (Kimi e)


Evening study time

Me and Shoko are sitting in Lab building, studying!
My eyes are dry and I'm super tired, i try to find something i can use for my paper but it's slow!
I listen to music so i won't fall asleep~

I had a weird coffee too, not sure if i can fall asleep later!
I mean it's 10.30pm so i think the caffeine will stay in my body for a while!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bye zumba

The zumba class yesterday really sucked!
So this morning i tried to go and get my money back, which i didn't get, however i managed to switch to another class...
I chose HIP HOP, it's a dance class, i hope it will be good!
My roomies said it was so i hope they are right!^^

Desperate for coffee

Good morning!
My eyes won't open today, i went to bed normal time, and had almost 74 sleep but my eyes won't open!<br>
Now I'm standing in line to buy coffee from my best friend, Tim Hortons!
I'm not sure if i should get a L sized or XL sized one~ XD

Today's quote

"The best kind of smile is not one you can see on your face, but the one felt in your heart."

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Total happiness

Last week i called my dad and almost cried because i thought i failed my assignment!
And the following weeks haven't been any better, at least so i thought!
Today i went to see my prof before class, and so i took the time to ask him about his grading system and what to do to improve my work.
Then i found out that what i thought was a barley pass, is in fact THE BEST grade you can get!!!

I thought he graded us 1-2-3, 3 being the highest.
But turns out we get 0.5-0.75-1.0 (50-75-100%)

I'm so happy right now i want to cry ヽ(^o^)丿

Snow in Regina

My roommates are excited, i look out the window and felt no not yet!
During our sleep it started to snow!
I hate it!its only start of October and already!? I hope it will go away ^^

Good night

I'm exhausted, it feels like this day will never end.
I'm still confused about the grade thing for my journals!?and not sure if my midterm essay and journal are good enough, however my head is spinning!

Time for bed!
Good night

Thanks guys

I think most of us are dead today, still we all managed to go to class, more or less, i had a LARGE cup of coffee this morning and i have a SMALL one as we speak!
It's the saviour of the day!

Anyway thanks guys for an awesome trip!!lots of memories was created! ^^

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Buffalo and elk

Yesterday for lunch i had an interesting meal, a hamburger made of buffalo and elk meat.
It was a great meal, too big but where delicious! Also we went to a great restaurant, it felt like a movie!

Home at last

After many hours on the road we are finally back where we started, in Regina!
I'm exhausted and tomorrow i have classes from 10am to 8pm!
What can i say but wish me good luck! XD

Monday, 8 October 2012

Today's quote

"Life is not perfect, but it has its moments and they are the ones you want to hold on to"

Great dinner

For dinner today we made tacos, or Swedish styled tacos XD
We missed some stuff but we are not picky!
Everybody helped out and we had a really nice dinner!
Soon time for drinks, great way to end this day!

Shopping time

Today we had an extra hour in downtown Banff, and we decided to do some shopping/sightseeing!
I didn't buy much, only a very small souvenir and a snack!
The downtown area reminded me of the alps! I love it here!

Wish i could stay longer, but tomorrow we have to head back to our flat and boring Saskatchewan!!

More sightseeing

It's another day in this beautiful national park, this morning we missed our exit and almost ended up in British Columbia!!
I had no idea BC was that close! ^^
Anyway we found our way to Petyo(not 100% sure about the spelling) lake!
It was really beautiful! Just like all the other places ^^

Sunday, 7 October 2012

So beautiful

This area is so beautiful, no matter where we go, there are lakes and mountains!
I love this area so much! Alberta or Banff anyway is way better than Saskatchewan! No offense but SK is too flat!

We have been to downtown Banff today, took the gondola up the mountain - had a get packed lunch, we made sandwiches ^^
Then looked out over Banff!!
Also the ride in the gondola was great ^^ I'm not sure how high up we went, pricey but so worth it!
If you ever visit Canada, you should come here!

Love it!

Second day and so much more to see ^^

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Wonderful Alberta

We have crossed the boarder to the next province, Alberta.
We have arrived at Banff and Lake Louise ^^

Its super cold, but we have fun together so it's alright!
Today we had an early lunch then headed to Lake Louise, it was so nice!
We even climbed the mountain ^^

Friday, 5 October 2012

Breakfast stop

We just stopped by mcDonalds for breakfast, i don't like that food but it's the only place open, and expensive, but who cares? XD

Slept a lot, still tired so I'm gonna drink my big cup of coffee ^^

We still have hours to go!!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Final time before take off

This morning i managed to pull myself out of bed despite being tired and headed to gym!
I did my usual work out session before heading down to the CKHS office and paid money for my zumba classes!
That's right ZUMBA ^^ so now i having boot camp on Tuesdays and zumba on Wednesdays ^^

Before heading back to rezz i stopped by Tim Hortons to get my morning breakfast, i also bought a breakfast wrap as i wouldn't have time for breakfast otherwise!

I met my really tired roommate when i came back, and before heading out again i gave her my coffee, half the cup as she looked like she was gonna die XD
And since i was in a hurry i forgot my wallet so no more coffee for me...
At least i did a good deed so well, guess i can't have it all ^^

Now it's time for class!!

Ready go!

Today we went to Walmart to get groceries for the trip and i also picked up some personal stuff, like shoes and a water bottle with a filter - i hate the taste of chlorine!
I bought more than i expected but happy i got it ^^

Earlier today i also got a hoodie from the school store, a university one!
It's really nice ^^

Tomorrow evening we are off!
I so excited!

Today's quote

"Life is not perfect but we still have reasons to smile" (^_^)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Only one day left!

So i only have one day left before I'm off to the roadtrip of my life?
At least the first one without my parents XD

However before i leave i have lots to study, but i think...yes i think i will manage! ^^
My Japanese home work is done, i have read my HRM book, done half of my SBM home work!
So i only have my negotiation home works left! They are a pain in the ass though XD


I can't sleep anymore!because of the construction that's going on outside my window every morning!
They start at 7.30am and finish at 10am!!so why can't they start at 9 or something?!

Today my wall was shaking!!

It totally sucks!

Happy day

So me and Fera just ran to Tim Hortons on our way to class, i needed a second cup of coffee to survive my two final classes of the day!
And to my surprise they had an offer, small sized ones for only one dollar!
Just what i needed!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Some have been asking me about the city i live in, well it states that 210 000 people residence here, but to me it feels more like 20 000!

Reason one: Not much to do here! Downtown there are like...ONLY 4 clothing stores that are appealing!! They do have Gap store though!^^

Reason two: many places are closed on Sundays! And the bus only leaves once an hour!

Reason three: its way flat and lots of space that noone uses!

Reason four: everything you want is within walking distance, main problem is How to get there! XD

I took the photo last Sunday, waiting to cross the street! ^^

Rise and shine

It totally sucks that its dark outside when i have to wake up, i mean it doesn't make it any easier!
Today is Tuesday, which means Boot Camp!!
Today we had another instructor, a male in his 50s? He was good, and i believe i will be in pain later today XD

Anyway my reward was a LARGE cup of coffee and a bagle. Today i tried the French toast one, it was delicious but too sweet as breakfast!

It's only 8.30 and soon i have to leave to meet with my prof.
It should'nt take too long but..kinda sucks its one hour before the actual class.
Oh well time to put make up on ^^

Today's quote

"Don't get stuck with the thing that ruins your day. Let it go, Smile and be happy." (^_-)


So I'm in class as it's Monday evening!
I do like this class but it's lots to follow~
its very practical, but also contains a lot of theory!
What do do you think of our whiteboard~?

Can do you make any sense of it?^^

Monday, 1 October 2012

Catch me girl tonight... I sure will ^^

As I said, I love DBSK/TVXQ's new album and their title track Catch me!!
I love most of the songs on the album for that matter but Catch me is really stuck on my mind and the perfect song to work out with at the gym ^^

I love the beat and sound as well as the lyrics ^^
Also the dance in the mv is addictive ^^

★ Dance practise + Music video ★

Great lunch

Yesterday it was raining outside and we all knew we needed to study.
However i, Shoko and Alejandro decided to go out for lunch.
We were supposed to go to the Japanese restaurant across the street, but it was closed, STUPID Sunday rules..
So we ended up at a family restaurant instead.
We shared 3 dishes ^^ two pasta and one chicken dish.
It was so delicious, and even though we were full Shoko insisted on dessert, so we ordered one piece of cake ^^

Thanks guys for an awesome Sunday lunch :)

Totally unaware

My roomie just came and said someone was at the door looking for me, i checked the time and had no idea who it could be, it was one of the RAs, he handed over my student card, i had no idea i had lost it!seriously it was scary as i thought i had it in my bag upstairs!
I'm happy he came with it otherwise i could be in trouble!
Anyway it was kinda wakeup call still weird, as i don't know how it fell out of my bag!!

Anyway time to sleep!

I wish!

I wish my life looked like this, sadly not!

What am i?

I don't know anything anymore, i have studied all day but I'm far from done!
I don't have time to sleep so i drink 2 large cups of coffee everyday, in a way its sad but i don't have a choice, i have to make it through!
It might also be because i know i won't be able to do any studies next weekend and midterms and group assignments are due when i come back!
However i believe most students will take time off next weekend due to Thanks Giving weekend!
Or that's what i hope for...

Tomorrow is another day, i have to be focused and i have much reading and writing to do, i feel like my heart is going to burst, i feel like i could die at any second!!
Let me die!? Or wake me up when all this ends? I wish i could find a solution to my stress and problem but i know it's impossible!

The only thing i can do is to do my best and hope it will work out, I'm living like a robot, they all expect me to do things like a robot!!

Anyway this really proves why i like the Swedish educational system! One subject at the time!!!
This is worse than middle/high school!!

Ah~ i feel a little better now, time to sleep and wake up to study!!