Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Black bean noodle dinner

I have always wanted to make my own Jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) but it's hard to find the noodles in Sweden! The other day at the Asian food market I found them!
My darling said "we have lots of instant, let's eat those first".
I got a bit grumpy and said, you cannot compare this to instant. And in the end I bought all the ingredients.
Yesterday we had this for dinner, delicious!
I kinda wanted the Korean radish, the one we have in Sweden is different but in all good.
I'm pleased, we also have 2 more servings, now set in our freezer ready to be eaten another day. I cannot wait ^^

Black pig bbq @ 소낭밭가든

One of the specialty foods in Jeju island is black pig. And the best way to enjoy it is of course bbq.
We went to this place - 소낭밭 가든 (Sonangbat Garden). It's rather famous and it was also very close to our hotel, maybe 10 min drive. Anyway this was my treat to my darling for being the best man on the planet ^^
We had a big feast! also side dishes are free, I ate greens like a rabbit!
If you are in Jeju island and Seogwipo, try this place! This BBQ is awesome!

Steamed egg! Almost like scrambled eggs ^^

제주특별자치도 서귀포시 회수동 571
571 Hoesu-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Phone: 064-738-5777

Monday, 30 May 2016


I met up with a friend for dinner in Yeoido area one evening.
She took us to a place I have never been to before, it was an underground restaurant place, lots of small restaurants. She works in this area so she was used to it,
We had Jeyuk bokkum for dinner aka. spicy pork. It was spicy but delicious!
I love Seoul when it comes to food! Where you least expect it there are deliciousness ^^

The place is called Byeolmi bokkum jeom, which means Delicacy Mixed Place.

This place was also close to the subway!

How to get there:

Yeoido station - Line 5 or 9, exit 5.

Address: 36-2 Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 36-2

Phone: 02-761-8188

방탄소년단 - Save ME

I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea who they are, except the name. How many members? when they debuted etc.
I picked this song up in one of the malls in Seoul the other month and thought..oh I like this one!
So I thought I'd share it.

This is BTS (방탄소년단) and the song is called Save me.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

In-Ear Device Automatically Translates Foreign Languages So You Can Talk To Anyone

I saw a post on FB and opened up the article, if this little thing is true, it would be so cool!! (hope it isnt Google translate though..lol)
I hope it will work well so it can expand, it would really change travel and communication!

Original post

캐릭터 마스크 가톡

In both Korea and Japan there's a LINE or Kakao talk craze.
They have their own shops with merchandise as well as lots of other shops who sells things with their logo. All from drinks, cookies, cakes, lotions etc.
I bought a few of these in Seoul! They are from The Face Shop.
Each mask cost 2500 won or you could also buy a set pack of 5 for 12 500 won. Ridiculous as the price is the same, but they come in a cute package!?
I have to say, they look cute but they look horrible on..sadly. I guess you cannot have it all.
In all a fun thing! ^^


I have talked about this place many times but it can always be mentioned.
This place is a MUST visit in Seoul!!
I like this food a lot, I could probably make it at home but I'm too lazy.
So I always visit this place when in Seoul.

This one is the real Myeong Dong Gyoza. It's located in central Myeong dong!
The price has gone up over the years still great!!!



Saturday, 28 May 2016

Noodles at 옥돔식당

For our first meal in Jeju we stopped for this - Bomal Guksu.
The place is called Okdom Shikdang (옥돔 식당).
Bomal is omphalius rusticus rusticus, which is a species of sea snail. To me at first I said, don't tell me what it really is, I'm gonna eat and see what I think. The place was super popular, in the middle of nowhere to me, but the line just continued to grow.
We waited a long time to get the food, but it was worth the wait. Despite of colour and content it was nice. I recommed this place in Jeju Island, but come early, it gets crowded during lunch time.

Side dishes - kimchi, mung beans and broccoli

Jeju, Seogwipo, Daejeong-up shinyeongno 36-62
제주 서귀포시 대정읍 신영로36번길 62

Opening hours: 11:00~16:00
Closed on Wednesdays

Phone 064-794-8833

Chain-Neck Halter Dress

I bought this dress at my local Michael Kors shop the other month.
I wanted to wear it for a very special occasion.
I think I tried on everything they had in store, and the funny thing was, this was the one I fell for at first!! ^^
I like the simple yet elegant style. Perfect for many occasions.
My love loved it too! Since I bought it in Sweden it cost quite a bit, but worth every cent ^^

It comes in black or white, I chose black.
Michael Kors HP

Friday, 27 May 2016

I can't live without you(니가 있어야 살아) (Tantara(딴따라) OST Part.7)

Ailee(에일리) and Truedy(트루디)  are collaborating for the TV drama Dandara.
I love Ailee's voice and I like this song.
I haven't been able to watch this drama yet but will catch up soon. ^^

For time being I'll enjoy the music!

Sweet box premium movie style!

One morning we decided to hit the morning showing.
I had searched and found a Premium view, it looked very nice, pricey but whatever.
We met up in Gangnam Gu office and took a taxi as the rain was pouring down.
The place we went to was CGV Cheongdam.
At the bottom (entrance) there were 2 cafes, Twosome Place and Tous Le Jours and BiBi Go.
We took the lift up to 8th floor and bought our tickets then down again to 6th floor.
This premium styled seats cost 25 000won/person. We had a huge sofa, pillows, blankets, foot rest and we also got free water and cookies. AND slippers, it was like being at home and even better.

We bought coffee downstairs at Twosome and popcorn at the CGV snacks shop.
We also went to a similar at Lotte Cinema in Nowon but this was way better!!!
We'd really go back here next time in Seoul!

Brunch at 커피로쏘

In Busan we started our second day by having brunch at this wonderful cafe, it's located in Northern Busan. We got there by car, I guess you can take a bus too. But don't ask me how.
We were lucky with the weather. I loved this place.
We ate lots of delicious bread, my fave was the blueberry mochi one.
A great start of the day, double date day ^^

How to get there
Address: 부산광역시 기장군 기장읍 / Busan Gijang-gun Gijang-eup

Opening Hours: 오전 11: 00 부터 ~ 저녁 10: 00 까지 / 11am-10pm

Phone: 050-8439-5218

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

I bought her latest album in Korea, as I cannot find it anywhere.
Anyway here's a new single from her latest album.


Busan's Santorini

During our trip to Korea we did a stop in Busan.
We also met up with a friend of my darling, we spent a whole day sightseeing. One stop was Busan's "Santorini", it is called so because of the colour of the houses.
It's a big attraction in this area and we had a great time.
We also rented traditional clothes and walked around in, some foreign tourists looked at us and said: they are probably on their honeymoon ^^

It was super cheap to rent, 14 000 won for me and 10 000 won for my darling.
The weather was fantastic, I really recommend a visit here if you go to Busan!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

SM's SUM Market @Seoul


A few weeks ago I went to SM's new supermarket called SUM market, it's located in the cellar of the SM building. On the 1st floor they have a cafe, restaurant and a shop for cds/books.
Another entry regarding the first floor to come...
You can enter the supermarket from the cafe on first floor or from the outside, see pics below.

I went there on a Monday morning, I went there at 10, expecting it to be crowded, however I was all alone! (at least for 15min then 3 people came).
I had seen a few things online before that I wanted to lay my hands on but they were sold out.
Anyway, a lot of the items can also be purchased your local at E-mart in Korea.

There were also full set's of EXO / TVXQ / SNSD stuff and if you purchased it, you'd get a SUM market eco bag. Besides foods they also sold candles / china.
Prices - a bit pricey for some items, but as for noodles/chips similar to normal brands, a bit for expensive but not a big difference. My purchase came to around 20 000-23 000 won something.






Behind the cashier there's a Kitchen area, if you are curious you can eat some of your purchases right away. They also supply hot water in case you want to eat cup ramyeon!

My purchases

I love green tea, therefore I choose SHINEE's icecream, it was good!! :)

Other purchases - Super junior Cup ramen, EXO's Son jajjang and normal jajjangmyeon, SHINEE water - lemon, FX butter/coconut popcorn, TVXQ Lobster chips, Super Junior - Salty Caramel popcorn, TVXQ Almond popcorn, SNSD's Cheese popcorn

Reviews of various products to come...

How to get there:

Subway Line 7 to Cheongdam Station, Exit 6.
It's right in front of the exit.

Opening Hours: 10.00-22.00 (10am-10pm)

썸마켓 - 서울시 강남구 상성동 52-1 
SUM Market - Seoul, Gangnam-Gu, Sangseong Dong 52-1
Phone: 02-6240-9846