Sunday, 22 May 2016

Back home

I know I haven't updated almost anything the past month, which is kinda unusual for me despite being abroad. But let me tell you I have been so busy I have sorta forgotten to update it.
Or not really but I have been too busy to sit down and do it.
I will post a lot from now on!

We came home late last night, we had lots of luggage, we checked in 64.1kgs!! plus handluggage, not sure what it landed on but almost 80-85kgs in total I'd say ^^

It's unbelievable that one month has already passed!!
And a lot have happened during this time!! We went though a lot in Korea, and by a lot all are good things!!

Anyway need to unpack some more, we have done nothing but unpacking, sorting and laundry today!
Tomorrow we are back to work.

More to come...

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