Friday, 27 May 2016

Sweet box premium movie style!

One morning we decided to hit the morning showing.
I had searched and found a Premium view, it looked very nice, pricey but whatever.
We met up in Gangnam Gu office and took a taxi as the rain was pouring down.
The place we went to was CGV Cheongdam.
At the bottom (entrance) there were 2 cafes, Twosome Place and Tous Le Jours and BiBi Go.
We took the lift up to 8th floor and bought our tickets then down again to 6th floor.
This premium styled seats cost 25 000won/person. We had a huge sofa, pillows, blankets, foot rest and we also got free water and cookies. AND slippers, it was like being at home and even better.

We bought coffee downstairs at Twosome and popcorn at the CGV snacks shop.
We also went to a similar at Lotte Cinema in Nowon but this was way better!!!
We'd really go back here next time in Seoul!

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