Wednesday, 25 May 2016

SM's SUM Market @Seoul


A few weeks ago I went to SM's new supermarket called SUM market, it's located in the cellar of the SM building. On the 1st floor they have a cafe, restaurant and a shop for cds/books.
Another entry regarding the first floor to come...
You can enter the supermarket from the cafe on first floor or from the outside, see pics below.

I went there on a Monday morning, I went there at 10, expecting it to be crowded, however I was all alone! (at least for 15min then 3 people came).
I had seen a few things online before that I wanted to lay my hands on but they were sold out.
Anyway, a lot of the items can also be purchased your local at E-mart in Korea.

There were also full set's of EXO / TVXQ / SNSD stuff and if you purchased it, you'd get a SUM market eco bag. Besides foods they also sold candles / china.
Prices - a bit pricey for some items, but as for noodles/chips similar to normal brands, a bit for expensive but not a big difference. My purchase came to around 20 000-23 000 won something.






Behind the cashier there's a Kitchen area, if you are curious you can eat some of your purchases right away. They also supply hot water in case you want to eat cup ramyeon!

My purchases

I love green tea, therefore I choose SHINEE's icecream, it was good!! :)

Other purchases - Super junior Cup ramen, EXO's Son jajjang and normal jajjangmyeon, SHINEE water - lemon, FX butter/coconut popcorn, TVXQ Lobster chips, Super Junior - Salty Caramel popcorn, TVXQ Almond popcorn, SNSD's Cheese popcorn

Reviews of various products to come...

How to get there:

Subway Line 7 to Cheongdam Station, Exit 6.
It's right in front of the exit.

Opening Hours: 10.00-22.00 (10am-10pm)

썸마켓 - 서울시 강남구 상성동 52-1 
SUM Market - Seoul, Gangnam-Gu, Sangseong Dong 52-1
Phone: 02-6240-9846