Sunday, 31 August 2014

Korean dinner

I realised I'm a bit behind of what we have done since we came here....
We had an amazing dinner at the Korean restaurant called SuRa in Vancouver a few days back.
It was super delicious. Just like being back in Korea ^^

Middle of shooting Arrow

A few days ago in Vancouver we ended up in the middle of the shootings of the TV series called ARROW.
I didn't recognise any of the actors...and i dont follow the series but it was fun ^^

Love Drunk

I keep finding new Canadian music while being here, I guess it's good.
This is Andrew Hyatt, the photo isn't that appealing *sorry* but it kinda fits the title "Love Drunk".
Or is it just me?!

Anyway, it's a good country song!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fashion truck

I found this in downtown Toronto.
A fashion truck....a new kind of shopping place!
Kinda fun idea and good stuff too.
I wonder when it will come to Sweden?! ^^

Amazing view

Arrived in Toronto this morning.
We couldn't check in right away... but when we finallu did we got a room on the 22nd floor...
Amazing view from our room no?!
Worth waiting for :)

Don't Fight The Music

As this guy is from Toronto, yes I introduced him yesterday...
Why not share some more!?
To be honest it's not easy to find info about this guy, oh well. We can only listen right!? ^^


Friday, 29 August 2014

Canada's fave now also at...

When I first came to Canada and asked what their fave food was... i was told about this dish.
Guess what.. now it's even available at McD XD

All u can eat

Today's lunch were at a Japanese all u can eat place called Toyama in downtown Vancouver.
Lots of food...totally ok place.
Soon time to roll out of here... ^^

We Are Stars

I first heard Alyssa Reid because of the Jesse Labelle song I shared earlier this week, or last week...^^
Anyway, because of that I now found this. It's also Canadian. This guy is called Virginia To Vegas, such a long name for one guy ^^
Oh well, this song is kinda nice no!? ^^


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Asia in Vancouver

To think about it... Vancouver is like little Asia. You can find so many things here that i missed from Japan and Korea.
The other day i found one of my fave ice creams from Korea. ^^
The one that doesn't melt ^^

Great weather

My time in Vancouver is coming to its end. I cannot complain about the weather...
Sunshine every day. I think i got tanned ^^

If She Wants This Town

Here's their 4th and latest single - "If She Wants This Town".
No..I decided to skip the Christmas song, it feels like it's way too weird ^^
I hope you all have enjoyed their music this week! And maybe discovered something new!
I have enjoyed it and I'll try to share some more Canadian music tomorrow....!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Grizzly ^^

Yesterday when we went to Grouse Mountain we were lucky to see these ones.
Two Grizzly bears, they had been abandoned as cubs...
And now lives up in the mountains ^^

I'm so happy I got to see them,  it's not common to find Grizzly bears at any animal park....


Today i took my parents for a special lunch treat... Vancouver's famous Japanese styled hot dog.
I had the yakisoba one, mum had teri-mayo kurobuta and dad had a plain kurobuta. It was really delicious.
What also surprised me was the ice cream menu. We did not try it but...maybe we should go back and do so?!^^

Can't Keep You Waiting

Of all their songs, so far this is my fave.
I haven't found the cd yet, but I'm trying. if I can't find it here in Vancouver, there's always Toronto ^^
Here's "Can't Keep Waiting".

What do you think?? Your cup of tea? ^^

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mountain sightseeing

Today we headed up the Grouse Mountains in North Vancouver. A totally awesome experience!
I also did the mountain zipline tour, an unforgettable memory!
I'm so happy we went there. We also got to see a lumberjack show and grizzly bears! ^^

Cloud 9

We just came back from a great dinner at the restaurant called Cloud 9, which is located in central downtown Vancouver.
The view was amazing. I'm so happy i made a reservation here!!

I totally recommend this place to dine if u ever visit Vancouver!

Anything at all

I mentioned this duo yesterday, and well.. I really like them.
So here's Autumn Hill's debut song, "Anything At All".
I will probably share their songs during this week. I mean, I'm in Canada ^^


Monday, 25 August 2014

A new Canadian band

I found this band, or duo.. by chance, they are called Autumn Hill.
I googled a bit and saw that they have a full album out, I got to go looking for it ^^
Here's their third single "Fire".


Richmond night market

Today we finished off our day with a visit to Richmond night market.
It was packed of people!!
Besides from delicious foods and drinks, i also bought 2 phone cases ^^
It was a fun event and i wish we could have something similar back home...