Monday, 28 April 2008

Take me faraway..

I'm starting to get bored!! maybe because it's time for FINALS!
Plz.. ((I quote Riidas new solo)) Take me faraway
Ohh.. yeah.. I went to my cousins this weekend, and I ended up eating やきそば
which was *MAXIMUM umai*!! however.. I'm still curious about the Yakisoba okonomiyaki..
it seemed very tasty!! I have to find it when I go to Japan.. ^^
Today, my "POTATO" magazine, 嵐 - Summer TIME final concert and V6 concert arrived!! :D
however I havent been able to watch them yet, since I have my exam tomorrow.. but on Friday I'll try to watch them.. :D :D
The one with V6 is a 4disc concert with bonus material..*yay*
And I have also ordered some stuff from J-store ((Johnny's entertainment official store)).. some pictures, uchiwa etc.. ;) I have to add..for a very nice price!

I hope my 嵐- Dream "A" Live Limited edition cd arrives tomorrow..either on wednesday!! or I'll kill someone!!
and also I'm really into buying the regular edition of the album too.. since it has a bonus song on it a song which I LOVE!!

Also.. Korea 2008 is getting closer... I'm so excited :D
and the visa thing seems to be solved.. I'll probably get a F4 visa..which is almost like a citizenship for me since I'm adopted..haha..somehow it turns out that there is something good by beeing adopted ^^ *joking.. I'm still me adopted or not..* still the Korean government has really done loads for us who have been adopted.. which I'm very happy for..!

Now I should clear my mind and go to bed.. somehow all words, years, names are riding a rollercoaster in my brain at the moment!!

Today's mood: Confused
Today's Song: リーダ(大野智 - 嵐) - Take me far away
Today's photos: 翔ちゃん, マツじゅん, 相葉ちゃん, にの ((Dream "A" Live photoshoot))

Friday, 25 April 2008

My head hurts!!!

I started my new part-work today.. and I have to say.. to get up early in the morning was not good!!
I wanted to fall asleep in the shower so bad this morning.. however I got to work and I have to say I managed to do it well!
However since I have been starring at a computer all day my head hurted so bad when I was done for the day, I couldn't even read street signs etc. Everything just got mixed up!
But I earned some money.. that's the positive side of it!! ;)
Anyhow afterwards I went to buy some stuff, an envelope for the magazine, Yakisoba noodles, tea and other boring stuff!
and when i came home I had to go to the post office to collect my parcel, however not the parcel I really wanted..
I got my Arashi - Time LE cd from Taiwan.. VERY fast as well I have to say. They shipped it last monday, so around 4 days to arrive... that's service. ((around $16 in total))
So what was it that I wanted?? Well.. MY ARASHI - Summer TIME DVD..and V6 dvd..!!!
Tomorrow I'm off to my cousins and I wanted to watch the Arashi dvd on my way there.. but what can I do??
however they better arrive on Monday.. and my Arashi - Dream "A" Live LE should arrive on Tuesday.. or Wednesday at the latest!!

And also.. soon I have my exam in Korean History.. it's scary!!
feels like it doesn't matter how much I read.. it won't be enough!!

Well as said before tomorrow I'm off to Linköping and my younger cousins.. it's going to be awsome :D
and also... it's time for food! I havent eaten real food for 2 weeks now..!!

However the question is.. スシ or やきそば (Sushi or Yakisoba)
Ever since I saw the episode of 嵐の宿題くん when they were eating やきそば I have got a crave for it!! however.. sushi.. I love sushi 2!!
and we are going to go to my friends sisters restaurant... which is supposed to be a very fameous restaurant in that town :D

Today's mood: Tired
Today's Song: Ayaka - Okaeri
Today's photo: にのみや

I laughed so much.. he doesn't pay any attention at all when he is playing his games ^^
Cutest ever!!!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I managed to do it!!

Yesterday I went to visit the ones who is participating in the 2nd baltic regional session, and they had Eurovillage, food from all over Europe..
This time it was from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany..
But since I'm on my diet I couldn't eat a single thing!! and I have to add.. GREEK food is my second love!!! I was crying, they had brought all the stuff I like!!!!
But I had to be strong and I survived..!
Anyway... I got to meet friends I havent seen for ages.. ((that will say 1-2 years!!))
And some who I havent seen for 6 months.. it was great to meet them and have a chat... ie. me and Elisabeth talked for a while.. it was nice, it feels like we are on the same level!
I really hope she'll come and visit me in Korea...
Later when i got home I watched Midsomer murders... this weeks episode wasn't the best but it was okay.
and after that I got a message, from Emilie who lives in Paris, France.. whom I havent seen since Kiev,Ukraine October 2006!! she told me that she's coming to Stockholm, Sweden, I really hope I can meet her.. since it was such a long time ago we met!

Today... I have been reading loads of OLD Korean history, some is VERY boring, but it's 10 days to go until our history exam so I didn't really have a choice.. however I have to read even more, start to write essays about the various topics etc!! GAAAAH... how am I going to survive?!
Then me and mum and dad watched "Taiyou no uta" with YUI... I have played her cd's etc at home so both of them have started to like her too.. which is great ^^

I also ordered Arashi's album TIME from Taiwan, I already have a copy, however it's the Normal edition, but I manage to find the LIMITED edition, which has been sold out for quite some time.. however I found it, and all I payed was around $15, which is NOTHING.. since it's brand new and it includes shipping to Sweden!!
And I also saw on Yesasia that my dvds with V6 - 2007 tour + Arashi - Time final summer tour 2007 are ready to be shipped!! so I guess they will arrive on April 28-29.. if they send them on Monday..!! I can't wait!

Today's Song: Arashi(嵐) - Fight song :)
Today's mood: Tired
Today's photos:

Friday, 18 April 2008

Now the scary part starts + another happy surprise

Suddenly I realized.. it's the last class!!
and now the scary part begins.. FINALS!! Seriously speaking I'm scared!!
It feels like I have NO idea about what to write etc.. We got some reading and questions to answer for the final, still it feels like I have no idea what it's all about!
I have been attening 9/10 classes still when I saw the paper my mind went complete BLACK!! it almost felt like it became a bit lighter, which is not a good sign!!

*SLAP* I better wake up and just deal with it.. you know breath in breath out!!
I have more than a week to prepare, and to be honest.. it's the "old history" exam and "literature" exam I'm most worried about.. the rest is grammer etc.. which is "easier" to study since I know what I need to know.. which is everything from our books!

Weekend = more time to study.. I guess I should be happy right!?
Still I have so many things to worry about.. I'll start working next week, to get money for Korea..
I need to get my studentvisa, I need to fix stuff for Stockholm IS09... and the black list goes on!
Somehow.. even though I was more occupied when I went in high school, I feel more stressed and unhappy now!?
I guess it's the thing called GROW up!!

And my head and body isn't on the top of the mountain this week, since I have begun my diet.
Instead of eating around 2000 kcal like a "normal" woman should do a day..
I'm only allowed to eat 479 kcal a day + drink as much water I want... PLZ do no start to tell me that it's dangerous or whatever..
I have done it before.. and well then.. why do I feel so sad about myself??
Still it's a HELL!! since my body doesnt work as I want it to do.. thats why!
Well April 26 and I'll start eating normal once a day.. so maybe I'll add it up to 1000 kcal.. which is double from now!

And to chear me up.. I saw the second episode of ラスト・フレンズ it's a Japanese tv-serie..
I so want to see ep3. can't wait until next week, unless I have to study!
However tv-series and music are my "happy moments of the day"

Well I got another happy surprise today!!
I recieved a DVD and CD from Taiwan..
YUI - I loved yesterday (cd+dvd)
Taiyou no uta (DVD)
and I also got a poster, however they had folded it so it wasn't something to be too happy about.
anyhow..on the parcel on on of the sides.. it was covered with stamps.. worth around NT500 ^^
So when I came home with the items.. I forced my dad to watch the dvd from YUI's cd with me.. ((he likes her too..mostly because she uses a guitar..and he thinks I look like her..just that she is skinnier than me.. LOL))

Todays song: YUI - It's happy line + Arashi - La tormenta 2004
Todays mood: Scared and a bit lost

Monday, 14 April 2008

2 happy surprises.. :)

Today I started my diet.. I got to get a bit smaller for Korea ^^
Guess all the Swedish food and candy has made me chubby, and seriosly speaking.. Asian food makes me thinner!! ((I compare with last year.. I ate alot in Korea still I lost weight..then I gained when I came back home to Sweden, what a pitty life))
Anyway.. it's ok.. I'm doin this for a good reason!! :)

Today HeaRan came and visit during class.. which was fun, since I havent seen her for a week ;)
Donno what she thought of our class but.. it was nice to have her there :)
During class and afterwards we ((Tiffany, HeaRan and me)) talked.. about Studies, music etc..
We all are into Super Junior - M :)

But short after our class had ended HeaRan had to go home and study, while me and Tiffy went into Stockholm city and met Pernilla.. I drank loads of water ((since I'm on my diet)) and we talked about loads of things.. it was great to meet Pernilla again!!
Afterwards we walked around in Åhlens city, and we all got kinda disappointed.. why is the NEW Swedish fashion.. the Asian fashion of LAST YEAR!? and the prizes are so high...!! Seriously I won't buy a thing until I land in Korea..LOL

When I came home 1 first went to get a parcel, I knew it was coming.. however when I got home I saw that there was another parcel to pick up as well, so I had to go back to the "post office"!! Not that's far away.. still I was kinda tired, so it wasn't a huge success...
Anyhow the first parcel was a 3disc concert DVD with Tackey & Tsubasa *YAY*
I was so excited so I had to watch some of it!! it's 2 concerts (Their 07 concert and 07-08 Concert) and 1 bonus disc with various things!

The second thing was my HELLO KITTY bento box!! it's so cute.. don't you think??
*thanks mum for buying it for me*

All I'm waiting for now are some JE-goods, cd and soon dvd's ^^

And now its also decied.. I'm going to Linköping to my cousins between April 25-26/27.. we are going to eat SUSHI ^^

Today's song: Tackey & Tsubasa - Samurai + Super Junior M - U
Today's mood: Mixed

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The world wouldn't be~

The world wouldn't be the same without sushi! ^^
So today when I woke up I had a huge crave for sushi.. I think it has been 3 months since I ate it..
so I went to a good sushi bar in my neighbourhood..
However I have to say.. Squid is not good :P I don't get it?! why does people like it.. I didn't like it at all.. I have to drink some misosoup to get it down!!!
I love Ebi, Maki, Tofu, and Tamago.. the most ^^

Yesterday I cooked ramen for dinner, and we (me and my family) celebrated my brothers birthday, however I won't be giving him any presents this year on his b-day ((april 17)).. and NO it's not becuase I'm cheap or anything.. it's just that since I'll go to Korea this summer I know there are loads of stuff he wants.. shoes, jeans, shirts etc!! So he'll just have to wait.

And why does some people have to ask me the same thing over and over again.. why can't they just LET me be who I want to be and DO what I want to do!?!?

Today's mood: caught in the middle
Today's song: Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of love

Thursday, 10 April 2008

粉雪 - Powdered snow

I'd like to dedicate todays post to~
Somehow this song describes it all!!

レミオロメン (Remioromen) - 粉雪 (Konayuki - Powered snow)

Konayuki mau kisetsu wa itsumo sure chigai
Hitogomi ni magirete mo onaji sora miteru no ni

Kaze ni fukarete nita you ni kogoeru no ni
Boku wa kimi no subete nado shitte wa inai darou
Soredemo ichi oku nin kara kimi wo mitsuketa yo
Konkyo wa naikedo honki de omotterunda

Sasaina ii aimo nakute
Onaji jikan wo ikite nado ike nai
Sunao ni nare nai nara
Yorokobi mo kanashimi mo munashii dake

Konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
Futari no kodoku wo wake au koto ga dekita no kai

Boku wa kimi no kokoro ni mimi wo oshi atete
Sono koe no suru hou he sutto fukaku made
Orite yukitai soko de mou ichi do aou

Wakari aitai nante
Uwabe wo nadete itano wa boku no hou
Kimi no kajikanda te mo nigirishimeru
Koto dakede tsunagatteta no ni

Konayuki nee eien wo mae ni amari ni moroku
Zara tsuku ASUFARUTO no ue shimi ni natte yuku yo

Konayuki nee toki ni tayori naku kokoro wa yureru
Soredemo boku wa kimi no koto mamori tsuduketai

Konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
Futari no kodoku wo tsutsunde sora ni kaesu kara


Powdered-snow, within the revolving seasonswe always miss each other
although we got separated within the crowd,
we look into the same sky
blown in the wind,we feel the same chills
everything about you,
guess I don’t really know
even so, from one hundred million
I still found you
although i’m not really sure,
i’m seriously thinking about it
if slight quarrels may lose our laughters
then we must not live in the same moment of time
if we can’t be honest to each other
happiness and sadness are just empty

Powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
let us meet so that we can share our loneliness
I want to put my ears into your heart
to hear the voice that gently leads into the depth
I want to go descend, and let us meet once again there
although I say that I want to understand,but I can only stroke the surface of my word
seven your hands that have become cold,only by holding them tightly, we were connected

Powdered-snow, even too fragile before the eternity
fell and became stain upon the rough asphalt

Powdered-snow, in such time unreliable, shaking my heart
even so, I want to keep on protecting you…

Powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
wrap up our loneliness, return it to the sky…

Todays photos: Riida x2 and Aibachan~

a new artist is born!?

Recently various (Swedish)newspapers has been writing about a Swedish singer called Edith Backlund..
Me..myself.. I have listened to her for almost 2 years... or something like that!
I "discoverd" her when my younger cousins forced me to watch a movie..where she acted as a unknown singer.. and I fell for her voice!! so I had to look her up of course..
and I found a few songs.. but the song I liked the most is the one called "Rosie"
I cried when I heard it the first time.. it's so sad.. yet beautiful and it's a slow and calm song.. a very good combination!
So it's kinda cool that she gets all this promotion now.. and hopefully I'll be able to get her album someday soon..

Lyrics for her song Rosie

Rosie, I've been drafted
I'm a solider now 'am 'bout to die
for my nation with my brothers.
Come dear wave me off,
but please don't cry
I will fight 'til I fall and I can't make it up
but my undying soul will fly back homeand kiss you goodnight

Rosie, when I daydream
you will be my one remaining light
As I walk my way through deserts
I will carry you in my mind.

I will fight 'til I fall and I can't make it up
but my undying soul will fly back homeand kiss you goodnight.
I will fight 'til I fall and I can't make it up
but my undying soul will fly back homeand kiss you goodnight
I will fight 'til I fall and I can't make it up
But my undying soul will fly back homeand kiss you goodnightRosie,
I will try to wear my judgementlike it's a shiny crown
Do get married, have his children...
I will wait for you on the other side

Monday, 7 April 2008

Högen växer..

Varje gång jag städar mitt skrivbord så växer högen 5 minuter efteråt.. O__o
Dessutom blir dt stökigt igen.. ursch!! Jag vill ha ett större rum! ((Om man skulle ta och slå ut väggen till brorsans rum??^^ fast det skulle varken han eller mamma gilla ^^ Pappa skulle bara skratta..haha))

Ibland orkar man inte ta tag i allt.. läxor, uppgifter osv.. gaaah~~
Hela helgen o idag var sånna dagar då jag inte orkar med något! men ändå gjorde jag en hel del! Viljan för saker o ting försvinner hur lätt som helst!?

Igår trotsade jag mitt eget konto ^^
Jag använde min YESAsia kupong och beställde Tackey & Tsubasa - 5th year concert tour DVD.
Hong Kong versionen måste jag säga.. Totalt omkring 165 kr.. med kupong.. men om jag hade köpt den japanska utgåvan hade det blivit 470 kr!! Samma sak, fast region 2 vs region 3.
Köpte First limited version B~ Varför ha 2 st Limited o en vanlig edition? Man vill ju ha alla men palla att köpa!?
My next target är V6 - 2007 tour Limited edition - HK version!! och Arashi - Time concert..
och Shinhwas nya album... Tänk att det är det 10e året me Shinhwa..redan!!

Idag var jag till kyrkan o hämtade filmen, dt var lite läskigt.. för dt e inte varje dag man går till Pastorns arbetsrum o hämtar saker o låser efter sig liksom!!
men han va snäll iaf som lät mig komma fast att han inte var där.. På onsdag ska vi se May18~
Allt jag kan säga är LEE JUN KI~ han är orsaken till att jag ska se filmen..haha ^^
Oxå Kwangjumassakern är ett måste!!
Idag var jag även o käkade frukost/lunch med Tiff på Ciao Ciao due... det var hur gott som helst ^^ Cannelloni med spenat *mums*

Efteråt gick vi på Kangs lektion, som faktiskt var givande... ^^
vi hade kul iaf.. men ibland känns det som att hon dissar oss totalt.. först var hon 20 min sen, sen när vi skulle ha rast i 10 min var hon borta i 20 min O__o
Ogillar hon oss? eller bryr hon sig inte bara!? ((jag chansar på 2an))
Saken är den att jag hatar när hon säger "Är det okej om vi sitter över 20-30min".. NEJ det e inte mitt fel att du "skiter" i vår riktiga lektionstid.. sorry men jag har inte all tid liksom~
Men men ingen fara antar jag... men undrar dock varför det har blivit såhär den senaste tiden O__o

Dagens kommentar:
- So what did you think of them?
- They should just go and die!

Dagens låt:
Zone - Secret Base ~Kimi ga kureta mono

Saturday, 5 April 2008



Mood: Tired, lost.. in love ^^
Outfit: School outfit!?
Hairstyle: normal
Song: Stephanie - Friends
Longing for: Korea 2008 ((+ Japan 2008))
Hate: Money issues, No sunshine..and loads of homework
Love: New music (Stephanie,Arashi,YUI)
Wish: To go to a concert.. in Asia.. with a Korean or Japanese band/singer I like
Don't want to: Study!!
Wanna: Laugh away~
Food: Ricecurry
Great success: Finally found the songs I've been searching for
Worst ever: the PAIN in my back!!! My mp3 died!!!
Event: Got a temporary mp3 player
Photo: 錦戸亮 - NEWS vs エイト ^^

Happy and confused

I finally got my calendars with タキー&翼 and 嵐!!
I LOVE them, the one with TxT is huge.. and all the photos are amazing!!
However, 1 frame and 3 phots each month..hmm.. what should I do??
Since タキー is my fave I'd probably use his photos the most ^^
and seriously.. 12 amazing photos, not one single bad photo!! How does he do it??^^

The one with 嵐 was cool as well.. however, will I write in it?? it's too
and I love the cookingbook.. but why half in Japanese and half in English? it doesn't make any sense..!?

Talking about 嵐 I just heard 潤's solo song Naked.. :D :D :D (rip from his 潤style show)
Can't wait for the cd..!!

THEN I have ordered YUI's new cd (I loved yesterday) and her movie タイヨウのうた from Taiwan.. and I have to tell you, all the chinese charaters made me confused..((SINCE I don't speak Chinese at all, I only understand a few characters))
Still.. how can it be so cheap to order it from Taiwan compare to Korea,HongKong and Japan!?
I paid around $40 incl. Shipping..
but if I'd order it from some other place it would have cost at least $60

And I won an auction on Ebay... 嵐-写真 on the way to me :) :)
I got one really nice with しょうくん and rest with マツじゅん.. they are from last year, and I got them cheap which is cool since they are out of print!

One thing on my wishlist is a Renjaエイト outfit.. I just LOVE them.. ie. on the ass ^^ 
I want the red one..^^ ((渋谷すばる)) or perhaps the yellow one ((錦戸亮))

3 weeks to go then all my final exams take place.. it's scary.. ie. Korean literature and art exam + korean elder history!!
I mean the oral and grammer are too but.. not as much as the other ones..!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

One step closer to Korea~

Now it's booked.. my ticket to South Korea!
Day of departure: June 25
and I will fly back home on: October 3

I'll be flying with Finnair, they will start their direct flight to Seoul in June, which is PERFECT for me!

I'm excited :D :D :D
it's around 3 months left, then I'll be back in Korea!!

What's left to do before I go is... packing ^^, book a ticket to Japan (boat + train - I want to explore Japan within 7 days or so..haha), fix my student visa, work + earn money~

Music of the month - April 08

This is the music I have been listening to this month..
both old and new Albums/Songs


윤하 - Song- teens collection-
244ENDLI-x - I and 愛
嵐 - Dream "A" Live
YUI - I loved yesterday
신화 - 9th album
Super Junior-M - Me
V6 - Voyager


渋谷 すばる - It's not over yet~終わりのない旅~
ステファニー - 君がいる限り
ステファニー - フレンズ
Dream Boys 2007 (Kame,Koki,Yara)- Next Dream~
レミオロメン - 粉雪
에픽 하이 - One
NEWS - Summer time
宇多田ヒカル - Prisoner of love
絢者 - おかえり
손담비 - Bad boy