Friday, 17 July 2009


This weekend I'm off to Denmark, I havent been there for... hmm.. what is it now... 2 years?
it will be fun!!
but I have to go by train since the airfare was too expensive...

But my left foot hurts.. or my toes, since I smashed a a heavy door into them during lunch!!
Good luck walking.... (T__T)

Today's mood: obviously not paying attention..
Today's food: Baltic herring burger
Today's song: Tegomassu - Tadaima, Okaeri

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

At least one good thing..

Work is killing me slowly..?
so many things to do, but so little time.

Yesterday I got my McLeod's daughters box.
Season 7!!
Now I only need Season 4 and 8 to make it complete!

Today's happiness is that I'm gonna see the new Harry Potter movie with liz and Sally..
and if i'm lucky enough I'll have some packages in my mailbox when I get home.. (^__^)

Today's mood: Excited
Today's food: Pasta
Today's song: Rebecca Lavelle - Locked inside my heart

Friday, 10 July 2009

Too many dvds and cds?

I think I have too many cd's and dvds..!?
But in a way, I want them all but I can't fit them anymore, it really SUCKS!

I tried to clean some out, or well...packed and ship them off to my country house or into my brothers room!!
You should see how many cd's I have... (^__^)
And while cleaning I found some cd's I had forgot that I even had!! Hahah~~

Yesterday evening I watched McLeod's daughters, one of my absolute fave tv-shows/drama
since it is a NON-US one.
It's from Australia and it's all about the outback!! (^__^)
I really want the newest soundtrack from the series..haha.. I know.. 1 more cd, but I can't seem to help myself!

Regarding US series in general, I'm so fed up with bitch fights, he sleep with this one and that one, he kill this one but that one gets the blame...bla bla.. it's the same all over and over.
And I have seen them all already, but different cast!

So it's great to find series from other countries!!!
TV stations in Sweden should open their eyes and realise that there are other countries than US that produce tv-dramas and movies!!
And.. because it's summer they show pathetic reality shows, seriously they are EVERYWHERE!!

Today's mood: Creative
Today's food: non-so-far
Today's music: Rebecca Lavelle - Locked inside my heart + This perfect day

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Make the rain stop

I think it has been raining for about 18hours now... make it stop!!!
I want sunshine, eat icecream and get a normal tan..!!
I wanna sit in a cafe with friends and enjoy the summer season, but NO...

I need to save money.. I waste too much at the moment.
What should I stop buying?
Or maybe I should sell stuff.. Goodbye old JP magazines and JE photos!

To be home alone is quite nice...
unless when someone keeps on calling me when I'm sleeping!!

I should clean the whole apartment this weekend.. Yay~ NOT but it's needed.
My brother came home for 24h.. it was fun to see him (^__^)

Today's mood: thoughtful
Today's song: Arashi - Everything & Arashi - season
Today's food: Swedish homemade food.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Something has happened to my country...
a good thing but weird..!?

We have had sunshine and around 25-30 degrees celcius for almost 2 weeks straight now!
It never happens.. neee!!
If we get 2 weeks in total that is a miracle!

I love this weather.. I love sunshine and heat! (^__^)

*Happy dance*

Let it stay like this all summer~~!!

Yesterday after work I went to a friends place or..well..her restaurant and ate sushi..
it was MAXIMUM yummy!! (^__^)v
Wish I knew how to make the omelette though m(_ _)m
I don't know why but I can make really fancy and difficult things when it comes to food, however when it comes to the most simple ones I fail... for some reason.

My work life is as usual busy and super busy.
I want to go on a small weekend trip!
My next stop will probably be Copenhagen, Denmark!

And I also long for my vacation. Aug 14-23.
Me and mom is off to Naomi and Jase in HONG KONG! (^___^)/"

Got Arashi's new single, they sold 135 000 copies the first day.. not bad nor good!?
Since their last sold 230 000 the first day!
Anyway it's a great summer tune.. great song overall for that matter...
Wonder how the numbers will look like at the end of this month.

Todays Mood: Stressed
Today's food: homemade Swedish food
Today's song: Kate Voegele - Lift me up and Mika Nakashima - LIFE