Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My stomach hurts..

I couldnt sleep at all (T__T)
and my stomach hurts like hell...
Why do I have to be a woman? (-_-;)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Give me anything...

So far.. or well.. soon the week will come to its end, however it has been GRAY and DARK all week~
Please give me some sun.. even if it only last for a few minutes!!


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

3 weeks to go...

3 weeks to go... Soon I'll be heading back to Seoul, S. Korea

Looking forward to see all my friends!! (^__^)
and of course do some major shopping....

First up:
To meet Tiffany unni, Heejung unni, Seongwon unni for dinner, and maybe buy a new phone?!
Go to V6's concert with Sayuri unni.
Entrance exam - Sogang Uni.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Like we need more H&M stores in Stockholm..!

So last month? or at least I think it was.. the NEW H&M store opened up.
Now we have 3 H&M's within 20 meters from each other...
Sorry~ Is it ok if I laugh a bit?

Seriously they are GIGANTIC and they have the same stuff (mostly, and the things you want are ALWAYS sold out anyway so.. what's the point - really?!)
However the new one also have a home section, with towels, curtains, pillows etc.
I went there today and what can I say... it's huge space for such a small department - I couldn't find a single item that I wanted to buy.. or even felt "ahh, this could be worth buying".
I wonder if it will last?!

I wish we could get some NEW stores... I mean 3 H&Ms on the same street kinda says it!
But then again if a new store would open up it'd probably be a fancy store with HIGH prices!

A new idea for the closed down SOUK mall... open up an IKEA, however only sell "smaller things" that you can carry home... I promise it'd be a success!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sweden = a Democracy - No I don't think so~

Sweden is supposed to be a DEMOCRATIC country but it doesn't feel like it.
Now the government wants to implement the "FRA" law, Basically you can't download and so on...
Last year they implemented the first step of this law.. BUT did they ask for an opinion from the people?
NO, they did NOT!

Therefore I do wonder... Do we, the people of Sweden, live in a democracy?
As for now.. obviously not!

The poltiticians ask.. why is the rate regarding downloading so high in Sweden!?
Well.. Take a look at the prices.

a CD = 26 USD
a DVD = 26-32 USD
a cinema ticket = 15 USD

Does it sound cheap to you?

In China a cd cost 1 USD, a real one - non-copied one.
AND YES they have lower salaries and so on - I'm aware of that, Still the cd in itself is the same so.. why do we have to pay so much more?
If things were cheaper do you think people would download as much as they do today?
- no, I don't think so.
However to lower the prices has NEVER a topic when talking about this problem.
Why? Well that's because the politicians earn so much that they never have to think about the prices. or they send the bill to all tax-payers... What can I say.. Way to go?

A total scam!!!

I want tickets for Arashi's tour so bad...
but I lost the ballot.. so my only option is auctions and other sites.
However the price is 70 000 yen and up!!! per ticket.
That's like 500 Euro +
It's a total scam....


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Events of this and past week..

Gmarket.. sucks.. they took my money but didn't give me the tickets!
However, FINALLY I got them back but I felt broke for the past week!
But thanks to my WONDERFUL and super.. Heejung unni.. I got 2 tickets.
Also thanks to Tiffy unni who tried to help out!
I look forward to the concert!! Sayuri unni said she'd go with me (^__^)

Obama got the Nobel peace price..!?
Hold on.. WHAT?? WHY? What has he done in order to win?
Yeah..as we know he is the first black president of the U S of A etc... but does it give him a qualification to receive it?! Where is the logic in this? Can someone explain how that could happen!?
...Waiting for an answer....

Today the first snow arrived in Sweden, however in vanished within.. hmm.. 1 hour!?
And I saw FAME - the movie.
I have to say, it SUCKED!!! and I'm talking BIG TIME~
No story, nothing... plain and boring, Also.. the FAME song? HUH??? Did I miss something!?
I sat in the stupid cinema for 2 hours for what? I promise I was yawning like a cat~

I sold my boots.. the boots I bough or well my mum bought but I never wore.
Got 200 kr for them, better than just throwing them out I guess..
Thanks to Fjällis (aka Sandra) who helped me out..

Sunday, 4 October 2009

pain and other mixed feelings...

This week somehow my eyes have been hurting a lot!
I'm red like a tomato at night and I can't see very well during daytime.
I blame work and computers! there are so many things to focus on and my eyes can't deal with it.
Anyhow I got eyedrops now and it's helping a bit, hope it will be better next week.

I still hear from friends that they are scared of the Swineflu. (however the newspaper are silent)
All I can say, I have been to a country who have had a swineflu BOMB but I didn't get it.
Or well.. I guess.. God and Jesus are with me.

I have cleaned out my room, once again.. this time I threw out 3/4 off all my paper and plastic bags. I know weird collection but I love nice bags from various shops/departmentstores from all over the world.
anyway now I only have 1/4 part left, feels a bit empty but good in a way... since it means that I'll have more space.

Now I have cleaned out - clothes, shoes, bags, magazines..
What's left are cd's and minor stuff.
Wonder when I'll do it...!?
I'm happy with what I have cleaned out so far!! (^__^)

I miss a lot of friends, and things to do...
Why does everything have to be so expensive here.. It totally S U C K S!!

JE and Johnny-san - PLEASE give me at least 1 ticket for Arashi's concert!!
If I don't get it from the FC.. I guess the only way is to buy from auctions..
But the prices are insane.
1 ticket cost 7500 jpy but people sell them for 70 000jpy and up!! (T__T)

And Yesasia.. where's my cd??
It was sent out on Sep 21. And still I havent got it... Where's it!?! I'm going insane!!
Not only because I want the cd.. it also cost me a lot of money so~!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

funny thing...

For the past months the papers have been full of NEWS regarding the swine flu.
BUT ever since the big robbery in Sweden and the tsunami in Asia, all articles about the swine flu has stopped.

Kinda ironic don't you think?