Thursday, 26 February 2009

A dream come true..

You know when you see something, something that you really want but inside you do know you won't be able to buy it.
Whenever you come across the store you look inside and wish that someday you will be able to buy it, still that day is FARaway.

I have to say.. this day.. the day when I could afford my dream came true!
It might sound stupied but for me.. it's the first time I have ever been this happy over a piece of clothing.
Today I went to Naturkompaniet with my dad and bougth a Fjällräven jacket (Swedish brand).
It cost 2000 sek (around 220 USD). To be honest it is the most expensive jacket I ever bought in my life.. with MY own money.

And why was I able to do so?? well.. I got a NICE paycheck this month from my various part-time jobs.

After my purchase me, dad and mum went to a Korean restaurant and had dinner, I paid.
My time to pay back what my parents done for me...
Mum and dad thought I spent a fortune in one day but they were happy that their daughter wanted to buy them dinner~~
I was happy too~ nice company and great food.

Today's mood: Sleepy and HAPPY
Today's song: Σάκης Ρουβάς(Sakis Rouvas) - Σ'έχω Ερωτευθεί (S'eho Erotefthi)
Today's food: Bibimbap + Kakdugi

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


As I said or wrote last time..
I got a job at EA (Electronic Arts) and today I got an email from my future boss, Manne, and he told me to clear my schedule and have April 6-9 avaliable!!

And why??

Well... we are going on a business trip to ENGLAND, to a small town 20 min from London!!
Guess how excited I am.. I mean I haven't been in England since 2007 so this is MAJOR.. since I have wanted to go back but no time or money..!
+ I havent even started working there yet and already I'm off on a buisness trip!!
How coool is that!!

It seems like my luck is turning onto the good side!! which I'm happy about..
but it also makes me wonder why...?!

Today's mood: Cheerful
Today's song: 김현중(Kim Hyun Joong) - 내 머리가 나빠서

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Last Wednesday when I was on my way to class I got a phonecall from Jonas (my boss)..
He told me I got the job at Electronic Arts aka. EA(games), you know the company that produces all various kinds of videogames, such as Fifa, The sims etc~~

I went on interviews at EA twice, within a week, However I didn't think I'd get it, since there were many who applied!!
At the second interview I had to do two tests too..
1. Speak in Danish
2. solve problems by using Microsoft office Excel.
Not so difficult just that I have been used to the Swedish Excel and not English + I have forgotten quite alot since I don't use Excel everyday~

Anyhow.. they chosed me! (^___^)


The department I'm gonna work for is a brand new department..
They are going to merge all Nordic countries together and have Stockholm as they head office..
My job is supposed to have contact with the other Nordic countries - Denmark, Norway, Finland.. and probably Iceland and Germany. And also with resellers and various warehouses~
About stock, new products... etc.

The great thing about this job is the paycheck.. I mean.. I can't lie that I'm not happy about that too.. lol
I didn't know how much I'd get until I got the job... but when Jonas told me, my mouth went all wide open (However ONLY in my mind.. lol)

March 11 is the day I begin.. and until then I'll work with various things.. + study..

Let the countdown begin...

A special THANK YOU to JiSeon unni for praying for me!
and the support, good luck wishes, congratulations from Lisan, Tipeu, Sally, mum, dad, Mickey, Heejung unni, Nancy, Sohyun, Hearan, Sayuri unni etc~

Today's mood: Total happiness
Today's food: Lingonberry mousse + Dark chocolate cake from IKEA (^__^;)
Today's song: YUI - CH.E.RRY

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jag tror att jag fått ett jobb!!

Igår var jag riktigt seg och på väg till kvällskursen ringde en kille från Academic work som sa att EA (Electronic Arts) - de som för data/tvspel ville erbjuda mig jobbet jag sökt~~

*JIPPI* tror jag ^__^ har velat ha ett jobb ett bra tag nu och det här är ett heltidsjobb så det ska nog bli bra.
Ska till Academic imorn eftermiddag och prata med dem...

Ser ut som att mitt olycka vänder!
Bara det med operationen dock, måste prata med dem om det... hoppas det är okej.
Ja menar..jag måste ha den operationen...

Just nu sitter jag på mitt "andra jobb" och fryser..jag fattar inget? jag har skruvat upp värmen men INGET händer... det känns som att sitta i en IGLOO!!
Dessutom går inte jobbet som jag vill... dvs människorna svarar inte...
Och man undrar vad de får betalt för..!?
Snart är det dags för lunch... dagens meny ärtsoppa och pannkakor..haha ^__^
Det har jag inte ätit ärtsoppa på, ehm.. 10 år?! eller något sånt, ska bli kul att testa ^__^

I eftermiddag, efter jobbet ska jag förmodligen träffa Hearan som jag inte sett på 3 veckor, pga jag haft jobb osv och inte haft tid att träffas~~ så det ser jag fram emot!

Och imorn.. ska jag träffa Sally och Lisan... (^__^)

Today's mood: Snoozy
Today's food: Ärtsoppa och pannkakor (så svenskt det kan bli en torsdag)
Today's song: Arashi - Happiness

Monday, 16 February 2009


I woke up this morning with a HUGE pimple on my chin..
Gaah LIFE sucks, and strange enough I don't where it came from, I mean I haven't eaten any weird food or anything so it's a surprise..and I don't know what to do with it..
But well.. it's a new friend!
My new STRESS friend!!

Got to work early and I have to say it is so boring, I feel like I'm gonna D I E ! !
I mean of course I get a nice paycheck when my work is done, however it doesnt really give me a challenge which makes it all boring and..well..not so much fun.

Today I sent off my order to 희정언니(HeeJung unni), my clothes, earmuffs and muffles~
my wallet will be emty but it's fine.. at least I will get something nice back (^^)
Next paycheck = order Fly to the sky's album and Arashi calendar, I have the FTTS cd on my computer but the cd is so great that I want to buy it...!!

I also got an email from さゆり언니(Sayuri unni), she got the b-day gift I sent her.. (^__^) I hope she'll like it! She even sent a photo of her holding the cute!!!
언니~ 난 널 보고 싶어~~~~~~ (T0T)

Tomorrow I have to go back to EA for a second job interview... I do hope I get it.. would really need the money, but I want it to start WISH me Good Luck! (^0^)
+ tomorrow afternoon = WORK.. and a bigger paycheck..haha
maybe not so much larger, but a bit..!
Soon I will also have my surgery and I won't be able to work for 1-2 weeks, then if I get the scholarship..I'll be out of here...and be re-united with my Tipeu unni (^__^)
What do we aim for this summer... SM audition (^__^) + we added SoHyun to our new it's "TipeuAroooSH" ~~lol

Today's mood: On the joke side
Today's song: 소녀시대(So nyeo shi dae - SNSD - Girls generation) - Gee
Today's food: dry fish~
Today's highlight: 꽃보다 남자(Boys over flowers) Episode 13 (season 2)!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Hah.. You wish.. or maybe.. I wish!
I need more sleep~~
This week I have been working part-time here and there..and done other things such as studying..and well.. I don't really sleep well either.. I don't know why, and well I guess that's why I feel like I need more time, Is it possible to extend the day with a few extra hours!?

Well, this "weekend" started off at Lisans house.. making a big "pancake cake" (^__^) and making/folding stars.. yepp you heard it right..!!
((What comes into my mind is 김현중(Kim Hyun Joong) saying: "my name is star" [나는 별이야]))
Me, sally and Lisan sat in her kitchen until 11.30, that will say until my parents came and gave me and Sally a ride home (^^)
Tired after woking the whole day at "Swedish tourist organisation" I fell a sleep when I came home~

Saturday = Valentines day.. depressing or!? (^__^;)
On my way into city with mum, I got a call from Fredrick영웅오빠..whom I had totally forgotten about!
We were supposed to meet up but since he didnt call me during the week I made other plans.. ^^ anyway..we'll meet in April instead~~
Me and mum havent really done much together since I came back from Korea, so we decided to go to the movies and watch "Australia"
Evening = family night home.. nice and quiet~~
and listening to 플라이 투 더 스카이(Fly to the sky)'s new album.. it is a totally LOVE!!!! I love all songs on the album!! never done that before with any album in my life..I think!?

Today was another "work" day.. On a Sunday? Yes..!! Didn't really have a choice either.. just better get it done..
I also watched the latest ep. of 우리 결혼했어요(We got married), and the parody of 꽃보다 남자(BoysOverFlowers)..haha.. it was so much fun to watch!!
and I talked to my Tipeu.. I miss ya! and if I come.. you better share bed.. what's up with your selfishness (^__^;)
I also got an email from 희정언니(Heejung unni) regarding order cloths, earmuffs etc.. will answer her on Tuesday.. or so..
and..hmm.. I need to order some stuff from Kyobo...Tipeu..give me your address!!

Today's mood: in need of coffee mood
Today's food: Pancake cake
Today's music: Fly to the sky - Vol.8 Decenium - 눈물아 미안해, Close to you, 술, 줄겨찿기, 사랑이겠지, Good girl, Song for you, 가버려 너, 온음표, 마지막 기도~~

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Will I overcome my fear!?

The searching job HARD!!
Please help me out, Please give me a fulltime job!! I want to decide when to go to Korea, probably in May..but now, it is a bit unsure~~

You see~~

Today my doctor called, and I found out that I will have a surgery in March.
It's scary.. it will be my third time. (third time is a charm..right?)
However I'm scared already, All the fear I had last time (when I was 9 years old), it all came back! And when I was 9 yrs all the fear from when I was 3 yrs old came back.. so I I feel fear from both times!
However I need to have this surgery, but I'll probably cry all the time.. even just before they will drug me I'll probably cry like a baby!
This sugery, it is for my own good, and I have decided to get it myself since it will help me in the future by having it, (all that kind of crap I do know~)
Seriously I don't know how to express myself.. because the fear and pain just grows~
.... me!!!!!!!
m(_ _;)m

Why wasn't I born with healthy eyes?!

Today's mood: Empty
Today's song:(Arashi) - Beautiful days

Sunday, 1 February 2009

On my own~

This weekend I sort of spent with myself..
Didn't do anything special just relaxed, cooked food for my parents and watched a drama~

I guess I have been working too much and not sleeping as much~
You can see the bad combination!
So I guess I got a me-weekend!!

Back to the drama I finished watching:
마지막 춤은 나와 함께 (Majimak chumeun nawa hamkke) - Save the last dance for me!
I have wanted to see this drama for years but never had the chance.
But thanks to Tiffy now I have been able 2!
I have to say that the sub SUCKED!!
but on the other hand it was great to see JiSung once again!! he is smoking~ (^__^;)
The themesong is also one of my reasons for watching! It really gets you in the mood~
It's a wonderful drama..!!

Korean Version

English version

Today's mood: Gloomy
Today's food: Kimchi Jjigae
Today's Song: 마지막 춤은 나와 함께 OST(Save the last dance for me OST)
Today's Photo: