Friday, 30 January 2015

집으로 가는 길

I heard about this movie in the end of 2013 but I never had the chance to watch it, until now.
I picked it up in Korea last December. It's a tragic story and I'm amazed how this could have happened in real life.
It's a touching story, and it also shows how people are treated. As a quite experienced traveler, it's super important to pack ones bag or at least know all the content in it. 
I wonder why this story hasn't become a bigger news abroad! I wonder how many times this has happened before, and why authorities can be so cruel. Not all people are what you think they are.


Title: 집으로 가는 길 (Way back home)
Distributed by: CJ Entertainment
Release dates: 11 December 2013
Running time: 107 minutes
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

Jeong-yeon (Jeon Do-yeon) and Jong-bae (Go Soo) are a happily married couple with a young daughter; they pour their savings into an auto repair shop only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them when a friend of Jong-bae's commits suicide after he is unable to pay his loans. Since Jong-bae acted as his friend's guarantor, the debt now falls onto them. With Jong-bae gradually growing despondent following their financial turmoil, Jeong-yeon makes the hard decision to do a job for a seedy acquaintance. She agrees to deliver diamonds from Paris to Seoul, which she thought would be legal. Jeong-yeon arrives in France, but as soon as she sets foot in Orly Airport she is arrested and police discover more than 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of cocaine in her bag. Being thrown in a French jail is only the beginning of her troubles as legal wranglings and an indifferent Korean embassy in France soon see her shipped off to a penitentiary on the far-flung island of Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean, where she is jailed for two years without being tried in court. Back in Korea, her husband does his best to get through to the diplomats and secure her passage home.

Jeon Do-yeon as Song Jeong-yeon
Go Soo as Kim Jong-bae
Ryu Tae-ho as Consul Bang
Bae Sung-woo as Section chief Chu Dae-yoon
Kang Ji-woo as Hye-rin
Joanna Kulig as Yalka
Corinne Masiero as "Hellboy"
Lee Dong-hwi as Gwang-sik
Choi Min-chul as Seo Moon-do
Heo Joon-seok as Soo-jae
Park Yoon-hee as KBC TV reporter Shin Cheol-ho
Park Ji-il as Police officer Lee Soo
Lee Do-kyeong as Department head Joo
Jean-Michel Martial as Martinique judge
Antoine Blanquefort as Martinique prosecutor
Hugues Martel as New defense lawyer Olivier Bécourt
Catherine Baugue as original Martinique defense lawyer
Park Ji-hwan as Ha Tae-gwang
Seo Jin-won as Sang-cheol
Oh Yeon-ah as Lee Soo-ji
Chae Yoo-hee as Ji-hye
Dong Hyo-hee as Jong-bae's older sister
Marie-Philomène Nga as "250 years old"
Feline Quezada Figueroa Gangster #1
Gastner Legerme as Ducos driving prison officer
Seo Byeong-cheol as Interrogating detective Choi Jo
Kim Mi-kyung as landlady
Son Young-joo as YTN newsreader
Kim Seon-ju as French interpreter
Pascal Vallet as French plainclothes policeman
Kim Su-hyeon as Bang's wife
Lee Sa-bi as KBC TV writer
Kang Myeong-chan as KBC TV cameraman

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