Saturday, 17 January 2015


The literal translation means The Technicians but the movie is also known under following English titles - The Con Artists and Criminal Designer, which kinda fits considering the plot.
I wouldn't say it was the best movie I have seen, it was kinda predicable and sorta slow here and there. Yet, it's not bad to look at Kim Woo-Bin.
I'm still happy I saw it. I saw the first screening of the day so it was very cheap and it was only 4 other people at the cinema so it was very calm.
There were many different effects used and it kinda felt like a typical Korean story with the "Maffia" involved.

Hangul: 기술자들 (Kisuljadeul) The Con artists
Release dates: December 24, 2014
Running time: 116 minutes
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

Ji-hyuk is a safe-cracker who lives the high life by stealing antiques and jewelry. He teams up with genius hacker Jong-bae, planner Goo-in and other fellow "technicians" to steal ₩150 billion (US$150 million) hidden in the Incheon Customs, and they must do it within 40 minutes.

Kim Woo-Bin as Ji-hyuk
Lee Hyun-Woo as Jong-bae
Kim Yeong-Cheol as Boss Cho
Ko Chang-Seok as Goo-in
Jung Man-Sik as Prosecutor
Jo Yoon-Hee as Eun-ha
Lim Ju-Hwan as Boss Cho's right-hand man
Jo Dal-Hwan
Shin Goo as Director Oh
Ji Seung-Hyun
Heo Ji-Won
Shin Seung-Hwan

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