Tuesday, 11 July 2017

잉크 더 에어리벨벳 틴트

Next item to review are Clio Peripera's tints.
I got one from their Peri's Ink Velvet series and one from their Airy velvet series.

Let's start with the Airy.
In Korean it's called 잉크더에어리벨벳 2호 최애쁨템.
Number 02 Pretty orange Pink.
The packages looks identical but the second you put it on you can feel the difference, this is very smooth and super easy to apply. Not sure what the texture is but it's love for the lips, you barely feel it on!! And my lips are usually quite dry and this feels like gel on the lips. This colour is BEAUTIFUL on the lips, I'm so happy with my choice.
To me it gives an intense look of what "natural" lips should look like..haha 
It has a matt finish and stays on for many hours. I think this one is the most long lasting lip tint I have ever tried!! It doesn't smudge off that much on things but I guess it also depends on how much you put on. You get a lot of look for the money!
I love this one and I'd like to try out more colours from this series.

I wonder if this will hit Europe, I think this would be a huge CRAZE in Europe/US if they were sold!! I mean, there is NO woman..or man.. that would say no to this formula!!!


Now of to the Peri's series. This one is from their newest collection so it gave me high hopes!
I mean they are already famous and something should mean something better right?!
I chose the one in colour 잉크더벨벳 13호 미모낭낭, No 13 Charming Coral.
Looking at the colour it looked very matt and faded but still gave a really cool look to the lips.
I was so keen to try this out! However as I put in on my lips I didn't like it AT ALL.
It looked heavy and my lips felt like they were coated with glue. I was questioning if they had put something else into the bottle. It was SO DISAPPOINTING!
It felt like a waste of money and I'm happy I also got the airy one as well..
Only to try this would have meant... bye bye Peripera!
I do not recommend this unless you look to look...cheap and ugly!?
I could work on others, I have no idea how? Maybe if you have super moist lips?


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