Friday, 14 July 2017

MISSHA 3-Step Brow Kit

I have to say, I was thiiiiis close to buy Anastaia products as I saw this kit on sale.
My mother in law kindly bought it and brought it to me.
I love MISSHA products and as it was 50% off it felt like a bargain and worth to try out.
If it wouldn't work I surely knew were to go.
I got it in shade 01. Dark Brown. And I think it only comes in two shades? The other one being Dark red. 
The three steps include a Jelly, Powder and Wax. It also comes with three tools to shape and create!
I like the small package and you do not need a lot of product, it's easy to apply and looks really nice. It surely match my colours! At first i used them all but as time has passed I have found myself only using the Jelly and Wax. To me that's enough for a daily look.
For a special occasion I use all three.
For the price I paid I'm happy. I could not say that I'd be more happy with Anastasia although I'm so tempted to buy their products. I tried in the store and fell in love.
To me MISSA did a great job on this and I can recommend this to people who need some new brow make up.
The only thing I should add is that I also use another wax pen to keep my hairs in the same direction. I'm sorry by Asian brows are so stiff and hard to work some times. I think it's because they are slightly thicker and needs a haircut more often than my Western friends' ones. Not sure if that's true, just a feeling..haha

★★★★/ ★★★★★

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