Sunday, 9 July 2017

CLIO Kill Cover Conceal Cushion

This cushion as well received good feedback.
Clio in general has grown quite a lot the past years and they have come out with a lot of nice products.
I chose this because of many reasons... and I also forgot I had purchased it!!
Nope not kidding, but the reason why is that I bought A LOT of make up prior the wedding, I could open a store I think.

This comes in 3 shades and they are not called 11, 21 or 23 as most.
These are instead called 2, 3 and 4. I chose number 3 as I thought 4 would be too dark.
It was hard to choose, I search for hours just to be sure I got the right shade.
Just like the Missha one, it came with a refill. It's a like a normal cushion foundation I have tried before. It was not as easy to apply as others, but after blending it out it has a REALLY nice finish! I was surprised that it did not oxidize as much. and it stayed on well all day!
This is also one of many reasons why I chose to have this on my wedding day! I did not re-apply.
I put it on around Noon and washed it off somewhere in the morning the following day! I'm super happy with this cushion, it gave me everything I wanted! Especially for an occasion where I slightly knew it'd be hard to walk a way and re-touch.
This can be used as daily make up too of course. I had a full over and gave the shade I wanted! Pure love, this is by far my fave cushion!!

Edit (20171008): I have now used it for a few months and the weather has an effect.
I had it on the other day for the whole day, I didn't want to re-apply, I was indoors anyway. But wow.. it dried up A LOT. I could see patches, I looked dead! I have not seen this before with this cushion. I mean I had it all day at my wedding, not sure if I need a better moisturizer or why this happened. Will try to moist more and see if this is the issue. Once again.. my skin is super dry!
I also changed the overall big star became smaller.

★★★ / ★★★★★

You can buy it here

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