Friday, 21 July 2017

Wedding gifts for our guests

In return to our wedding guests we thought it'd be fun to gift them with something, a Thank You for them to come and celebrate us.
I searched quite a lot and in all.. most gave candy but that felt quite boring to me. 3 pieces of candy in a bag, it's nice but boring.
So...suddenly it hit me, why not gift them with socks!

In Korea you can buy socks super cheap! And they also have fun socks. Sorry Sweden but we like our 1 coloured socks - black or white. In Korea you can get fun characters etc.
So after logging on to Gmarket I found some that I wanted, actually more than I wanted. I wanted them all. You cannot imagine how many varieties they have (unless you have been to Korea and passed by a street stall, or several stalls!). In the end we decided on three different kinds and I also found an appropriate gift bag on EBay.

One of them we could not buy ourselves, the korean wedding couple, it said when order they ship random ones of the 6 offered in their shop! My now father-in-law called the company and they said they'd make a special order for us and only ship the design we wanted :)
Also... father in law's friend own a sock company - believe it or not!! So he kindly gifted us with the "thicker ones". In Korea they call them sleeping socks (수면양말). I guess it's because they will keep you warm at night! At first this uncle said he were to send us 500 EA!!! I told my now husband... what are we to do with 500? I mean we decided to have aprox 50-70 guests! So in the end we got 100 socks..haha My mum was overjoyed, she loves to wear those kinds of socks!

Below I have broken down our gift bag to our guests.

This gift bag I got from Ebay, super fast shipping, I'm very pleased. They fit the wedding so nice! And perfect for the socks.

Our special order, on top it says "Hubby and Wifey"
A Korean traditional wedding dressed couple.

The sleeping socks, I think we got them in 6 different kinds, but I only found these at home now..
The rest are at my parents house ^^

Aren't these just adorable?
We got 50/50 and let the guests choose.
I loved both so that's why we ended up with two different ones.

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