Saturday, 3 June 2017


Have you ever seen Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids?
There are scenarios that no-one want but people are human so... *no words*
I selected mine based on what felt right to me. I will have 3, probably could have selected 5 but to be reminded. It's more complicated.
And I think all girls knows I love them anyway!

I wanted a flowergirl and boy, but sadly I do not have any children close that fit the age.
Well well.. it's ok :)

There are a few things to consider when choosing bridesmaid.

1. Budget
Will you pay? or are the girls to pay for their outfits?
Don't forget shoes, hairstyles.

2. Dress
Long / Short, Colour, cut, straps/strapless...and PRICE!!
There are so many things to think of. Worse is if one/several bridesmaids start to think more of themselves, than of you and your day!
Get the girls together to go shopping can also be difficult. Be sure to have time. Also think of aspect of size. Is someone gonna try to lose weight? It's better to order a larger size, it can be taken in. It's way more difficult with a small dress.
And how much are you willing to pay for bridesmaids dresses!!! If each bridesmaid pay, think of their wallets as well!

3. Flowers
What flowers are they to have, who is to pay?
Size of the bouquet.
Colour to match the dress?

4. Personal situation
Let's say you go for, girls pay themselves. Then you need to think of the budget.
Can they afford it?

Size and shape - please consider that all do not feel comfortable with everything.
Some might not like "too" short.

What other expenses are needed and if they are to pay themselves, can they afford what you ask for?
Although it's your day, you need to think of them as well!

5. Does it match?
Have a clear vision of it all - you, them, venue, colours, him and bestman.
A rainbow of colours might not be the best. But then again. it's your choice!

6. Your happiness
In the end all want you to be happy!
But be open minded. An open mind can support you having the perfect wedding!!

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