Thursday, 15 June 2017



To go with the bracelet I showed yesterday are these petite drop earrings feature a set of Swarovski crystals. I love the bling but that they are not too much. I'm not the one who wears too much make up, bling etc. I'm more modest I think ^^
However these will show a good mix of me being special on our special day.
Also these was a gift from my darling! But for our anniversary! He knew I wanted them and thought these would be a great gift of love. I love his thoughtfulness and that I will be able to wear them on our day of love! These goes in the same colour as the bracelet. 

Article no.: 60836
Length: 2.4 cm
Crystals: Swarovski
Colour: Silver, Material: Brass

For More info visit their Official Website

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