Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Make up store Matte Foundation (Review)

Make up Store is a big brand here in Sweden. After hearing good things I decided to try out their foundations, as that was what I needed at the moment. No I was not born under a rock, but when I was younger it was quite expensive for me, then I found Korean make up. Therefore I didn't really think a lot about them. However being back home I'd thought... for my wedding day maybe I should try out their foundations. Some of the Asians can be slightly light, this also depends on the sunlight.

I got good help at the store to found the colour matching my skin tone. I also said I wanted a natural look, so rather one with lighter coverage, so when adding other things it won't look too heavy. I don't want to feel like I wear a mask! Also I wanted a matte finish. So a good start I thought as we found one quite fast.

Then I came home...

I applied it and it felt nice and I liked the colour, but it had a way lighter coverage than I expected. Not sure what the girl did at the store, it felt "heavier" at the store.
On one side I used my fingers and on the other I tried a sponge, in this case I'd say fingers were better. To get the finish I wanted I applied a powder on top!
As I applied I could see it sinking into my pores and crease around my nose and eye areas. I'd say the crease part annoyed me the most, but thankfully the powder helped me to set it slightly better.
I have dry skin, note I did apply moisturizer before applying the foundation. I have never paid this "much" for a foundation with such bad result.
Maybe this is not for dried skin, but that the girl in the store didn't tell me... I can use this for daily wear, just because I paid for it..haha

But I do not recommend this at all! I'm very disappointed of what I got for the money.
I regret not buying one from MAC instead, one I know works...!!!!!
I'm so happy I tried long before the wedding day, imagine the disaster on the day using this product. I'll probably not go back to Make Up Store again for any items, unless they release something out of this world! I rather go for MAC, Anastasia or my usual Japanese / Korean brands.
Luckily I have also purchased some Korean foundation cushions, I hope they will give me the glow I want for the Wedding day!!! ^^
So until then I will apply SPF 50!! I tan super easily, 5 min out in the sun and it shows ^^

Item: Foundation
Brand: Make Up Store
Style: Matte Foundation
Coverage: Light cover
Review score: ★ / ★★★★★

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