Friday, 28 April 2017

Which cushion is your fave?

I'm thinking of trying a new cushion. But I have no idea which one, I have been searching high and low and watching youtube has been fun, some people own most of the cushions..haha
So far I have only tried one.. One I know.. But the reason is that I have so many other foundation so it feels like a waste buying tons and not use. When travelling to Korea it's a bit annoying sometimes because the sales staff do not let me alone, I feel stressed when I look around so in the end I leave the store with only the things I know. It feels like a shadow behind me, I have nicely tried to say, go away and let me shop, but that usually means... pulling out 10000000000 other products for me to "try".

The one I have tried is the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion, I like it, then again I like Innisfree in general, so I could be bias?
Compare to their others, when this was released I was attracted to because it's easy to apply and works fine on my skin, it doesn't over cover so I have used powder as well.

I'm wondering which one to try out next, looking at the videos and reviews it's really hard to choose.
I'd really need to go to Korea and enter each shop I think but I cannot go to Korea for quite some time.

Which one do you like???

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