Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bride to be

Last Sunday I was fooled. I thought I was going to have a calm Sunday with one of my oldest friends.
I had no make up on at all..
I went to where we were to meet and I got seriously surprised!!
My friend's had printed a photo of me and cut out their eyes.
It was my hen's party! I had asked for a calm one, aka SPA/Brunch/Girls night.
I did not want to do anything crazy as I have seen many girls doing. I'm happy they respected my wish!
The brunch was DELICIOUS and great company. I'm so happy for the people showing up.
I feel so happy to have them and cannot wait until the big day.

At the brunch place one of Sweden's largest politican also had brunch.
I received a congratulations to the wedding ;)
Quite cool..hehe

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