Monday, 10 April 2017

The aftermath

Last Friday the whole city stopped.
It started with the sounds outside my window, I have never heard so many police cars at once.
I turned on the TV and heard the news. What we had feared but had not idea when it would come had came. An attack nobody could have known! A single man, a man that should not even be in this country (he was supposed to be deported but in hiding) did something so awful!
It took 4 persons lives, several injured and also killed a poor dog!

Anger, anxiety, fear and sadness stuck us all.
What now? Is it over? The hours passed by and the city, country stood still.
The world I knew and the plans I had made was changed in a second. From nowhere it felt like a nightmare, it wasn't true. it couldn't be.

I'm happy all of my loved ones were safe, some were in the area when it happened. I cannot believe how lucky they were. But I'm thinking of all the ones who is missing a loved one. The ones who are not allowed to feel the relief that I and so many other do.

Thanks to the police force, doctors and outsiders who stepped in, who showed what they are made of!
They truly deserve a BIG THANK YOU!! Without you, Stockholm would not be able to stand strong today. Also thanks to all people sending thoughts from all around the world.

Yesterday many people gathered downtown to show, you can not take us down!
You will not bring us into fear! We are strong and you are weak. You will never defeat us. Enough is enough! We together are standing strong, for us and for them who will not be forgotten!

Life goes on!

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