Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's working!

I started with a new diet and it's totally working!
It's all because of A. She lost 17 kgs in 2,5 months and so I felt inspired to try it. It has only been a week and I have lost 2 kgs! It's kinda ironic too when thinking of what I have eaten!

I have had pizza, cheese puffs and crips among a lot of other foods.
But the trick has been to eat a lot of different foods, both healthy and not healthy. And of course much less of the unhealthy stuff. by less I mean smaller portions!
Still you get the taste, and as you are not dying tomorrow, less is better than zero right!?

And I do not eat anything after 6 pm. Only at a few occasions, that's like once a week.

Of course I have been hungry but in the end, it has given me results, and results is what counts.
I think that's why I give up on other diets, I mean I struggle like a maniac and nothing happens.
I hope this will keep up!! ^^

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