Monday, 28 September 2015


The other item from Lowrys Farm mum and dad got me was this skirt, and the colour above, Wine!
I also wanted black but hey.. I'm happy with what I got.
The skirt is simple yet can be used at various occasions. I love it and I'm so happy they found it.
The only weird thing was the sizes. In Japan it is said to be one size but in HK it was both M and L.
My parents asked the shop clerk but she insisted it was the same thing, the "catalog" number online was the same as the tag so they got it in the end.
I'm so happy cannot wait to wear it ^^

総丈 50
ウエスト 62~84
ヒップ 126
裾幅 94

発売日 2015/07/24
品番 567095
タイプ スカート
サイズ F (M/L in Hong Kong)
カラー ブラック09, ワイン38, キャメル55, カーキ78
素材 表地:ポリエステル65% 綿35%
裏地: ポリエステル100%
重さ 約 290g

You can purchase it here!

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm

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